Chapter 24
"What wedding?"

Everyone arrived at the camp with the helicopter. As soon as our favourite characters got out of the helicopters, their parents race toward them and Eri Kisaki grabbed Ran into her embrace.
"Ran!! Thank goodness you are all right!" she said, all relief and sighed with happiness. But when she looked around her, she saw a really funny picture.

Shinichi came out bruised, bloody and couldnt walk at all. Police Satou and Takagi were holding him carefully.

A little boy who looks like Heiji Hattori was trying to calm down his shocked mother and confused father.

Kazuha was getting a big told off from her parents.

Aoko was getting shouted at by her father.

A pretty girl with reddish hair was standing with a little boy with blond hair, who just woke up and face looked blank.
Then all of them got rushed into the ambulance. (along with more shouting and questionning)

Ran watched with her mother for a while, then she turned to Eri Kisaki
" I will explain later, mum."
"You better!" said Kogorou Mori, shocked and confused just as everyone else here.
"What the heck is going on here? Why are there kids at this camp site?! why-"
"Dad! I said I will explain later!"

Just when everyone got into the police cars and the ambulances, an argument started between a worried girl and her father.
"Im not leaving!" shouted Aoko to his dad, looking angry and annoyed.
"Kuroba is missing! I am not leaving here until we find him!"
"I am sure he is fine" her dad comfort her. "Lets just to home and you can tell me what happened---"

Then, behind the crowns, a boy stood out and waved his hand at Aoko.
"Aoko! You are OK! What happened? " Shouted Kaito, grinning at everyone.
Everything went quiet, everyone stared at Kaito with surprised expressions.

At the same time, Hakubas blinked. Something seemed to be important, something about Kaito, but he couldntt remember what.
"Ai-------?!" Asked Hakuba to Ai.
"What happened?"
"What do you mean?"
Hakuba shook his head "I dont know--- I seems to lost track of time--- all I can remember was when we caught up with Kudou--- what happened after that?"
"-------- You dont remember anything after that???"
"No--- why am I bleeding? Why am I small like Heiji? Why---"
"Be quiet and rest" ordered the doctor on the ambulance. "I think you have minor amnesia. We need to get you to the hospital as soon as possible."
Ai shook her head, "KID" she thought. That punch from KID obviously did some damage to Hakuba.

Hakuba said nothing. He couldnt remember anything, but he was glad that he is alive.
He smiled and closed his eyes, hoping to catch some Zs on Ais lap.
Ai smoothed Hakubas blond hair, (like what you would normally do if a little, cute, blond hair kid fall asleep on your laps) (If you are a girl, that is.) ^_^lllb
She then realised it WAS Hakuba who were sleeping on her laps.
She pushed Hakuba off and watched him felt onto the floor.
"AW!" complained Hakuba, rubbing his head. "This is really the worst week of my life!"

"K---Kuroba?! You--- when---?!" Aoko stared at Kaito, who was looking a bit tired but otherwise seemed to be fine.
"He just came back a minute ago" said Lisa "He went to look for Kudou and Heiji, but he got lost in the forest--- as for the shot wound, it was a trick to trick the two black men!" Lisa smiled and watched Aokos face turned redder and redder.

"KAITO KUROBA!!! YOU HAVE LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO!!!!" roared Aoko, started to chase Kaito all over the place.

"You all have the heck of a lot of explaining to do!" said Jyuzon Megure, thinking this will be a heck of story to hear.

Shinichi laid down carefully on the bed inside the ambulance, he sighed and closed his eyes. Ran sat down next to him and held his hand.
*Finally---its all over----Ran is safe---"
Suddenly, a voice disturb his thought.
"You all right?!"
It was Kaito, he pop his head into the ambulance and grinned at Shinichi.

"No, but I will live" Shinichi opened his eyes and looked at him.

"Gee--- you are a mess, but hey, I hope you get well soon!" said Kaito, turning away and smiled at Ran.
"Gotta go, I still have a lot of explaining to do with Aoko. See you soon!" Said Kaito, and he walked to the police car next to Shinichis ambulance.

Before he was about to get into the police car with Aoko, Shinichi suddenly shouted out :
"I will invite you to the wedding!"

Kaito jumped approximately his own height, he looked at Shinichi, who was grinning at him.
"What---? What wedding?" asked Kaito, all nervous and heart thumping like mad.
"Yeah," said Kudou with a mocking tone "What wedding??" then he winked at Kaito.

Ran smacked Shinichis head. "What wedding?!" she asked, blushing.
"Aww! That hurts!" complained Shinichi "I am the injured one here!!"

"What is he talking about, Kuroba?" asked Aoko, pulling his shirt and hurry Kaito into the car.
"Dunno" smiled Kaito, then he laughed. "I REALLY dont know! ^^"

3 Weeks Later----------------------

Ring! Ring!
The phone was ringing like mad, Shinichi rushed to the phone and dive for it before the person on the line decide to give up. At the same time, Shinichi was thinking that he really need a smaller house, or at least get more phones every few meters around his house.

"Moshi Moshi?"
"Shinichi? Guess what! Kazuha and I already booked the holiday! And I told her you are coming too! But Heiji seemed to be very reluctant about it, so I want you to phone him and---"

"What?!" snapped Shinichi "What holiday? And I am sure that I did say I wont to go anywhere till the police stopped questioning me and Ai. And what about tonight? You say you will meet me---!"

"Would you listen to me?!" said Ran, "I WANT YOU TO PHONE HEIJI AND TELL HIM TO COME TO THE HOLIDAY WITH US!" it was more like an order.

"------------ when do you want me to phone? And what about tonight?" asked Shinichi, sighing.
"Now would be a good idea!" replied Ran. "I will see you later! Get ready!! Pack your bags! Love you loads!" then she put the phone down.

"Woman---- what are they like----- always telling us what to do----- but I do need a holiday--- why do I have to phone---Love me loads???" Shinichi was mumbling when he started to dial Heijis number.

"Hey~~~lo?!" a cheerful voice went behind the phone.
"Heylo what?" Shinichi was not in a good mood when he heard Heijis happy voice. Heiji was back to his normal size after he drank the potion from Ai, he was ever so grateful to her. Being 6 years old was not easy. (Plus the fact that Kazuha kept on pinching his cheeks when he was little----it was more than a little annoying)

"You are coming to the holiday, because I think we all need one." Said Shinichi to Heiji.
"------OK? Just that?"
"Yeah. I said no to Toyama because I know she will tell Ran to tell you to phone me, you didnt talk to me for like--- two weeks now!" Laughed Heiji, quite happy that his plan worked.
"You are sad"
"Thanks! By the way, how is that old man doing?"
"What old man?" asked Shinichi.
"My dad?"(with a mocking tone)
"I heard that!!" shouted Shinichis father from the living room. His mother laughed at the same time.

"NO! Dr Agasa!" replied Heiji.
Shinichi grinned.
"He went to this Internet club meeting yesterday, something about how to make explosive chemicals."
Heiji was laughing down the phone, "It was lucky that when Gin and Vodka went to his house, he went to a Internet club meeting, otherwise, they would have kill him immediately."

"Yeah--- Look, I was thinking--- you think Kaito would like to come with us?" asked Shinichi.
"That Magic guy?" Heiji thinked for a while. "Why not? The more people the better!"
"Great. I will also asked Ai then." Said Shinichi.
"----- Is Ran ok about that?" Hattori asked.
"I think so, after all, Ran knows----"
"THAT YOU ONLY LOVE HER!" laughed Heiji down the phone "Good luck with tonight! I am looking forward to hear all about it!"

Shinichi face went all red and when he was about to shout at the phone, Heiji quickly hanged up.
"That stupid baka----- wait till I ------" Shinichi muttered, he went back to the his room, and starting to pack his luggage.

At the Hospital

"Hakuba! How are you feeling today?!" asked Aoko cheerfully, she walked into the room with Kaito behind her.

"Fine, the doctor said I can leave tomorrow and my dad already booked the ticket for me to go back to England." Smiled Hakuba.
He was wearing a T-shirt and Jean, back to his original 17 years old size and was reading a Sherlock Holmes story, sitting on the bed, looking relaxed but bored. His hawk was standing next to the bed, having a nap.

"You are leaving? Tomorrow?" asked Aoko, looking disappointed and noticed Kaito and Hakuba were looking at each other in a strange way.
"What is wrong with you two? You two like--- havent fight for ages!" asked Aoko.

"I just cant be bother to argue to a little kid, thats all!" grinned Kaito.
"Little kid? You are the one who is a little kid! I changed back to my original size last week, what the heck are you on about? You are the one who is acting like an idiot!" answered back Hakuba.
"What do you mean little kid? Stupid!"
"Who are you calling stupid!!!"
Then Hakuba and Kaito started their "good old fight" again.
"Ah-----" smiled Aoko. "Just like before, everything is back to normal now!"

Then Aoko stopped the two boys before they got into a physical fight.
"Hakuba, Kazuha phoned me today, she and Ran are going to holiday with Shinichi and Heiji.
Kaito and I are going, do you think you can come too?" asked Aoko. "Please? It will be fun!"

Hakuba blinked. He looked at Kaito, who just shrugged, "I know, I thought since that last summer camp, they wont want to go to any other trips for at least another 10 years!"
"Its not a trip! Its a holiday !" argued Aoko. "Plus we still have 4 weeks holiday left!"
"Is--- is Ai going to be there?" asked Hakuba, looking embarrassed.
"What is this?" grinned Kaito. "DO I smell lov-?!", but he was cut off because Aoko quickly punched his stomach.
"Not that I know of." Said Aoko, gave Kaito her half moon eyes.

"--- No, its ok then, I think my dad wants me to get back to England as soon as possible." Said Hakuba, couldnt hide the disappointed look on his face.

The same night

Ring! Ring!
"I will get it!" shouted Ai, running towards the phone, thinking why Dr. Agasa living in a house this big and only have two phones.
"Moshi moshi?"
"Ai? Its me, Aoko."
"Aoko! How are you?" smiled Ai, she likes Aoko, she thinks Aoko is sweet and kind.
"I am fine--- em--- I phone you because---- Ran just told me that you are coming to the holiday with us?"
"I am not sure yet, I said I will think about it." Replied Ai. Her and Ran had become good friends, ever since that summer camp "adventure".
Ran and her always pop into each others house and talk for ages, it was something she thought it will never happen. She also got to know her other friend, Sonoko, who, she find very funny and who's the exact opposite of herself.

"Well--- you see, Hakuba is leaving Japan tomorrow, the plane is leaving 10 O'clock in the morning, he is going back to England."
"He is?!" asked Ai. "So he is well then, I am glad to hear that."
"But, we all want him to come to the holiday with us, so I thought maybe you----"
"There is nothing I can do if he doesnt wants to come, Aoko." Ai suddenly cut off Aoko,
"Thanks for telling me, but I must get back, I have guests here with me."
"Oh---- Ok, See you soon then, Ai." Said Aoko, disappointed.
"Bye bye."

Ai put the phone down, she looked blank for a while, then she went back to the kitchen.
Three children were sitting there and eating ice cream, arguing at the same time.
"How would you like to come to a holiday with Kudou and Ran?" asked Ai to them.
"With Conan?!" Ayumi asked happily "Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I think I can, it will be fun! We can go off and have another adventure like before!" said Mituhiko
"There better be loads of good food!" agreed Genta.
Ai smiled. *Yep, it will be a great holiday for those kids! * she thought.

But-----why was she feeling so down and lonely?
*Why am I still unhappy?" asked Ai quietly to herself. *Everything is fine now---isnt it?*

To be continue-----------------------------------

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