The Last Two

Chapter One

Nami screamed and fell to her knees, her shivering hands slowly making their way up her face.

How could this possibly be happening? How could this horrific scene before her be real?

"NO!!" she shrieked, rapidly looking back and forth between each of her crewmates - or what was left of them. "NO! NO! NO! NO!!"

The deck of their ship was drenched with blood. Nami's knees rested in a pool of it. She could feel it was still warm.


Her beloved nakama...They were dead.

Their mutilated bodies were sprawled across the deck all around her. Heads and limbs were disattached, flesh was torn open, and insides hung out. She had never seen anything so gruesome before in her life.

Small traces of steam could be seen rising into the air as the red liquid evaporated under the sun, which stood high in the bright blue sky, shining down upon the Thousand Sunny as if it were a normal day.

But it wasn't a normal day. Even if you were unaware that every human and animal on the planet had just been killed, all you would have to do was look above the ship at the huge, horrific, metal abomination known as the "Great Weapon," and you would know there was nothing normal about that day.

Trembling fiercely, Nami screamed once more before burying her face in her hands, sobbing.

She didn't know how much time passed before she heard Luffy's voice.

" this..."

The Strawhats had been in a battle with one of the Four Emperors, Gaidou. He had obtained a Great Weapon, Poseidon, but hadn't been able to figure out how to use it, so he tried to capture Robin in the hopes that she could help him.

After a long struggle, they had managed to defeat his crew, and Luffy was now fighting Gaidou himself.

Everyone watched as the two fought in what could only be called a battle of monsters. Cliffs cracked and fell apart, rocks were smashed open and sent flying, and the very earth itself split open as they went at each other.

The crew had now come to understand just why the 'New World' was such a dangerous place.

Finally, Luffy laid the final punch and sent Gaidou to the ground, a huge cloud of dirt and rubble shooting out from beneath him.

"We can't waste any time!" exclaimed Robin as she and the rest of the Strawhats all ran to help Luffy, who had fallen unconscious. "From what I've learned, Poseidon is floating on the water near an island a few days away from this one! We have to set sail!"

Franky nodded. "Those Great Weapons are really scary things! We need to get to it and find a way to destroy it fast!"

"The log pose is pointing to that island next anyway, so we can go right away!" Nami announced.

Robin bit her lip. "We really need to hurry..."

They grabbed Luffy, ran to the Thousand Sunny, and departed the island minutes later.

Shortly after they left, a few remaining members of Gaidou's crew picked up their captain and carried him to their ship's medical ward.

Three days later

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Gaidou roared as he shot up. "W-WHAT!? Where am I!?"

Panting, he looked around himself to find that he was on a bed in the medical ward of his ship. A few of his subordinates were sitting on chairs nearby, staring at him. "C-Captain, you're awake!" one of them exclaimed cheerfully. "How are you feel-"

"WHERE'S STRAWHAT!?" Gaidou thundered, jumping out of the bed only to fall to his knees in pain. "EGH! And why am I here!?"

"We brought you here after your battle!" the subordinate explained.

Gaidou forced himself onto his feet and slowly made his way to the subordinate. "THEN WHAT HAPPENED TO STRAWHAT!?"

"H-He and his crew have already left the island..."

Gaidou stared at the man for a moment before his face grew red with anger. "ARE YOU SAYING I LOST!?" he exploded, grabbing his subordinate by the neck and holding him up in the air. "THERE'S NO WAY I COULD HAVE LOST!!" He threw the man against a wall then fell to his knees.

He was still panting heavily. 'I LOST!?' he thought to himself. 'I, GAIDOU, LOST!?'

Gaidou stayed on his knees, staring at the ground, wide eyed. His subordinates watched him silently. After a few minutes passed, he closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them slightly. He had a hazy expression on his face.

He slowly stood up again, putting his hand against the wall for support. He panted a few times, then said, "...Poseidon..."

"W-What?" questioned another member of his crew.

"...There are still some of my subordinates stationed in Poseidon, right...?"

"O-Of course!" exclaimed the crewmember. "We'd never leave it unguarded!"

Gaidou grinned slightly. "Good...Then bring me the Den Den Mushi for contacting them."

"Right away captain!"

The subordinate left and shortly returned with a Den Den Mushi. "I already have them on the line."

Gaidou took it from him and picked up the receiver. "...This is Gaidou." he said, smiling in a strange way as he spoke. "I have a message for all of you stationed in Poseidon..."

"...Ah! Captain! What do you need from us?"

Gaidou panted a few times, then said, "Activate Poseidon."

"What!?" shouted the man on the other end. "But you said yourself it doesn't work! What good would activating it do!?"

"Never mind that." Gaidou replied. "There's a lever in the Devil's Fruit chamber for activating it. Pull it. After that, I want all of you to return to this island."

"But captain-"

"That's an order."


Gaidou hung up the receiver.

"Why did you tell them to activate it, sir?" a subordinate asked. "I thought you said it wouldn't work..."

Gaidou looked at his subordinate and flashed him an odd smile. "I'll tell you..." he said, "...but first..." He dropped the Den Den Mushi to the floor, then smashed it with his foot.

His subordinates all stepped back in surprise. "The truth is..." Gaidou began, sitting back in his bed and leaning against the wall, "'s not that Poseidon won't work, but rather that it works too well."

"Works too well, sir?"

"Hehehe, well you see..." Gaidou continued, "Poseidon is a weapon that kills living creatures without affecting plants, trees, or anything inanimate. I imagine it was built for the purpose of killing enemies in towns or ships without needing to destroy the buildings or sink the ships. It's an incredibly useful tool for war and pillaging. What's most interesting about it however, is its source of energy."

The subordinate nodded. "It uses Devil's Fruits to operate, right? That's why you had us gather so many."

"Correct." Gaidou went on. "I gathered one thousand Devil's Fruits from across the world. But from what I've come to understand, Poseidon, which is capable of killing over one million people in one shot, only requires the use of one Devil's Fruit. Other fruits are only needed once that fruit has had its power drained."

"But captain, if I'm not mistaken, aren't the fruits we gathered all piled in the same place together on the Great Weapon?"

The captain tilted his head slightly so his hair shaded his eyes and a wicked grin began to make its way up his cheeks.

"Yes, well, this is where my problem came in. I was unable to discover how to direct Poseidon's attack at an individual target. As it is, when it activates, it simply kills things all around it. So now imagine this. If utilizing a single Devil's Fruit can kill millions, how many do you think one thousand Devil's Fruits can kill?"

Everyone in the room's eyes went wide. "Y-You can't mean..."

Gaidou continued to smile as his bangs hid his eyes. "In less than an hour, every living creature on the planet will be dead."

"WHAT!!" the whole room shouted.

"U-US TOO!?"

"Of course." Gaidou replied. "Myself as well."


"Well that's simple!" he exclaimed, lifting his head up to reveal his eyes, which now had a crazed look in them. "To kill Strawhat of course! If I don't kill him, I'll have lost! And there's no way I can lose!"

"What!?" bellowed one of the men. "Captain, surely you're not thinking clearly! Please call off the attack!"

"That's impossible!" Gaidou shouted, his smile getting wider. "The Den Den Mushi is destroyed! Oh, and let me explain further! The only way to not be affected by the weapon is to be inside of it, which is why I ordered everyone stationed there to leave! It wouldn't be right for the captain to die but for his crew to live after all!"

"Y-You're completely insane!"

"This is madness!"

"We're all going to die!!"

"GAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Gaidou laughed, raising his arms above him triumphantly. "YOU'LL SEE, STRAWHAT!! NO ONE CAN DEFEAT GAIDOU!!"

The crew stood at the front of the Thousand Sunny, staring ahead of them in astonishment as they approached the Great Weapon. The huge metal object towering over them sent chills down all of their spines. It didn't look like something that could even exist.

"That's...!" exclaimed Luffy, staring wide-eyed at it.

"A 'Great Weapon'" said Robin, a deathly serious look on her face. "I never wanted to see one of these things..."

"W-Wait, look below it!" shouted Usopp, pointing towards the docks at the base of the weapon. "Aren't those ships!?"

"They're probably leftovers from Gaidou's crew." said Sanji. "It's not surprising that they'd be guarding their big weapon."

As they got closer, it became clear from their flags that the ships were indeed Gaidou's, and it also seemed that crew members were getting on the ships to leave.

"Are they going somewhere?" asked Franky.

Zoro scratched his chin. "It doesn't really matter. In any case we're probably going to have to fight them."

When they got close enough, they were finally noticed.

"Hey, isn't that Strawhat Luffy's flag!?" yelled a man who had just boarded one of the ships, gaining the attention of everyone else.

"What's he doing here!? I thought captain fought him!"

"He must have run away and come here! We need to guard the Great Weapon from him!"

A crew member climbed up to the crow's nest of one of the ships and shouted, "EVERYONE GET ON THE SHIPS!! Prepare for battle!!"

It didn't take the Strawhats more than a few minutes to take care of their attackers, leaving each ship with a beaten up and unconscious crew.

"It seems we arrived at a good time." said Robin as they approached the dock. "In their rush to attack us they didn't bother to close the entrance."

Past the dock was a doorway leading into the weapon. They docked and began walking towards it.

Usopp was shaking as they approached it. "T-This thing is really scary...! Is it even safe inside??"

"Well all those pirates were in there," said Sanji, "so I'd imagine there's nothing there that's going to kill us."

It was a mere coincidence how it happened. Luffy was the first to enter. Behind him were Nami, then Sanji, then Franky, then Brooke, then Zoro, then Chopper, then Usopp. By mere coincidence, the moment Nami entered was the moment the weapon, which had been starting up, finally activated.

The door behind her suddenly slammed shut and a loud metallic noise sounded. The hallway they had just entered lit up.

"W-What!?" shouted Nami, quickly turning around and pushing up against the large metal door that now separated her and Luffy from the rest of the crew.

"AH!" bellowed Luffy, running up to it as well. "It closed!"

The moment he touched it his body started to seep. "..Huh...? I'm losing my energy...This is like that cage Crocodile put us in..."

"What's going on!?" Nami shouted, pounding on the door. "Everyone! Can you hear me!?"

Luffy backed away from the door and after a few seconds he got his energy back. "GAH!!"

"T-The wall of this place must be sound proof...!" Nami exclaimed.

"Hey! Open up!" Luffy demanded.

"There must be some sort of switch that controls it!" Nami proclaimed. "Luffy, go and try to see if you can find something! I'll wait here in case anything happens!"

"Okay!!" Luffy nodded then dashed off down the corridor.

"NAMI-SAN!!" Sanji shouted, kicking the door with all his might. "Egh, damn! No good, it's too strong..."

"It seems to be made of sea stone..." said Robin, touching it then quickly pulling her hand back. "...In fact, this entire weapon seems to be made of sea stone."

"I can't cut that..." muttered Zoro.

"Then how are we going to get them out of there!?" exclaimed Usopp. "And what's going on anyway!? Why did the door suddenly close!? And more importantly..." Trembling, Usopp looked up towards the top of the weapon. "W-What's that horrible sound!?"

Coming from its top was a strange noise that sounded like thousands of people snickering all at once.

"I-It's scary!!" shouted Chopper, holding onto Usopp as he shivered as well.

"I don't like the feel of this..." said Sanji.

"Something strange is going on here...!" Franky exclaimed, looking back and forth between the door and the top of the weapon.

"In any case, it seems there's nothing we can do now other than wait and see what happens." said Zoro, a hand resting on one of his swords.

The Strawhats silently waited for the next few minutes, the snickering noise gradually getting louder.

Then it suddenly stopped.

"I-It stopped!" shouted Usopp, who was now tightly hugging Chopper as they both trembled.

"What the hell does all this mean!?" yelled Franky.

Robin was now looking extremely nervous and was starting to shake slightly herself.

"Damn it...!" cursed Sanji. "Nami-san's just on the other side of that door but there's nothing we can do!"

"Alright...!" Zoro exclaimed, pulling out one of his swords. "I'll give it a shot."

"D-Do you think you'll be able to cut it open?" asked Usopp.

"I won't know for sure unless I try. All of you stand back."

Zoro pulled back his sword and then began unleashing a series of attacks on the door. They did little more than rebound, but he continued for minutes on end.

A loud 'kachink!' was suddenly heard. He stopped his barrage and everyone looked at the door.

There was a large dent in it.

"T-This is amazing!" exclaimed Brooke. "You've actually managed to damage sea stone...!! I've never heard of a swordsman doing such a thing!"

"Zoro! That's great!" shouted Usopp.

"Okay then!" Sanji yelled. "Marimo, break that damn door down and let's get Nami-san and our idiot captain out of there!"

Zoro grinned. "Heh, I think I've got it now. It should take a few minutes, but I've got the feel of it."

The swordsman pulled his arm back again and got ready to swing.

That's when it began.

"AH!" he suddenly gasped, stumbling backwards, his sword arm falling to his side. "W-What the...!?"

"Zoro...?" questioned Usopp.

Franky stepped forward slightly. "What is it?"

Zoro held a hand up to his face and cupped his right eye with it. After a moment, he brought the hand back to look at it. It was covered in blood. Sanji instantly jumped forward, grabbed Zoro's shoulder and spun him around.

"...Z-Zoro, you...!!"

His right eye appeared to have been slashed open and was bleeding profusely.

"Z-Z-ZORO!!" bellowed Chopper, nearly falling on his face. "YOUR EYE!!"

Before anyone could react, Usopp yelped. Everyone turned to him. He was holding his left arm which was covered in a massive amount of blood.

"Usopp!?" exclaimed Franky. "What the hell!?"

"I-I don't know!!" shouted Usopp, shivering, "I-It just suddenly started-AGH!!" Usopp stumbled to the side, still clutching his arm, his face creased in pain.

"Oh shit!" yelled Sanji. "Look at his wound! It's widening!"

Everyone watched in disbelief as a cut moved down Usopp's arm, as if it was being sliced open by an invisible knife.

"Ugh!" Robin abruptly exclaimed, nearly falling over as she grabbed her thigh where a gash of a similar sort was making its way down her leg.

"ROBIN-CHAN!!" Sanji shouted. "-AGH!!" Blood started soaking through Sanji's shirt at his shoulder.

"GAGH!!" Franky hollered as he brought a hand to his neck.

"AHH!!" exclaimed Chopper, wiping blood away from his mouth with his hooves.

"What's going on here!?" Franky bellowed.

Zoro sheathed his sword and staggered forward. "GET BACK TO THE SHIP!!" he thundered.

Everyone began running to the Thousand Sunny, stumbling as new wounds formed on their bodies. They reached the ship and Usopp fell onto the deck, his ankle sliced open.

"USOPP!!" Chopper cried, rushing to his nakama's side while holding his own wound.

"LOWER THE SAILS!!" Zoro ordered.

"What about Luffy and Nami!?" shouted Robin.

"There's nothing we can do about them now! Hopefully they're safe inside that thi-UGH!!" Zoro collapsed onto the ground as a huge wound appeared on the back of his head.

"ZORO!!" Chopper hollered.

"WHAT THE - !? LOOK AT THE SKY!!" yelled Franky.

Covering the expanse of the entire sky was an array of huge colorful shapes and swirls, moving around and turning.

"T-Those are...!!" exclaimed Robin, Chopper and Brooke all together,


"AGH!! " Sanji roared, hitting the deck with a thud.


Chopper, Robin, Franky, Usopp, and Brooke all stared in horror at their friend whose leg had just been severed from his body. Chopper turned into his human form and ran towards him. As he was about to reach him, blood suddenly gushed out from around his neck and his head fell off. Robin fell to the ground in shock, shivering fiercely.

Brooke's skull cracked opened and burst into shards.

"No..." Robin whispered as she watched her beloved nakama perish before her eyes.

A minute later they were all dead.

"What's this!?" Luffy shouted, staring in wonder at a huge chamber filled with Devil's Fruits. "So many Devil's Fruits!"

The fruits were in a pile, and above them was a giant machine of some sort. They were glowing and making strange noises.

"Well, that doesn't really matter." he said. "I need to make that door open!"

He ran a ways and came to a room filled with switches, levers, and gears.

"Hmm..." he brought his hand to his chin.

He stared at the room for a few seconds then said, "Gomu Gomu no...Gatling!!"

He smashed the gears out of place, knocked the hinges off their levers, and blew everything in the room apart.

"Okay!" Luffy exclaimed, putting his hands on his hips, satisfied. After taking a few seconds to admire his work, he turned around and headed back to the entrance. When he passed the Devil's Fruits, he noticed they weren't glowing anymore and had shriveled up.

Nami jumped when the door suddenly opened. She held her hand up to block out the sun while she adjusted her eyes to the light, having been in the dark corridor for what might have been a half hour.

"Luffy must've done something…" she muttered.

She slowly walked out and made her way to the ship. She stopped when she saw blood on the dock.

"W-What is this..."

She immediately started running forward.

It only took Luffy a few minutes to get back to the entrance now that he knew the way. He headed out towards the ship and saw Nami's silhouette on its deck. She seemed to be on her knees for some reason. He started walking on board and a breeze blew by, knocking his hat off. He quickly snatched it out of the air and held it at his side. He then walked onto the deck.

He froze.


…What was he seeing?

…What was this he was looking at?

His nakama were all on the ground, in pieces, covered in blood?

" this..." he said out loud, letting go of his straw hat and allowing it to fall to the ground.

Nami slowly turned around. She was sobbing and trembling. "T-T-They...E-E-Everyone...!"

"Wha..." Luffy began, his eyes wide, his teeth bared, and his hair blowing seemingly by itself,


Nami broke out into intense sobs again, squeezing her eyes shut and covering her mouth with her hands.

Luffy scampered forward, falling onto his knees in his nakama's blood, staring into their faces, into their lifeless eyes.

"ZORO! USOPP! SANJI! ROBIN! CHOPPER! BROOKE! FRANKY!" He looked between each of them, taking in the sight of their gored corpses, the weight of it falling on him like the ocean itself.

"WHO DID THIS!!" he roared, jumping up onto his feet, his pupils pulsating from his rage. He looked at Nami. "NAMI!! WHO DID THIS!?"

"I-I-I don't know!!" she sobbed.

Luffy rapidly turned his head in every direction, searching for anyone to point his anger at. He saw the ships of Gaidou's crew a ways away out at sea.

"I'LL KILL THEM!!" he thundered, stretching his arms miles across the water and grabbing onto the mast of one of their boats. He shot himself off at them and smashed into their ship seconds later.


He hopped onto the deck and looked around. All the pirates on the ship were lying on the deck, torn to pieces, just like his crew. Luffy stared at them while huffing, his senses far from returning to him. He shot his arms out again and flew onto another ship, cracking the mast in two when he hit. As with the last ship, all he found was the gored corpses of the pirates.

He went from ship to ship, searching each for anyone alive, anyone who was potentially the one responsible for this. All he found, however, were the dead. He clenched his fists as he stood, his body shaking and his eyes starting to water. He shook more and more violently, his anger so fierce, ripples formed in the sea around him.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" he finally roared, his voice resounding for miles in every direction.

Nami fell onto her side, Luffy's cry driving the pain even deeper into her.

Luffy shot himself back onto the Thousand Sunny, his body smashing onto the deck and rolling until he hit the mast and lay still. He stared up at the sky, crying, not even sure what to make of everything yet. After a few minutes, Nami crawled up to him and collapsed over him, burying her face in his chest and sobbing into his shirt.

They cried for hours before finally falling asleep where they lay, neither having the will nor the energy to move.