Chapter 18
"I dont think so!"

Ai looked at Shinichi, her face turned red, then a sad smile appeared on her face. She realised that the bond between Shinichi and Ran was something no-one can break up. No one.
Almost at the same time, she was relieved about something.
Knowing that she never will have any chance of winning Shinichi was not such a pain as she thought it would be.

Ran was wiping her tears, she looked at Ai, still unsure "But--- She was little too--- just who is she really?", looking at Ai, she could sense it, she knew Ai have feelings for Shinichi. This is a woman`s thing.

Shinichi was going to say that Ai was the girl who created the medicine which made he turned into Conan, but the he gave up the thought because he dont want to see Ran exploding again. He looked nervously at Ai, he could never know what Ai is going to say next. He held his breath when Ais lips moved.

"Ran----" Ai spoke, she have decided to help Shinichi. Ran just stare right at her.
"I already have a boyfriend." Ai smiled, then she suddenly reach out the pulled Hakubas arm. Standing close to him.
"Hakuba is my boyfriend, we used to live in England together."

Everyone's jaws were on the floor, including Hakuba. His eyes turned into little dot at the same time.
"---Eh? Wait-I---OW!" Hakuba was about to disagree then he felt Ai pinching his back, meaning "keep your mouth shut!" and "play along otherwise your back will be bruised for the rest of your life!"

"Yeah, Em, Ai is my, my Girl-girlfriend" having trouble to actually say the words, Hakuba blushed.
Then he looked at Ai, putting his arm around her shoulder "and we have been going out together for a long time. I came to Japan to try to find her."
Thinking none of this was actually making any sense, Hakuba decided to shut up before he makes it any worse. Then carefully, Ai winked at Shinichi, who just remember to start breathing again.

Aoko laughed. "You never told anyone! Hakuba! You have been keeping this a secret all this time? Wow!! "
"So, you are her boyfriend then, eh?" grinned Heiji to Hakuba. (who was very embarrassed and feel like killing someone, or something)

"We need to find Kaito! He came into the forest to try to find you guys!" Said Aoko, hoping this time everyone will hear him.
"Eh? But wasnt he injured?!" asked Shinichi, very confused.
"No, it was fake blood, he was up to his usual tricks again. I swear I will kill him when I catch him!" announced Aoko.
"So it there a need to find him? since you are going to kill him anyway---lllb" Muttered Heiji.
Hakuba suddenly remembered something.
He Smiled. "-----Its KID" No one heard him but himself.

"Shinichi---?" said Ran quietly and leaning her face closer to Kudou, who was ever so grateful to Ai and Hakuba.
"Yeah?" He looked down at her and gave her a "see, nothing to worry about" smile.
With out any warning, came the explosive shout from Ran.
"YOU still have a lot of explaining to DO!" shouted Ran, pinching Shinichis ear and pulled hard so she could shout into it and making sure Shinichis ear will hurt for the next few weeks.
"Ahhhh!!!" cried Shinichi.

While Aoko was being nosy about Ai and Hakuba, (with questions such as ; "When did you meet? How long have you been together? You guys used to live together? When are you getting married---")
Heiji suddenly felt pressured, something was behind him. A big, dangerous, dark figure was slowly overshadowing him.

He jerked up, turned around, and saw--------"Hattori! You! you----" Kazuha shouted, hands on the her hips, eyes staring straight at Heiji. The hair on Heijis back stood up.

"YOU ARE SO KAWAI!" Kazuha laughed and suddenly grabbed Little Hattori into her arm, hugged him ever so tightly.
Then she looked at Ai "Can you get him back?"
Ai smiled, she nodded "Yes, I still have some of the medicine with Dr. Agasa. When we go back, I can make him turn back to the normal size."

"Get off me! Toyama!!!!" shouted Heiji, but there was no use, this was exactly what he was afraid of.
"But I really like him like this! He is just so adorable!" Kazuha just couldnt help hugging Hattori even tighter.
It obviously didnt occur to her that this little boy is the same person she fancy. All she could see was this cute, little, dark skin, two big blue eyes sweety.

"Awww!! Look at Heiji! He is so sweet!" Aoko came up at the same time and patted his head, then she pinched Heijis little cheeks till they went red. Ran also walked up and gave little Heiji "the torture".

"Oi~Oi~!?" Shinichi was rubbing his ear and Hakuba could felt his back swollen up from the pinch.
Them two have been ignored totally.
"I didnt get any of those treatments when I was Conan!" Shinichi complained. But again, he think he really wont like those "special attentions".

"Can we go back to the camp now?" asked Hakuba after a while, watching Heiji being tutored, He
decided to save him, where as Shinichi seemed to enjoy watching it.
Hakuba just wanted to go home and sleep for the next few centuries, his body was aching from head to toe.

"Lets go,." Announced Ran, letting go of Heiji and Kazuha soon grab a hold of him before he could make a run for it.

"I dont think so." An ice cold voice appeared behind the bushes.
Two black men holding guns stood out with steel cold smiles. The gun in their hands clicked.
Shinichi froze.
The hole in the end of the barrel looked huge. It filled his entire field of vision, like all
the world had collapsed into the round black hole.

To Be Continue-----------------------