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Heavy techno remixes of classic hits blasted through the speakers. Disco lights revolved around the sweaty gym. Kari could hardly believe her eyes. "Kari c'mon dance!" Yolei took Kari by her hands and led her to the dance floor. Unable to resist the music anymore Kari began to dance with her crazy friends. But then Davis came…

"There's my girl!" Davis shouted with glee as he promptly tried to dance with Kari. He was a terrible dancer especially when he thought that partyboying a bunch of random seniors was appropriate. Veemon joined his partner in crime by trying to get Gatomon to dance.

"C'mon Gatomon! Let's dance, we could do the tango and then presume to the twist." Veemon uttered breathlessly.

Gatomon shot the blue dragon the stink eye and growled, "Dream on Lovamon." She climbed up onto the folded up bleachers. Veemon tried to follow her but was stopped by Patomon.

"Leave her alone." Patamon tried to say as coldly as the cute Digimon could. Veemon shrunk back and ran over to Palmon and asked her to dance.

"Thanks." Chirped Gatomon but she didn't crawl back down from the bleachers.

"Tai!" Sora waved Tai over and Kari's immature brother ran over immediately.

"Hey Kari, Yolei, Mimi, and Sora of course." He winked. All four girls rolled their eyes.

"Tai why don't you go hang out with the boys." Mimi said crossly, she was semi-mad because Izzy still hasn't come over to say hi yet. The computer genius kept whispering with Ken and looking over his shoulder. "God, boys!" Mimi stormed into the bathroom. No one bothered to follow her. Kari watched the pink haired girl push through crowds of dancing teenagers and then watched Yolei get angrier by the second. Ken hadn't even acknowledged her presence. She had no idea why her friends were getting worked up over boys.

"Kari!" Kari turned her head around and looked straight into the eye of Matt's. A bunch of girls were already starting to swoon around him.

"M-matt? What are you doing here?" Kari stammered her brow sweating. Was TK here?

"Oh, just hanging with TK and we decided to crash the dance." He grinned goofily, "Where is TK? He was just here!" Kari whipped her head around to catch a glimpse of a blond hair boy snake through the crowd away from her. Tears started to form in her eyes.

"Matt, I gotta go." Kari whispered as she tried to walk to the bleachers. But Matt wasn't listening, he was running away from her, getting chased by a bunch of happy girls. Kari dodged pass a gyrating purple haired boy and averted her eyes from a couple kissing in the darkness by the bleachers. Then she saw him sitting alone at a table, all dressed up with nowhere to go. "TK?" he turned his head around thinking someone said his name, "TK! Over here!" Kari waved at him. The blonde grinned and gestured at her for to come over.

"Hey, why are you here?" TK asked, "Shouldn't you be dancing with Yolei and Mimi?"

"Well, Yolei is mad at Ken for not saying hi and Mimi is upset with Izzy for not talking to her." Kari admitted.

"What about Sora?"

"Sora left with Tai to go do stuff." TK let out a chuckle and pulled a chair out.

"Sit." Kari sat down an stared at him. "So what about Davis?" TK asked casually.

"Davis? Oh, he's somewhere." Kari replied her eyes getting sadder by the moment.

Over by the drinks Tai, Matt (who has escaped the fangirls unscathed), and Sora were whispering. Then they saw Davis moving towards Kari and TK.

"What's BK doing talking to my girl?" he shouted angrily. He stomped over to him. Then Izzy came over.

"Okay guys I gave the DJ my song request." He said calmly, "Has anyone seen Mimi?" His friends shook there head no and Izzy walked away looking for his date. Ken walked towards them all sad.

"Anyone knows why Yolei refuses to talk to me?" His friends again shook there head no as Ken walked towards Yolei who promptly walked the other way. Then the speakers stopped releasing music and the DJ put his mouth to the microphone.

"Now who's having fun!?" he shouted, a bunch of happy screams erupted from the dance floor. "Well, now it's song request time! And one is from a fellow named Izzy. This one is for you Iz!" Izzy turned red and Mimi came out of the bathroom.

"Mimi! He exclaimed happily and hugged the pink haired girl.

"Izzy?" Mimi looked confused, "Hi.." Then the happy moment was ruined when conga music blasted through the speakers.

Yolei waltz towards Davis who was coming close to TK and Kari and shouted in his ear," CONGA LINE!!" she grabbed his shoulders and they congaed towards the dance floor. From the bleachers Gatomon grinned at the sight of a conga line the plan was working. Patamon flew over to her.

"I sent my song request in, so the moment should happen anytime now." Gatomon gave Patamon a huge hug and a sloppy kiss.

"Thanks Patamon!" she squeaked as she left the Digimon floating all dazed like.

Suddenly the conga music halted and the DJ blared out. "Now another request from a masked stranger who told me to call him Lord Pata (A/N- I never got to thank you, but thanks a billion for reviewing this story! This is for you!) So for all you lovers, let's take it slow…" Yolei had succeeded in congaing Davis out of the school and she locked the door so he couldn't get in. Then she fell into the arms of Ken who seemed puzzled but pleased.

All the Digi-destined couples took the floor in each other's arms. Sora with Tai, Mimi with Izzy, Matt (begrudgingly) forced into dancing with June Davis's crazy sister, and Yolei with Ken. All that was missing was Kari and TK who stared at each other and only each other. The song was "I Miss You" by Miley Cyrus and tidbits of it caught Kari's ears.

I love the way you felt so strong, I never wanted you to leave, I wanted you to stay here holding me…

"I guess you gotta go dance with Davis now don't cha?" TK asked quietly, Kari shook her head no. "You look real beautiful you know?" Kari blushed and grabbed TK's hand.

"Let's dance." She whispered into his ear. Smiles spread over the rest of the Digi-destined as they saw Kari and TK swirling around holding each other.

I miss you, I miss your smile, and I still shed a tear every once in a while and even though it's different now you're still here somehow…

"Kari, I love you." TK murmured, Kari's face looked up in awe as he pulled her into a kiss. Kari let out a gasp but kissed him back, much to the dismay of Davis who managed to come through an open window.

"What is that TY doing to Kari!?" he exclaimed. Kari let out a giggle as they pulled away and TK smiled for the first time in a long time.

"TK, I love you too." She giggled as she hugged him. Patamon and Gatomon looked at the couple.

"Our work is done Patamon." Gatomon giggled as the Digi-couple snuggled.

"Yeah it is." The digimon agreed. All was well.

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