Chapter 15

The sound of waterfall was ever so calming to the human soul, Shinichi and Heiji already arrived on the top of the waterfall. They drank thirstily with their hands scooping the water from the river that dropped down the cliff which formed the waterfall. (like that cliff in Vol 29, the mermaid one?)

"This water taste good!" say Heiji when he finally stopped and patting his bulging stomach which was full of water.
"I think that is only because we are very, really hungry." Said Shinichi with a sad smile.
"Look on the bright side, we know where we are and where to go, so Im sure we can make it in no time, plus the police are still searching for us!" said Heiji cheerfully. "I am sure that my dad will sent out more police when he know I am in big trouble."

Shinichi looked at Heiji with half moon eyes "I think you are in trouble all the time, to be honest!"
"---- good point." thought Heiji, eyes turned into little dots. Just how many times he almost died due to some "accident" ? There was the gun shot, hanging on the cliff, almost burn to death, felt (hit from behind) from the ship into the black ocean------- etc. The list goes on.

Then the young detectives stood up, patted their bum and ready to continue their way back to the camp. Until-----

"Why are you so slow? Cant you just leave KID alone? Gin and Vodka can catch us up easily!"
"Why dont you be quiet and reconsider the fact that I am injure?"
The arguments from two blond hair people suddenly appear behind Shinichi and Heiji.
"What--?!" they both jerked up and turned around.

Ai and Hakuba appeared from the bushes, looking annoyed and tired. A bit like a married couple who was having a very bad honeymoon.
"Ai?" asked Shinichi with two wide eyes
"Hakuba???" asked Heiji with even wider eyes.

Hakuba looked at them, then a smile slowly appeared on his face.
"Finally! You guys are alive!" He shouted happily and walked straight past them to help himself to the water. Then he stopped suddenly, turned around and looked at Heiji. Then the smile on his face got even wider.

"Yeah, rub it in why dont you?" muttered Heiji, very annoyed by Hakubas reaction. What will Kazuha do when she sees him like this then?
"Koudo--- you are ok!" Ai ran towards Shinichi and with out thinking what she was doing, she gave him a hug.

Of course, this caused some stare from Heiji and Hakuba just spat out the water in surprise.
"Ai---- em---I am fine. Are you ok?" Asked Shinichi uncomfortably and gently pushed Ai away. He blushed.
"What are you doing here?" asked Heiji to Hakuba. Scratching his head with the half moon eyes.
"I am not sure, but I came with the aim to protect this lady here." said Hukuba while wiping his mouth. He gave Ai a look "now I am kinda regretting all this"
Shinichi grinned "Cant blame you, Hakuba!" this caused a glare from Ai.

"Em--, Ai, right?" asked Heiji walking towards her. "I dont know whether to thank you or not, but that bottle of weird drink did save my life, and made my small. So---em--- thanks."
Ai smiled, she couldnt help it, Hattori was so cute when he was little! She bend down and patted him on the head. "I will get you back to the normal size, dont worry."
Shinichi and Hakuba laughed again, because of the embarrassed expression on Heijis face. He was being treated like a kid. Now he know how Conan feels.

After a short chat about what they are going to do, they all agreed on one thing, get back to the camp and let the police catch Gin and Vodka.

"This girl here have a gun, so if anything happens, I will say hide behind her." Announced Hakuba, pointing at Ai and the same time. He was bitter about something, although he was not sure what.

Heiji laughed, he like Hakubas style, and he knew that Hakuba came with Ai to find them was because he is worried about them. Well, maybe because he is a detective too, so he will always wants to know W.H.Y.

"Are you Ok? You look a bit --- how should I say this, battered?" asked Shinichi to Hakuba.
"Dont we all?" smiled Hakuba.
"True, true." Nodded Heiji. (that sounds like the Buddwiser advert! --lllb)

All of them feel a lot better now they have more company with them, and all they have to do it is get back to the camp and will be able to get some sleep and eat as much as they could.
"Lets get the hell out of here!" announced Heiji.

Suddenly, Ai grabbed hold of Shinichis arm, tightly. She looks worried and her face was pale.
"Ai? What is it?!" Shinichi looked at her in surprise, at the same time, he could sense something was wrong. VERY wrong.

"They are coming--- this way---" Ai whispered, her voice was shaking. "I can feel it."
Then they could hear the bushes rustle behind them.

Everyone stared at the bushes and froze. Ai`s hand was trying to get out the gun in her pocket, but she
couldnt, she cant. Her hand was shaking. Heiji just stared, at the same time, he could hear Hakuba breathing heavily, they all were.

A pale face appeared, followed by another face, then another.

"----- Shinichi?"
"------RAN!???!" Shinichi gasped. Couldnt believe his eyes. Nor does Ran.

The first thing she saw was this : A pretty blond girl standing there, holding Shinichis arm tightly. Standing so close to him.

Ran suddenly felt a fire burning inside her, and it was getting bigger and bigger, out of control. A volcano was emerging, fast and very dangerous.

Then she saw Heiji. So Did Kazuha.
"-----Hattori??!" Kazuha asked, eyes wide and face paled.

"OH-O" Muttered Koudo and Heiji under their breathe.
"----------This should be interesting." Said Hakuba, blinking his eyes at the same time.
There was a few seconds of silence and stillness, before the big storm hit the boys.

To Be Continue-----------------------------