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"TK!" Kari ran towards the blonde boy, "Wait up!" he stopped and turned around waiting for Kari. "Oh, thank God you stopped, did you see the flyers?" she was gasping for breath.

"Flyers? What flyers?" TK seemed puzzled he scratched his head. "Oh! Those flyers. Yeah I have."

"Are you going?" Kari asked her eyes shining. TK frowned and shook his head no. "Why?" but Kari's eyes showed disappointment and seemed distant. No Kari don't be sad I love you too much…. TK jumped at the question and what he had just thought.

"Er, I got a basketball tournament." He felt awkward as his eyes looked at Kari differently. You look real pretty when you wear that shirt Kari, have I ever told you that? She wore a red button up blouse and a white cami. Then she had on a pair of dark brown pants, but true to Kari fashion she wore red and white striped arm warmers. "Are you going with anyone?" TK wasn't sure if he wanted to hear this answer or not.

"Well, I was going to go with Davis…he asked me you know?" But before TK could exclaim a loud "no!" Patamon jumped out of a nearby bush.

"Hi TK! Hi Kari!" Patamon chirped happily. "What chu guys doin?" Just then Gatomon jumped out of a nearby tree and leaped onto Kari's head.

"Kari!" she gave Kari's head a squeeze before leaping onto TK's. "TK!" She gave TK's head a squeeze too, and then she plopped onto the ground. "What's up?"

"Uh…uh…" Kari and TK issued, there faces anime blue (A/N- You know what I mean? Like when that blue color happens with the lines….uhh right..back to the story!) Gatomon shot Patomon a look and Patomon grinned. "Well, I'm going to be late for er, home so I'm gonna go now kay? Bye guys!" TK ran down the street not even looking back. Kari stared after him, why the sudden shiftiness TK? Did you see something? Don't you know how much I want to go to the dance with you? Now I'm stuck with Davis. Kari kicked the ground and turned the other way, leaving Patomon and Gatomon on the sidewalk.

So did you like it?! In case you couldn't figure out the flyers are for a spring dance. I'm going to put the next few chapters up later. Well, as always R&R, XOXO