Unnatural UnnaturalAbduction

I walked out of my office building at twenty minutes to ten. It had been a long night. Mine usually are. I tend to work late hours even though I hate my job as a secretary for a big law firm. The boss had me filing so much paperwork, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore.

And just my luck, it had to be pouring outside tonight. I like the rain, and I'm quite used to it since I grew up here in Seattle, but sometimes it's just ridiculous.

I ran over to my car, holding my briefcase over my head for protection against the rain. Juggling the briefcase in one hand and rummaging through my purse for my keys with the other.

Suddenly I heard a swift whooshing sound, startled I dropped my purse. I groaned and knelt down to pick up my stuff before the rainwater ruined my very expensive bag.

Again I heard the sound and looked out the corner of my eye to see what was making it. A blur of black moved across the parking lot and disappeared behind an SUV.

I sprung to my feet, my heart racing. "Hello?" I called out, hoping that my mind was just playing tricks on me.

I was so busy searching the parking lot ahead of me that I didn't notice a rustling sound behind me.

A man's hand clasped a rag, soaked in chlorophyll, over my mouth and nose. First my muscles failed, and I collapsed into the criminal's arms. I looked up into his face. I would have considered him handsome under different circumstances though he was a little pale, but he had the bluest eyes I'd ever seen and I couldn't help but admire their beauty as I slipped into unconsciousness.