My Baby

My Baby

"The baby's developing well." Said Dr. Fuji, peering at the ultrasound monitor. I could see his tiny hands, clinching into fists, beneath his chin and his legs jostled every few seconds to kick my kidney. "I'd say you have two more weeks left, but he could come early." Her voice sounded distant to me as I stared at the image of my little son. "How big do think he is?" I asked without tearing my eyes away. "Around seven pounds, I'd guess." She replied. She wiped the gel from my swollen belly and I slipped off the examination table. "I want to examine you again tomorrow, Rose." She said and I groaned in frustration. "It's for your own good. We have to keep a close eye on #66's Mothers. You understand why." I nodded, "Yes ma'am." And walked out the door.

I opened the door of my apartment to find Marcus waiting for me on the couch. "Hi" he greeted with a beautiful grin. I smiled back and sat down next to him. We kissed each other demandingly, his hand caressed my cheek and held my face to his. I pulled away breathlessly and laughed. I'd never been in love before and now here I was pregnant without ever feeling a man's touch. Marcus laid me down and curled up next to me. He rested his head on my stomach, listening intently to the subtle movements our child made. I ran my fingers through his short hair, sighing contently to myself.

"Not much longer now." He said with a tent of sadness in his voice. "Nope." I replied. He looked up at me and his glorious blue eyes locked with mine. "Have you decided on a name yet?" he asked. I groaned over-dramatically. "What is with you and names. You ask me that every day." His lips curved into a smile, "Well have you?" I bit my lip in thought, "I was thinking…Christopher." His smile stretched into the biggest grin I'd ever seen. "Christopher." He breathed a deep chuckle reverberating in his chest. He kissed my belly. The feeling of his lips on the sensitive skin made me giggle.

Suddenly a sharp pain ran down my spine. I screamed and jolted upright. "Are you alright?" Marcus asked, his eyebrows knitted together with worry. Another then another followed the sharp pain. "I-I t-think the b-baby's coming." I stuttered through moans of agony. He quickly picked me up and raced toward the infirmary. I gripped onto his shirt, panting. The pain was agonizing.

My water broke the minute my feet came down on the tiled floor of the birthing room. Dr. Fuji put me into a bed and ordered Marcus to return to his training. He looked at me with a torn expression. I could tell he wanted to stay but was too afraid to disobey Fuji's order.

Marcus's point of view:

Dr. Fuji had ordered me to return to training but how could I. How could I concentrate on fighting when Rose was giving birth. I thought back to the look on her face when I left. It was a look of disappointment, not because I couldn't stay but because I hadn't stood up to the scientists. I paced outside the infirmary doors, my heart racing wildly in my chest. All my other Mothers and children had died on this day and I hoped with all my heart that Rose and Christopher wouldn't join them in the list of casualties.

"How is she?" asked a male voice. It was #12, Rose's father. "I don't know, they wouldn't let me stay with her." I replied. He nodded sadly. Suddenly Rose's shrill scream came to our ears. I ran to the door and slammed my fist on it, willing it to open so I could go to her but it wouldn't budge. Then I heard it, it was faint, but I'd know the sound anywhere. I heard it often in my dreams, a baby's cry. I was so happy I collapsed on the floor.


My weary eyes darted about the room. I could hear the baby crying but could find him nowhere. "M-my Baby." I said in a weak voice. Dr. Fuji came over to the bedside, I could see a Unnatural attendant holding a little bundle wrapped in a blue blanket standing behind her. "You did wonderfully." Cooed Dr. Fuji, coldly. She patted my shoulder for a job well done and walked out, the attendants and my son filled out after her, leaving me to a cold, quiet room.

Two days later, I received my first welcomed visitor. "Marcus." I greeted, smiling slightly. My body still felt drained. He stiffened and glanced over his shoulder at the guard posted outside the door. "Sorry, #66." He sat down in a chair, careful to keep his distance from me as to not draw attention to us. "How are you feeling?" he asked in a low whisper. "I can't feel anything from the waist down but other than that, I'm fine." His lips twisted into a smirk in one corner, his eyes shining with amusement. "Have you seen the baby? They haven't let me see him yet." He nodded, grinning, "Yea, he's beautiful Rose. He's my spitting image. He's got a pair of lungs, that kid." He said, laughing beneath his breath. I smiled.

It was another three days before I was finally well enough to go see my baby for the fist time. He looked exactly like Marcus had described him, a head full of dark hair, olive toned skin and eyes just like his father's. His number was #413; his name was Christopher. He was my son.