Another oneshot that popped into my head. It seems like my brain is on overdrive but for the wrong reason :p I am supposed to be studying and not writing stories but I can't help myself...

This takes place after the episode "No more Mr. Nice Guy".


Disclaimer: I don't own Hosue MD...

She doesn't know why he is down there again. He has stated a million times that he hates the ER. Too noisy and no TV…

But there he is, sitting at her nurses' station, with his feet on the desk, reading a newspaper. Or pretending to be reading a newspaper…

The ER is very busy, as usual, and she has no time to question his motives for being there again. He is probably hiding from Cuddy… again.

It's time for her break so she decides to stop thinking about him and go for some coffee. She returns a few minutes later, coffee in hand, and surprisingly he is still there.

She moves towards him but before she can say anything he bits her to it.

"Rumor has it we are sleeping together." He states loud enough that almost everyone in the busy ER turns to look at him. All she wants to do is smack him with his own cane but she decides against it.

"Could you say it a little louder, I don't think the janitor in the basement heard you." She says, glaring at him.

"No problem…" he states and takes a deep breath, ready to repeat had he previously said but her hand covering his mouth stops him.

"Are you crazy?" she asks incredulously and he finds the opportunity to take the cup of coffee from her hand.

"I think I told you more whip." He says after taking a ship, ignoring her question.

"That's mine." She states calmly.

"If by 'that's' you mean 'that was' then you are right. Otherwise no." he says looking intently at her.

She just stares at him without talking for what seems like an eternity and it really bothers him when she chooses to ignore his comment and takes his newspaper that is lying open on the desk.

"Hey! That's mine!" he whines and tries to reach for the paper but his movements are limited since he is still sitting with his feet on the desk.

"If by 'that's' you mean 'that was' then you are right." She replies calmly, a smug expression on her face and that smirk that makes him want to do many things to her that he'll never admit.

"So, let's go back to our previous conversation. Are we sleeping together? 'Cause if we are I'd like a repeat performance of that because I don't remember anything and it's a really bad thing…" he says skeptically, rubbing his chin with his hand, daring her to talk.

"We weren't having a conversation." She states and reaches out to grab a chart but his hand grasping hers startles her.

"Why didn't you just say the truth?" he questions her and his deep blue eyes are like looking straight to her soul.

"Because it was none of his business." She replies, looking deeply into his eyes and he looks away because he is afraid of what he may find in her beautiful green-blue eyes but his hand keeps holding hers.

"That's not an answer…" he says and he let's go of her hand like he suddenly got burnt.

He stands up and begins to walk away but she is not going to give up that easily. He started it and now she is going to finish it.

She waits till he reaches his office and then follows him. She barges into his office without knocking because she is too angry for her own good right now. She locks the door and closes the blinds because they were already seen by too many people.

"What did you want me to tell him?" she demands, her voice rising.

"The truth, perhaps?" he asks and he feels his own voice rising but he doesn't want to admit the reason why.

"Why?" she says, and her voice lowers dangerously making shivers run down his spine.

"Because he deserves to know." He says and she laughs because this is something that he would never say.

"Are you kidding me House?" she asks, raising her eyebrows at him "Or are you just kidding yourself?" she continues, her eyes turning a darker shade of blue.

At that he can't listen to her anymore and he stands up from his recliner, prowling towards her like she is his prey.

"Do you want to know the real reason? Fine, I'll tell you the real reason. I want him to know that we slept together. I want him to know that he'll never be able to touch you like I did. I want him to know that he'll never be able to bring you the amount of pleasure I did."

With every step he takes she takes a step back till she is backed at his office and he is just inches away from her, his body almost touching hers, his hands griping the edge of the desk trapping her effectively between his body and the desk.

And he is so close to her that she can feel his hot breath on her lips when he talks again.

"I want him to know that he'll never have you again… I want him to know that you're mine." He states and before she can react he crashes his lips to hers in a kiss that contains so much passion that she is sure that if his arms weren't around her waist holding her to him her legs would have given out.

She doesn't think, she just gives in to what they both want and crave.

Her hands glide to his chest, her right one splayed over his heart feeling the fast staccato rhythm while her left one grabs his shirt tightly.

The softness of his lips and the roughness of his stubble create a contrast that make shivers run down her spine and makes her want him even more.

He uses his left hand to throw some files of his desk while his right one remains around her waist and then he lifts her up in order to make her sit on his desk, their lips locked together all the time.

She tries to unbutton his shirt without ripping off too many buttons and she is glad he doesn't wear a t-shirt today.

He grabs her blouse and pulls it over her head exposing her lacy braw and his lips are instantly on her collarbone nipping and sucking there while his left hand cups her breast, massaging it through the thin fabric making her gasp.

They spent one night, one night together damn it, and he knows how to touch her better than anyone ever did.

Her hands make quick work of his belt and zipper and with one move he removes the scrubs he hates so much because they hide her gorgeous body from his roaming gaze.

Her panties follow next and are soon on the top of the pile of clothes next to them.

His jeans have fallen around his ankles and with one swift movement he is inside of her and they are both moaning at the intimacy they feel.

And suddenly they stop all movement because this is too much for them to bear.

They stay there, entwined in every possible way, unmoving and refusing to look at each other.

The sound of their breathing is the only sound in the room and it is way louder than normal.

But somehow his hands find their way to her hips, caressing the soft skin there and she is startled when she looks up by the tender look in his eyes.

This is a lot more than just sex and she knows it. They know it…

Her small smile makes him want to smile back and her hands around his waist, holding him to her makes him want to show her what this is about.

His hands remain on her hips as he leans forward and places his lips on hers tenderly, lovingly.

Their lips move together for what seems like forever when he starts moving in and out of her in a slow pace that drives them both crazy.

Their lips stay locked together, as they move in the same slow and deliberate pace that only fuels the fire between them.

Their moans become louder by the minute and their pace increases with every passing second.

His lips are on her breast again and she can't stop the loud moan that escapes her lips. Her hands glide up and down his back, encouraging him to continue his sweet torture.

His hand finds her clit and she screams his name in pleasure. His first name. Greg… and it's almost his undoing.

He continues thrusting and with every thrust he goes deeper and faster making them both groan and moan.

Her nails dig into his back and he can feel her inner muscles start flattering around him.

She is too close, he can tell and he isn't far behind.

A few more thrusts and she cries out his name in ecstasy and he follows a moment later, emptying himself inside her.

And for some unknown reason his eyes are glued to hers as they still move together, trying to draw their pleasure for as long as possible.

Deep blue melts in green-blue and he can't stop himself from placing a tender kiss on the tip of her nose.

He buries his head in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent and she hugs him to her tightly because she doesn't want to let go. And he doesn't want either.

But his leg starts to bother him and despite how much he wants to stay right there, in her embrace, he can't.

He pulls back, both groaning at the lack of contact and he readjusts his boxers and jeans before dry swallowing two Vicodin.

He hands her the clothes she was wearing and he grabs his cane, watching her redressing.

A blush finds its way to her cheeks under his intense gaze.

She is about to say something when his hand on her lips stop her.

"Break up with him…" he says in a low tone but it's not a demand, it's more like a plea.

Her breath catches in her throat and she can't find anything to say so she just nods.

She stands on her tiptoes and plants a soft kiss on his lips.

She moves to the door but stops when her hand connects with the doorknob and she turns back to find him looking at her.

"By the way, I was always yours Greg." She says with a small smile that brings a smile to his lips as well and he doesn't know if it is because of her confession or the use of his first name.

"Good to know… Allison." He replies and tests the sound of her name and he decides that he likes it and she must like it too because her smile grows even bigger.

She nods and exits his office, leaving him alone.

But for the first time in a long time he doesn't feel that empty feeling. Because he knows that this night he'll be holding her in his arms after they make love.

He has something to wait for, long for… live for…

He smiles, a genuine smile, and exits his office as well. He decides to wait till he starts bragging about his sex life to Wilson till she talks to Chase.

But he can still buy lunch, he ponders, and so he makes his way to his friend's office.

Wilson seems suspicious but he doesn't question him a lot. He has plenty of time to do that. And House is thankful for that.

And that night, as he holds her in his arms, he doesn't care what will happen as long as he has her.

She stirs in her sleep and moves closer to him resting her head on his chest, her left leg splayed over both his legs.

He places a kiss on her forehead and hugs her to him tightly.

And his last though as he drifts off to sleep is that he can be happy again. As long as she is with him he can be happy…

I hope you liked this 'cause I wasn't really sure about wether I wanted to post it or not... Thank you all for reading!

I'm sure I won't stop writing oneshots like this one, especially after I watch the season finale which is currently sitting in my hard drive waiting for me to watch it. I have managed not to read any spoilers yet but I have a feeling that I'm not going to like what I'll see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this!