Title: Secrets

Title: Secrets

Sum: It's a week before the wedding and Bella's mysterious cousin Gabriella comes for a visit. But what if she brings more then what's in her Louis vuitton luggage. Hint: the title!! First Facfic! So please R&R. Rated M for Language, Adult content, Lemony themes, and at least one in later chapters.

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Chapter 1: Run!


I had to run; I had to leave my life behind. I needed to get away before they found out I knew about him. So I run to the one place I knew I would be safe- to Forks, to my family, to her.

I called Renee a few hours ago; learning a truth that ran my blood cold- my Jinx was getting married! What the hell was going on with the world? Did the fucking aisles tip or something? SHE SHOULDN'T BE GETTING MARRIED! Sorry, but this did not compute- I knew her better than anyone. The fact that she is under thirty years old is the main reason this doesn't work, aside from many. Unless she's having a baby, not that she told that to her mom yet, but she has to be. That's the only way she would ever follow in Renee's footsteps. . .


Why do I have the felling something is wrong?

I've had it since this morning when I woke up. The odd thing is it's not about the wedding. My nerves are placed on something else. I just wish I knew what it was. It could be the fact Renee flying in today and I have to face her. God I wish that no one thought I was pregnant. Why can't a person get married at this age with out the thoughts of pregnancy or stupidity? I will never know.

We're on our way to pick up Renee in Port Angels racing faster than we should be on the high way. Edward could tell I was worried as he held my hand wile he drove.

"Love, everything is going to be fine"

"I can't believe that, as much as I would love for that to be true."

Alice planed the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner for Monday, five long days before the wedding. That's how we ending up at the church the where wedding would be if it rained on Saturday. She still couldn't see if it was going to rain or not; so this was a precaution just incase we needed it. The rehearsal went by quickly and the Cullens and Renee along with a few other people that I didn't know were talking. Edward and Alice were discussing over an unheard topic when I heard a whisper, "Jinxie, Jinxie"

There was only one person in the world that called me that. It had been a long time since I have thought of Gabi, my Minxie. But she couldn't be here- she didn't know I was here. Wait! She doesn't know I'm getting married. I hadn't planed on telling her until Christmas or the next time she called.

I have to be imagining her voice. Yep! I finally snapped.

"My Jinxie . . . Jinx, where are you?" I heard it close to my shoulder. Then the other one- this caused me to turn my head, in trying to find that voice. I felt a bump on my back, and I looked up. There was the serous of the voice: the maker themselves.

"Minxie!" I yelled, but as I did she put her hand over my mouth to shh me. Her next move was to grab my wrists. I didn't notice that she was wearing a sluty policewoman's custom, but the hat gave it away. Oh and her personality helped.

"Jinx Swan. You are under arrest; anything you saw will be used against you; you have no right to a lawyer in the court of Minxvill, and you are have by to be punished by two days of hell. " Gabi whisper into my ear. "Come on, before Charlie sees me. "

I could hear the front door to the church up and my father's footstep. There was no time to think "Shit! " I heard myself say. "Run!"

Dragging my hand Gabi made a mad dash for the back door.

"Two minute rule!" She yelled in giggles.

The two minute rule meant get to the car in less then two minutes no if and/ or buts. That rule would suck with any other human than Minx. Because I'm such a klutz. The car that screamed she rented was the bummer, true to her fashion it was bright red. As we reached the car she lit me go and not looking back I got in the passenger's sit. The second we were in she stepped on the gas and we were off. As soon as we reached Forks city limits I relaxed. . . a little. I knew him or someone else was following us.

"What are you doing here Twin?"

"What? I can't surprise you?"

That was a lie and she could tell I saw right through it. I raised my eyebrows as I looked at her.

" Fine Human lie detector! I heard you were getting married! I had to come. This is the last week we will ever have. Jinxie you needed this! I needed this. There will never be another time like this to have fun."

The words rang true. There would never be another time like this one.

"So where are we going? "

"I'm not telling you. You're just going to have to find out the hard way- by living it!" she winked. I guessed that Seattle was our destination. That's the way where the car was traveling, not to Port Angeles. "Besides you know you trust me with your life."

"I wish that were true. . . " I said with a smug smile. She slapped my arm.

"You little bitch!" God the fun had begun. "How is this mystery boy in bed?"


Flashback: 1918


Mother and I went to the market. The house was in dire need of ingredients. I was home and that meant my famous cookies were to be made. The school year in New York was done; my education is well over the average woman in 1918. Home in Chicago is dream. I missed everything, even the thought of my sister and mother left warmth in my heart, for now.

The market was full of people; box stands selling a range of items; children playing.

"Your father requested that you make almond but-"

"Butter cookies. I recall that, Mother. I know that those are Daddy's favorite kind."

The time was passing too slowly for myself. But then I saw a boy up ahead with reddish brown hair and an older woman next to him with the same hair color and I would have known who it was across the globe. Anthony.

"Anthony Masen!" He hated being called by his middle name; well he hated me calling him by his middle name. His head snapped looking for the person of the voice. I caught his eyes. There was a gut turning felling in my stomach. Those bright green eyes looked over me with shock and wonder.

"Abby!" he shouted and we ran to each other embrace.

"When did you return? " he asked with happiness.

"I arrived last week." He let me go and our mothers, Charlotte and Elizabeth, had made their ways over to say hello, not that I can recall what was said.

"What are you doing in the market?" The boy that would soon be a man could ask a question with a movement of his eyebrows. His question was one that I knew well: am I baking cookies, but most likely am I baking chocolate cinnamon cookies?

"Yes, Anthony. I am going to bake cookies." That angel face got brighter and his crooked smile that can stop any bating heart flashed to his mouth.

"Are you baking chocolate cinnamon cookies?"

"Maybe, I am without that knowledge at this time thou." My mother elbowed my back.

"Yes," I laughed. "I will be baking chocolate cinnamon cookies. Do you care for a dozen? "

"More than the world would I love to have some." Anthony said. "Will you be at the dance tonight?"

"I will be there, and I shale bring the cookies with me, unless I forget to make them. "

"Is that a fact?"

"Quite a possibility. " I felt smug.


My bride to be just ran out of the church with no goodbyes and with someone I have never met. I could hear that this was planed, that Renee knew what was coming. Bella's mother was trying her hardest not to lit Charlie know Bella was missing. Thankful she's not completely missing- Alice can see that the two fugitives are on their way to Seattle. I sent Emmett after the pair.

Renee finally got Charlie to go outside, he heard the girls leave but did not see them. I wonder why Bella would run from her father just because the custom wearing woman was here in town. This woman looked 20 with long blond hair, tall 5.8, stick like with a set of knockers as Emmett keep thinking. She called her by Jinx, her Jinxie. Jealousy filled me Bella belonged to me; she was mine. But who was this Minxie? Belle could tell that if Charlie found out that this Minxie was here that there would be trouble.

I walked over to Renee: "Oh no! I have to explain why Bells run out of here . . ."

The questions add up:

Who truly is Gabi?

How will Edward react to what Renee is going to tell him?

Who's Abby? And how does Edward know her? How will Bella answer that bed remark?

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