A Demi-Saiyans Vow

Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story in no way belong to me. Dragonball Z belongs to Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation. This is purely a work of fan fiction.

Summary: Post Cell Games. Gohan decides that he wouldn't let anything endanger his loved ones again. He would make sure the Earth would be protected. He would do what needed to be done, whatever the cost, unlike his father.

Author's Notes:

Whilst being a long time reader, I finally decided to try my hand, hence this is my first work of fan fiction.

This idea has probably been done before, but any similarities between this and other works are purely unintentional. Whilst I am going to try my best to keep everyone in character, there will be times where characters may seem out of character. Gohan will be slightly OOC, but everyone else should be mainly the same, with any changes more a result of own Gohan's change.

Chapter 1

A wind swept across the Earth, kicking up the dust, and the remains of what was once the staging area for the Cell Games. Craters littered the cliff sides, and trenches ran across the ground, evidence of a momentous struggle that had taken place hours before. History had been made here. The end of an era, the beginning of a new one. For this is where the mantle of Earth's Protector had been passed from father to son.

Elsewhere, celebrations were taking place. People no longer had to hide in their houses in terror. Free at last, the planet Earth had just been saved. Cell had just been defeated. However, far and high, up to the very reaches in Kami's Lookout, the situation was not that of happiness. There lay a very forlorn group.

"I'm sorry guys, but I'm not coming back." informed the recently deceased Son Goku.

The rest looked on, astounded that the man who had been their friend for so long, would refuse to come back.

"Planet Earth will be better off without me." Goku continued.

"But I don't understand! Why! Why are you doing this?" exclaimed Krillin, amazed that his best friend was refusing to be wished back to life.

"Think about it Krillin. Every villain who has come to the planet has come here for me." Goku explained.

"So you think staying dead is going to solve the problem!"

"They would no longer have a reason to come here if I'm gone."

"So what happens if another villain comes along? What are we supposed to do then?" yelled Krillin.

"It'll be fine. The Earth has Gohan now. He'll be able to protect everyone."

A certain Namek thought that was enough. This is getting ridiculous now. "Come on Goku!" growled Piccolo. "Gohan is still a kid! He may be the strongest of us all, but he's still a child. We have no right to make him go through this. He's still got his life ahead of him!"

The demi-saiyan in question had his head bowed. He didn't know what to think. His thoughts were in a massive jumble. Why is dad leaving? Does he not want to be with Mom and me anymore? I can't do this, I'm not ready. Just look at what happened with Cell. It was my fault he died. Gohan's sombre mood continued as he felt the guilt eat away at him. If only I had killed Cell when I had the chance. Dad would never have died.

"It's okay Piccolo." said Goku. "There's nothing to worry about. I know Gohan. He's my son, and I know he's ready for this. I have faith that he'll do an excellent job in taking care of Earth. Far better than anything I could do anyway."

I have no choice. If dad goes, then I must defend the planet. I can't allow Vegeta to become the strongest. Gohan's resolve was slowly rising. I have to do this. I will do this! I'll show them what I'm capable of!

"Look at how strong he is at his age. He has completely outstripped us all, and he's yet to become a man as well." said Goku.

"But-" cried Piccolo.

"It's okay Piccolo." Gohan interrupted. "I can handle this. I'll take over from my dad and do the best I can." The others looked on, resigned to the fact that their companion was leaving them. But they accepted his reasons though. All but one man.

"Kakarrot!" yelled Vegeta. "You depart now leaving matters unsettled between the two of us! You know that I'm itching to fight you and yet you decide to stay dead! Coward! You're leaving the defence of your beloved planet in the hands of a half-breed brat!" ranted the saiyan prince, his face flushed red with anger, a vein visibly throbbing on his temple.

"C'mon Vegeta. Gohan may be young, and he may be a hybrid, but he's stronger than either of us. Besides we can always fight some other time. There won't be much to do in the afterlife so I'll be training waiting for you. See you then." replied Goku.

"Figures." muttered Vegeta. "The real reason you're staying dead is so you can train to your hearts content. Spoken like a true saiyan. Well when we do fight, and we will fight, you better be ready because I'm going to prove that royal blood is always stronger than that of a third-class idiot!"

"I'll be waiting Vegeta" laughed Goku. The elder son gazed across the Lookout. "Well guys, it's been fun, but it's time to go now. And Gohan, I know that you can do this. You should know that I could never be prouder of you than at this moment"

"It's fine dad. I'll be ok." said Gohan.

"Then give Chichi my love. Bye everyone, see you soon! And kick the asses of those Androids back home Trunks! " and with that, one of earths greatest heroes departed into the after life.

"Hopefully not too soon," muttered Krillin.

A pensive mood spread over the Lookout. Everyone was deep in thought, and silence was all that was there. Everyone seemed lost in their own world, thinking… The deep silence was broken by thunderous rumble that shook the whole Lookout...

"HOW LONG MUST I WAIT. NAME YOUR FINAL WISH!" roared Shenron. The Z fighters looked up in astonishment. The sky was still black, with the exception of the ethereal form of the Eternal Dragon.

"Oops. Guess we forgot about Shenron." laughed Bulma, cradling the infant Trunks in her arms.

Vegeta smirked "You don't say woman!"

"Shut up Vegeta!" Bulma yelled. Baby Trunks seemed to get upset at the noise and soon starting screaming. "Look. Now you made Trunks cry."

"As if care. I'm the Prince of Saiyans. Why should I bother myself-" Vegeta was cut of by Bulma punching him in the arm.

"Enough!" screamed future Trunks. "Can't you guys stop fighting?"

"Besides, we've still got a wish to make." said Krillin. "We were going to use the last wish for Goku but now what?"

"I don't really care." Piccolo said.

"Me neither." Tien added.

"Same here" said Gohan.

Krillin suddenly had an idea. It will make her happy. "Well if no one has a wish to make, how bout I make one?"

"Go for it." Dende informed.

"Okay he we go." Krillin readied himself.

"Shenron! I wish that you bring Android 17 back to life." wished Krillin.

"What! Are you crazy? Why on earth would you do that for?" Tien screamed.

"Well 17 and 18 didn't seem like bad people, and even if they did go crazy, Gohan, Vegeta and Piccolo could take care of them." Krillin replied



Krillin was dismayed. "Err, then remove the bomb from Android 18." At least that way she won't be as much of a danger to anyone.

"YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. FAREWELL." The dragonballs began to glow brightly, then they rose into the air, shot straight up, and then suddenly separated, shooting across in seven directions all over the world.

Unbeknownst to the group, there was one more person in attendance, hiding behind the buildings, her ki undetected due to her mechanical nature. Why did he do that for? First he tried to wish 17 back. Then he removed the bomb from within me. Deciding to get to the bottom of this, Android 18 rushed out to confront the bald headed monk.

"Hey cueball! Why'd you choose those wishes!" demanded the blonde android, striding forward to stand right up to Krillin, Her steely blue eyes drilling into Krillin's.

"Ehhh…" Krillin stammered a blush rising to his cheeks. "I-I wanted to…" The monk began to fidget. Kami! Even when she's angry she still looks so beautiful. I can't even compose myself. "I th-thought you would like it if y-you and 17 could be together. Wouldn't that make you ha-happy?"

The others looked on, hiding their smiles at the predicament their friend was in. Yamcha smirked. Doesn't look like she's happy at all. Let's see how he gets out of this one. I get why he did it though. She is a definite babe.

"You sicko! 18 is my twin brother! That's just disgusting!" screamed 18.

Gohan turned away, trying to hide his smile. Hehehe. Looks like Krillin made a mistake.

Krillin cringed. This ain't going well. "I thought it was what would've wanted."

"Well I never asked for anything." 18 said. "I'm an independent woman. I don't need anyone's help." And with that, 18 turned and flew of the Lookout, leaving a trembling Krillin in her wake. It was a nice thought though. Perhaps I'll thank him someday.

Krillin sighed in relief "Phew! I thought I was gonna get whacked there!"

Yamcha laughed uproariously. "Yo bro, you got burned badly there." Krillin looked around seeing the smirking faces of his friends, with the exception of Piccolo and Vegeta who couldn't really care less. He dropped his head and sighed again. Maybe next time.

"C'mon guys, leave him alone." Bulma said. "It's not his fault he has no luck with women." Krillin just glared in response.

Gohan looked on, smiling to himself while watching the antics of his friends. It might not be so bad after all. Dad's left, but we're all still alive, and until the day we die, we may as well move on and enjoy ourselves. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, the demi-saiyan looked up to see Piccolo who gave him an encouraging nod. No matter what happens, I'm not alone.

Slowly, the Z fighters started to go their own ways. Tien and Chiaotzu went off to the mountains to the north, where their home lies. Vegeta flew off Kami knows where. Krillin went home to Kame Island, and Trunks (Both) and Bulma headed for Capsule Corp. That left only Piccolo and Gohan on the lookout.

Piccolo had been watching Gohan rather closely the entire time, who was currently looking down over the edge of the lookout. He was unsure how the boy was dealing with the loss of his father. I thought that maybe he was starting to get over it. Something else seems to be bothering him now.

"You okay kid?" Piccolo asked gruffly. Gohan continued to look towards the ground below, seeming not to hear. After a while he sighed. "I'm going to have to go home now."

"And?" queried the Namek.

"Mom doesn't know that dad's dead. I'm gonna have to tell her." Gohan looked dejected. How am I supposed to tell her that her husband is dead? Again. When she asks how it happens, what am I supposed to say? "Mom, dad's dead because I didn't kill Cell when I had the chance, I preferred to torture him instead, and now he's gone". That's really going to go down well isn't it?

"Oh." Piccolo said as realization dawned on him. "Do you want me to come with you?"

"No it's okay, this is something I have to do for myself." replied Gohan, dreading the meeting that was about to take place.

"Well I'm here if you need me."

"I know." Gohan looked up and saw what was as close to a smile as Piccolo would ever get. "Wish me luck." With that, and a departing wave, the child prodigy took off for the skies towards his home.


"So he's not coming back." asked Chichi, with tears in her eyes, shoulders shaking, her body tensing up to suppress the sobs that she could feel coming.

"I'm sorry Mom, it's my entire fault." Gohan wept, head bowed, unable to look his mother in the eye. "If I-I ha-had… If I had killed …" unable to continue, Gohan closed his eyes, trying to shut off the world around him.

Surprisingly Gohan felt himself being pulled close, a pair of arms wrapping themselves around him, cradling the half saiyan close. A shoulder to cry on and his mothers comforting embrace.

"It's not your fault. Don't ever say it's your fault! You hear me!" Chichi cried. "You did what you could. You saved the world, you should be proud of yourself. My little boy's a hero now. Your father knew what he was doing, he'd be proud of you as well."


"No buts!" yelled Chichi. "I don't want to hear it any more!" Taking a deep breath, the Son matriarch attempted to calm herself down, then continued. "Now today's been a hard day for all of us, you should get some rest. Why don't you go to your room for a while and I'll call you when dinner's ready sweetie?"

"Fine mom, I'll do that." Gohan game his mother another hug. Sorry mom, but this is my fault. But I won't bring it up again for your sake. Chichi gave her son a kiss on the forehead.

"Don't worry honey, everything will be alright. Dinner will be ready soon." The recent widow watched her son walk up the stairs. Please don't let this get to you dear. You did everything you could. You're all I have left now. Stifling a sob that she couldn't let Gohan see, Chichi reflected on her late husband. Goodbye Goku, you'll be missed.


A month had passed since the Cell Games. Cell's victims had been revived, rebuilding had begun, and the world was starting to progress from the nightmare that had befallen them. A certain Son Goku may have passed away, but life moved on. For the survivors, life had returned to some semblance of normalcy.

In the middle of the sea, at Kame House, a bald headed monk was preparing for his date with a certain blond bombshell. Krillin called out to his mentor.

"Hey Roshi, do you think this looks good on me?" After a while with no reply, Krillin called out again. "Roshi?" Still no answer. I wonder what he's doing. I'll try Oolong. "Oolong. What do you think?" Again no reply.

What on Earth are they doing? Deciding to check what they were doing, Krillin walked into the other room, but stopped as soon as he entered the doorway, dumbfounded. Why am I not surprised. There in front of him, lay the sight of the great Turtle Master, Muten Roshi, creator of the legendary Kamehameha blast, fixated on the TV to the site of a women's workout show. Beside him lay the shape shifter Oolong, currently in his natural pig like state, drooling to the same sight. Krillin shook his head in amusement. I swear some things never change.

Elsewhere, within the personal rooms of Capsule Corporation, the resident bluenette was feeling frustrated. Vegeta is still in the GR. He's been in there for almost 10 hours now. The only time he comes out is to eat or sleep. Stupid jerk! Does he think that he can treat me as his personal slave? Well I'll show him! Striding up to the door to the gravity room, Bulma banged on the door loudly, then opened the door and walked straight in

"Vegeta! Get out here right now!" Bulma shouted.

"What do you want woman!" grunted Vegeta annoyed at the distraction, especially considering that the gravity auto shut off had kicked in. Stupid woman! She always irritates me during training. Can't she just stay away? The crazy female is too demanding. "I'm trying to train here."

"I'm trying to train here." Bulma mocked, her hands making erratic movements. "Train! Train! Train! It's all you ever do! Maybe you could spend some time with either of your sons once in a while? Maybe you could do something useful around here?"

"In case you didn't realise, a half-breed brat is stronger than me." Vegeta yelled back. "Me! The prince of all saiyans. That cannot be allowed!"

"Maybe I should tell Chichi what you always say about her son?" Bulma shot back. "I don't think she'd be too impressed"

"Don't bring that harpy into this. She'd just start shrieking all over the place and drive everyone crazy. I swear if you-"

They were both cut off by the sound of a baby's wailing. Future Trunks entered the picture, carrying his bawling counterpart. "For Kami's sake! Can't the two of you go at least one day without bringing the house down?" Trunks questioned of his parents.

"Well it's not my fault a certain mighty prince thinks he can just goof off all day! Maybe I should just shut down the GR. See how he likes it when I take his favourite toy away." shrieked the head scientist.

"You cannot interfere with a saiyans training time! Especially one with royal blood!" Vegeta countered.

Trunks decided that this was pointless. He turned around, and walked away from the bickering couple. This is just crazy. Every single day the two of them can't stop arguing. Well I guess I'd be surprised if they didn't argue. This is just the norm in this crazy household. I wonder if they would have been like that in my timeline.

Finally in the 439 mountain area at the Son residence, a mother walked upstairs to her son's room. Opening the door, she found that he wasn't there, his books lying open on his desk. Ooh that boy has snuck off to train again. Chichi angrily marched down the stairs, opened the front door, and called out to her missing son.

"Gohan, get back here this instant." Chichi yelled into the distance. A few seconds later, a blur sped across the horizon, forming into the shape of one Son Gohan wearing a dark blue gi, and looking slightly out of breath. "Young man! You were supposed to be in your room studying, yet here I find you training once more." the mother of one continued.

The boy in question hung his head sheepishly, and proceeded to scratch the back of his head. "Sorry." Thing is though, I can't afford to study all day. I need to train in order to protect the Earth. "But mom. I've been studying for 2 hours now. I need to train sometime as well." The 11 year old complained.

"You need to train?" Chichi shrieked. "No what you need to do is to study to become a scholar. How are you supposed to get into a good university if you train all day?"

"And how am I going to get in a good university if Earth's destroyed?" Gohan shot back. "I need to train so I can be strong enough to protect everyone. I will study mom, but I need to get stronger as well."

"Why do you have to do this? You're still a child." Chichi yelled back."Can't somebody else do it?"

"Do you really want to leave the defence of the earth in the hands of Vegeta?" asked Gohan.

Heavens no, I can't stand that awful man. I honestly don't understand what Bulma sees in him. "Well no but..." Chichi took a deep breath. "Forget it. We can deal with this some other time. The reason I called you was to say that dinner is ready."

"Thanks mom. Let me just quickly wash up and I'll be right there." said Gohan with a wave as he walked upstairs to the bathroom.

"Sure thing honey, I'll get the table ready." Chichi thought quietly as she went into the kitchen. He does have a point though. My Goku was the defender of earth, and now he's gone somebody has to do it. I just don't want my darling little Gohan to get mixed up in this. I've already lost my husband. I don't want to lose him too.

A short while later, the Sons were enjoying a peaceful meal. They were content with the silence, with each other for company. The silence was broken however, by a shriek from the elder Son.

"I cannot believe this! The nerve of that man! The sheer gall!" Chichi screeched. "To think he could do something like this astounds me."

Gohan looked at his mother in confusion. What's wrong with her? "What is it mom?"

"Look at the TV. Just look at it!" Chichi said in disgust. Gohan turned to the television, where an interview was being held. I wonder what this is about. He vaguely recognised the afro haired man as the buffoon that fought Cell before his father did. It wasn't until he picked up the words that he realised why his mother was so angry. He decided to listen a bit more closely.

"So Hercule, how does it feel to be the saviour of the world? The man that won the Cell Games?" asked the excited interviewer.

The man in question just smirked, rose to his feet and gave an exaggerated peace sign. "Yeah! I'm the champ! It wasn't really a surprise you know, as no one could have beaten me!" boasted Hercule, sitting back down. "The only reason I didn't finish Cell earlier was to give him a chance. No need to humiliate your opponent you know. Besides, I might as well let those other weirdo's take a swing before they saw the champ in action. It's just a shame really that all they wanted to do was tricks an' stuff."

"So how did you beat Cell anyway? We didn't get a chance to see it live." the interviewer continued.

"It was awesome! I can't believe my fans missed it! After those other guys ran away, I stepped back into the action, and then I went CHOP!" Hercule suddenly rose from his seat and started practicing some overly flashy chop manoeuvres at an imaginary opponent. "One chop and Cell was down for the count. Hehehe, he never stood a chance against the world champ." continued the man with the afro.

"Hear that everyone? The champ is so powerful, he beat Cell with ONE blow!" remarked the presenter. "Everyone hail for the Champ! Let's give a round of app-" the TV cut off suddenly as Chichi ripped the power socket out of the wall.

"I refuse to listen to this nonsense anymore!" shouted Chichi. "How could that foolish man do such a despicable thing? It was my own son who saved the world, and that buffoon wants to take the credit? My family sacrificed so much for this, and he decides to call us fakes! That it's all tricks!" Chichi continued to rant. "Come on Gohan, we're gonna teach that man a lesson!" the angry mother began to stride briskly towards the front door. "Hurry up Gohan!"

I've got to stop this. She's gonna end up killing him. "Mom! Wait up!" Gohan hurriedly called. "Why bother? We know he's a fool. What would be the point in beating him up?"

"Gohan, he took your credit! He insults our friends! Why shouldn't he pay for that?" Chichi yelled back.

"Mom, you know I don't want the credit. I don't fight for fame, but to protect the people I care about. Besides, imagine the press we would have? We wouldn't be allowed any privacy." Gohan explained. "If he didn't take the credit, people would have researched what happened at the Cell Games, and they might have linked that back to us. And who really cares if he insults us? He and the majority of the world are ignorant of what really happens."

Chichi gave her son a long hard look, and then sighed. "Ok Gohan, if that's the way you want to do things. I guess it is your choice." Chichi slowly walked back into the house.

Gohan began to scratch the back of his head, and laughed nervously. I thought she was going to blow up there. I can see her point though. Maybe I'll have a word with Hercule about this. Let him kno-. Gohan was suddenly cut off by the sound of a glass breaking, followed by a thump that sounded suspiciously like a body falling to the floor. He swiftly entered the house, to see his mother on the floor unconscious.

"Mom!" Gohan cried anxiously. "Mom! Are you ok?" No answer. "Mom!" Not getting an answer, the boy rushed to the telephone and started dialling. Soon there was an answer.

"Hello this is the Briefs residence, Trunks speaking, ho-" the time traveller was cut of hastily.

"Trunks! Get Bulma now! Tell her it's urgent." Gohan rushed.

"What is it Gohan?" Trunks asked confused.

"There's something wrong with my mother. Please Trunks, hurry!" Gohan replied.

"Sure, hold on a sec." About 10 seconds later, an eternity for the half-saiyan, the bluenette answered the phone.

"Gohan, what is it? What's wrong with your mother?" Bulma asked.

"She's on the floor not moving and I don't know what's wrong with her or if she's ok or if there's somethi-" he was interrupted by Bulma.

"Calm down Gohan. Slow down and tell me how it happened."

"We were just eating and everything was fine then there was this thing on TV about how Hercule beat Cell and we got into an argument and next thing you know she fainted."

"Ok honey, here's what I need you to do." Bulma explained. "Bring your mother here so I can check on her, but don't fly too fast or you might hurt her. OK?"

"I'm on my way now." said Gohan, hanging up the phone. He rushed to his mother, carefully picked her up, and was out the house on the way to Capsule Corp. Please be ok mom, you can't die on me as well.


A considerable time later, Bulma Briefs exited the medical room with a sigh. She began to walk towards the adjoining room. However, as soon as she entered, she was rushed by a worried son.

"How's my mom? Is she ok?" Gohan asked frantically from where he had been waiting with both Trunks' and surprisingly Vegeta.

"Don't worry Gohan, I've only got good news, more than one piece in fact." said Bulma.

"Which is?" Gohan responded.

"Well first of all, your mother is going to be perfectly fine, there's nothing wrong with her current condition at all." Bulma informed.

"Current condition?" queried Gohan, confused.

"That's the other piece of good news." Bulma smiled. "I'm happy to let you know that your mother is pregnant. She has been for about a month in fact. So in just under 8 months, you're going to have a little brother or sister Gohan. Isn't that great?"

The others looked on in shock, astonished. The resident prince of saiyans was the first to respond though.

"Oh great." Vegeta sarcastically said. "Another spawn of that blasted Kakarrot is going to be born."

"Stop being a jerk Vegeta!" Bulma complained. "I think its wonderful news. Besides, I though you'd be happy to have another saiyan to supposedly 'rule'? They can even be a playmate to little Trunks so he can have someone who's not too weak"

Future Trunks looked on wistfully. I always wished I could of has someone to hang out with. Gohan sensei was cool and everything, but someone my age would have been perfect. Walking up to the soon to be elder brother, Trunks patted him on the back. "Congrats Gohan, you get to be big brother now. How does that feel?"

The saiyan in question was still in shock. Mom is pregnant? I can't believe this! Why did this happen? Lost in his thoughts as he was, he didn't even notice Trunks' question.

"Hey Gohan, are you ok?" asked Trunks.

"Yeah Gohan." added Bulma. "You look sad. I thought you'd be happy?"

Gohan suddenly looked up angrily. They think I'd be happy that mom is pregnant? "Happy! You think I'd be happy? Gohan yelled. "Why on earth would I be happy that I'm going to have a younger sibling who's going to grow up without a father?"

"Honey it wasn't your fault. It-" Bulma was cut off by an enraged Gohan.

"Don't honey me!" Gohan shouted. "Did I mention that it was me that I was angry at? No! I'm angry at the man who'd rather stay dead then come back to life. I'm angry at the man who abandoned his family and friends! Yes, I'm angry at my father!" and with that, the incensed demi-saiyan tore out of the building at super sonic speed.

"Well that didn't go well." Vegeta understated. Bulma hit him on the arm.

"Stop joking Vegeta! I'm worried about him." Bulma said. "He obviously still hasn't got over Goku's death and it's still hurting him inside."

"Don't worry mom, I'll go after him." The teenage Trunks began to leave before he was halted by his father.

"Leave him be." Vegeta growled. "But-" Trunks began before she was cut off. "I said leave him be! This is something that he needs to do for himself. Besides, go after him now, and he might attack you, and the brat is more powerful than you."

Trunks sighed. He's right. I can feel Gohan's ki skyrocketing. I'm nowhere near as strong as that. He looked up sharply after hearing a laugh. His mother's frown had been replaced by a smile.

"You know Vegeta, you pretend you don't care, but in fact you really do, you just don't want to admit it."

Vegeta turned his glare on his partner, who just met it with a smirk. After a while he walked off muttering a quick "Whatever." Bulma just smiled knowingly to herself as she watched him walk away. It's ok Vegeta, I know who you really are, even if you try and deny it. Bulma sighed. I better go see if Chichi is awake. Be careful Gohan. I know it still hurts, but don't do anything reckless.


Gohan sped out of Capsule Corp, his mind in chaos. Unable to control his anger, he transformed into his super saiyan state at full power. I wasn't until he arrived at his destination that he realised where he was heading. The waterfall that had once been the lair of one Piccolo Daimao Senior, and later Piccolo junior.

Gohan raged mentally. So guess what? I'm now gonna have a younger sibling who's going to grow up without a father! And why is that? Because dear old dad decided he'd rather stay dead then come back to mom and me! He'd rather train than be with his family!

Without even realising it, Gohan had transformed into his Super Saiyan 2 state. Wind was being kicked up, and the ground shook. Clouds began too swirl, and lightning crashed down from the heavens above, but in his rage it all went unnoticed by the saiyan.

It all started the day Radditz came. Since then he's either been dead or training Kami knew where. But I can forgive him for those. It's not easy being a hero, protecting the world was more important than your own happiness. Trees became uprooted, and rocks rose into the air by the sheer power that rolled of the boy. All unnoticed. But after the Cell Games, it was all over. There is no threat on the horizon, no deadly enemy we need to defeat. "This was the opportunity to be a family again, but no you want to stay dead!" Gohan yelled up to the sky. "You could never see how much I needed you, how much mom needs you. Do you know that I often hear her crying at night?" The heavens remained silent.

But then again, he was never a true protector anyway. If it wasn't for him, Cell wouldn't have been created. The other Androids wouldn't exist either. Frieza wouldn't have come here looking for revenge either. "Your reason for staying dead was that all the enemies came here for you. Did you ever think why?" Gohan shouted. "No, I'm guessing not. They all wanted revenge! They wanted revenge because you had humiliated them in the past! If you had killed Dr Gero when you had the chance, Cell and the Androids would have never been created. If you had killed Frieza on Namek, there would have been no one to attempt revenge against you. You're too soft hearted to defend the earth. You can never make the hard decisions. You're not ruthless enough. You can't do what needs to be done."

A mountain top had been torn off, and was headed towards a nearby town, with Gohan unaware. But it's ok now. You can stay dead. I'll do what needs to be done, what you could never do. I'll be the father figure to my little brother or sister. I'll protect the Earth with everything I am, without running away the first chance I get.

Just as the large mass of rock was about to crush the town, it was destroyed by a powerful blast. Gohan suddenly felt a large ki in front of him.

"Calm down kid! What's wrong with you? You're losing control!" yelled Piccolo, trying to knock some sense into the boy. "You need to control your anger!"

"Why should I calm down?" Gohan shot back. "Can I not be angry that my father would choose to stay dead and train, instead of being with his family? That my little brother or sister won't have a father! That my mom won't have a husband!"

"Don't you think it would be worse if they didn't have an older brother as well, that your mother will be without a son?" Piccolo reasoned. "Calm your power level before you let it go out of control. Look over there." Indicating towards the town, and the rubble that lied before it. "People could have been crushed if I wasn't there."

Gohan looked on horrified at the scenery before him, the state of the landscape as realisation dawned on him. What have I done? I almost killed them. The shock dropped Gohan back to his normal form. "I'm sorry Piccolo,I didn't realise." Gohan dropped is head in shame.

"It's ok kid. Just try not to let your control slip up again." Piccolo said. "More importantly, I think there's a mother who needs her son right now."

"Yeah I know. Thanks Piccolo, I don't know what I would've done if you weren't there." Gohan apologised. Piccolo put a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"It's ok kid. Anytime." responded the namek.

"Well I'll be going now."

"Sure thing kid." And with a wave, Son Gohan headed back for Capsule Corp, as Piccolo watched on. Be careful kid, you've got great power, but you can't let it get out of control.

Gohan sped towards the others, ready to be with his mother. These are the people that matter and I never want to be separated from them. I'll do my best to be a good son and a capable big brother, but no matter what happens, I will protect the earth. This is my job now, and I'll make sure it's done correctly. I'll do what needs to be done.


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