Chapter Four

"W-WHAT!?" Nami shouted, running to the front of the ship with Luffy.


It rang again, echoing across the island.

Nami ran against the railing of the ship and leaned forward. "H-How is this possible!? There's someone alive here!?"

"It sounds like it's coming from that mountain!" shouted Luffy, looking up towards the mountain in the island's center.

"That means there's a person living up there!?" Nami exclaimed, following his gaze.


She continued to stare wide-eyed at the mountain's top for a minute. Then the sound stopped. She quickly turned to Luffy. "Luffy! We're going to climb that mountain!"

Luffy nodded. "Okay!"

She walked towards the dining room cabin. "Let's go right now! We just need to take some food with us!"

They packed a few sandwiches and heated water canisters into a backpack, then left the ship and made their way back through town.

"There should be a trail leading up there." Nami said as they walked, holding a map that she had found in one of the shops out in front of her.

Before long, they had left the town and were heading up a steep path in the snow. They came to a narrow passageway cutting into a tall cliff.

"This must be the trail."

"Then let's go!"

They walked into the passageway and headed up.

For the next hour they trudged through the deep snow of the trail, taking sips of heated water every few minutes. At the end of the hour they reached the top of the cliff and found themselves in open air on a snowy ledge, where a heavy, howling wind greeted them.

"This is really intense…!" Nami exclaimed, shielding her face with her gloved hand as she followed Luffy up the slope. "If we have to fight this wind the whole way we won't reach the top for hours!"

"Eh!? What!?" Luffy shouted back to her. "I can't hear you!!"

Nami shook her head and shivered. The snow from the blizzard was getting blown under her coat and some had gotten into her boots. "This is going to take a while…" she muttered.

Five hours later

"Uwah!" Luffy shouted, looking out over a ledge. "We're already this high up! I can see the Sunny from here!"

"W-w-what d-do you m-mean, 'a-already'…??" Nami stuttered as she came up behind him, cupping her hands and breathing into them in an attempt to warm her numb face. "I-It's g-getting d-dark…! I-it w-would be bad t-to get s-stuck up h-here at n-night…!!"

They had run out of heated water. Nami felt like she would reach hypothermia if she had to stay outside any longer.


They heard the loud sound of the bell again.

"The bell!!" hollered Luffy, looking up. "It's ringing again!!"

"I-it s-sounds c-close…!!" Nami exclaimed excitedly, relief washing over her. "L-let's h-hurry!!"

"Right!" Luffy agreed. He grabbed Nami and hoisted her onto his back, evoking a surprised "Wah!" from her. He then jolted up the slope at full speed, the sound of the bell getting increasingly louder with each passing second. A minute later, they had finally reached its source.

The mountain trail came to an end at a snowy plateau. Ahead of them in the snow stood a tall stone tower; at its top was a clock, from which the sound of the bell was coming. A small stone building with a chimney sat at the tower's base. The wind here was fiercer and colder than ever, so Luffy wasted no time in running for the tower. Upon finding a door, he pulled it open and went inside.

"W-We're here…!" Nami announced in relief as she slid off Luffy's back and onto her feet. "T-This is much better…!"

Although the inside of the tower was freezing cold, it shielded them from the blizzard. Ahead of them was a spiraling flight of stairs, which led up towards the sound of the bell.

"HEEEEEEEY!!" Luffy shouted upwards. "IS SOME ONE UP THERE!?"

When he got no response, he started for the stairs. "Nami!"

"Y-Yeah!" Nami stuttered, following him up. She had had a sinking feeling in her gut since seeing the clock tower. She hoped she was wrong…

They reached the top of the spiral staircase, where they came to a door. They could hear the deafening ring of the bell coming from behind it.

"Okay…!!" Luffy said, grabbing its handle. He took a small breath, then flung the door open. They both stepped in.


The bell gave its final ring just as they entered, causing them each to cover their ears. After a few seconds, they brought their hands down and took in their surroundings. They were in a small room filled with ticking gears. A large bell hung from the ceiling at its center. There was no one in the room.

"…What…?" Luffy asked out loud, confused.

Nami closed her eyes and breathed a heavy sigh as she continued to shiver, realizing that her sinking feeling had been right.

"I-it's a-automated…" she said, feeling frustrated with herself for getting fooled by something so obvious. "The b-bell must ring at noon and s-six o'clock every day..."

Luffy glanced at Nami, then frowned and lowered his gaze to the floor. After a few moments of silence, Nami shivered and turned around. "T-There was a small building next to this tower. It l-looked like a house. L-Lets check it out."

Luffy nodded after a moment. "…Yeah."

They made their way back down the staircase and then back outside. They battled the icy winds again for a few seconds as they trekked along the base of the tower to the house. As soon as they reached its door they rushed inside and shut it behind them.

"Phew…!" Nami sighed as she shivered, patting some snow off her coat.

The room was pitch black except for a few small rays of light coming in through shutters on one of the walls. Luffy stumbled over to them and pulled them open, revealing a glass window. The dim light from outside filled the room and Nami braced herself for the sight of a corpse. To her relief, there wasn't one.

The house consisted of just one room, which contained a small wooden table with two chairs, a one-person bed, a cabinet, a fireplace, and multiple bundles of firewood. In front of the fireplace lay a large animal skin rug, covered in white fur.

"I-It's gotten late…" Nami remarked, shivering. "We're going to have to spend the night here…L-Let's get a fire started…"

Luffy hastily stacked some firewood together in the grate then lit it using a flint lighter he found on the floor. A minute later they had a sizeable fire going. Nami found some containers of ice in the cabinet, which she poured into a kettle and then hung from a hook over the flame.

"W-We can get some hot water this way." She said, kneeling down in front of the fire and warming up her face and hands. Luffy sat down next to her and did the same. She shivered again. "…A-A lot of snow got into our clothes…W-We should take them off so they can dry…"

She removed her coat, then took off her shoes, socks, shirt, and pants, all of which were drenched, and set them in front of the fire. Luffy did the same, removing his sandals, shirt, and shorts. Nami crawled over to the bed and snatched the blanket off it, then wrapped it around her and took a seat next to Luffy on the fur rug. The fur was soft and felt really nice against her skin.

When the ice in the kettle had melted and come to a boil, Nami poured it into their canisters and took out the sandwiches they had packed.

"We should eat half now and save the rest for tomorrow morning." She recommended.

"Hmm." Luffy nodded in agreement.

They ate in silence.

When they had finished, Nami sighed. "I guess we really wasted our time coming up here…"

Luffy turned to her, surprised. "What are you talking about? We had a great adventure!"

Nami smiled a little. "Yeah, I guess that's true…"

Luffy laughed and leaned back on his hands, glad she wasn't unhappy. Nami glanced at him. The way the light from the fire flickered across his face really lit up his smile…

She noticed her heart was beating faster than usual. She grinned.

"…Luffy…" she said, tilting her head slightly as she eyed her captain from beneath her bangs, "Do you want to share the blanket…?"

The smile disappeared from Luffy's face and he stared at Nami blankly, considering her proposition.

"…Okay." He said after a moment.

Nami scooted up next to him and slid the blanket over his shoulder. Her bare skin pressed up against his. The instant their bodies touched, she felt a relaxing wave of warmth run down her spine. "Hmmm…" she breathed, smiling at the sensation.

Luffy glanced at her then shifted his stare to the fire. Neither said anything for a while.

Some time passed and the only sounds that could be heard were the crackling and popping of the fire as it cast dancing shadows across the dark room and the faint howl of the wind outside.

Nami felt a waft of cold air brush her cheek. It reminded her that this small fire was the only thing keeping the piercing cold air surrounding them at bay. Thinking on it, since they were the only humans left on the planet, it might be the only fire going in the whole world at that moment. And without it, she'd likely freeze to death…

And then…without Luffy…

Her eyes widened slightly as the reality of their situation once again hit her. Everything in the world was dead except for her and Luffy. Everyone she ever knew, everything she could remember – it was all gone…Except for Luffy…Luffy was the only reason she was still alive…and he was all that stood between her and the horrific reality of what the world had become. He was…

She suddenly found herself filled with thoughts of him. A flood of memories enveloped her mind, starting from the day he first landed in front of her, to the time he defeated Arlong, to the time they entered the Grand Line together, to all the other adventures they had gone through. All along the way, he had never stopped caring for his crew mates. That's why she could never stop smiling when she was around him. She had never known anyone like him. He didn't just draw people to him…He drew people to him and then he kept them there. Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brooke…They were his friends, his companions…He loved them all…And…

'And I love him...'

"…Luffy…" she said out loud, turning her head a bit to look at him. She felt her pulse quicken when she saw that, for some reason, his eyes were already on her. He was smiling slightly.

She glanced to the side.

Then she glanced down.

Then, she looked back at Luffy and began to shift her weight towards him.

She wasn't sure he wanted this. He might not…After what happened, he might have no interest in this sort of thing…But…

She slowly leaned her head in towards his. Her eyelids closed of their own accord. A second later they fluttered open in surprise as his hand lightly cupped her cheek, but closed again as he met her lips with his.

The kiss was simple and lasted a few seconds. When they pulled away, it took each of them a moment to realize what they had just done. Nami blushed slightly and looked down. Luffy retained his smile.

"You wanted to do that too, right?" he asked.

Nami couldn't help but giggle as a wide grin took over her face. She nodded, then a chill crept up her back and she noticed that the blanket had slid off them. She reached for it at the same time as Luffy did and their hands met. After a mutual pause, she met his gaze. Neither giving it much thought, they kissed again.

And that was it. It was as if there had been a small wall between them and it had just been taken down. All the sadness and the grief, all the mixed feelings of loneliness and sorrow, they were being washed away…Replaced with something else…

They leaned in for another kiss, but as their lips met this time, Luffy curled his arms around her back and neck. Nami returned his embrace and opened her mouth slightly, inviting him in. He needed no further prompting and immediately turned the kiss passionate, sliding his tongue past her lips.

When their tongues met, she retreated at first, instinctively, startled at the sudden intrusion. But as he deepened the kiss, she relaxed, allowing him to caress her inner mouth as they moved their heads against one another. Their movements gradually increased in speed and he slid his arms further around her back, cuddling her up against him and causing their chests to come into contact. Nami let out a soft moan down his throat.

Nearly a minute passed before they let up to breathe. Nami continued to clutch Luffy's back as she panted into his neck while Luffy loosened his grip on her a little and breathed against her hair.

"L-Luf-" Nami began after a few seconds, but was cut off as Luffy once again smothered her mouth with his. He ran a hand up her back, past her shoulders to the crook of her neck, which he lightly massaged as he proceeded to delve into her. A surge of electricity travelled through her nerves, and every muscle in her body began to loosen up. Luffy leaned her back as he deepened the kiss further. She felt herself go weak in his arms. His caresses and engorgement gained more fervor and just when it seemed he was going to lay her on her back, he abruptly broke the kiss, to her surprise.

"Hah…! Hah…!!" they panted together while Luffy raised her back up to a sitting position. He eased his hold on her somewhat. Nami stayed clung to him for a few more seconds, confused at why he had stopped so suddenly.

"S-Sorry..." Luffy breathed out as Nami leaned back to look at him. He had a guilty expression on his face.

She stared at him in wonder for a moment before she flushed a bright red and looked down, smiling. She slid a hand down his chest and rested it over his heart. It was beating really fast.

'He's so sweet…' she thought to herself.

She felt silly for even needing to think that. It was something she knew so well about him it just seemed natural now…But he really was. He never stopped being kind. He was a pirate, he was powerful…he could have easily been a ruthless, feared man if he had wanted to. But that thought probably never even crossed his mind. The most important things to him were always other people…

'Even now, he's only thinking of me…'

Nami placed her hand on his cheek and stroked it.

"Luffy…" she whispered, "…I trust you. I always have. No matter what you do, I'll trust you. So just do what you want...Whatever it is, it's what I want too…"

Luffy eyes widened for a fleeting second before returning to normal. He paused, then slowly brought his arms back up over her back. Nami grinned. After a moment, Luffy grinned too. They tilted their heads slightly, brushing noses.

"Hehehe…" Nami giggled, curling her arms around his neck. She licked his lips.

"Wah!" exclaimed Luffy, falling over in surprise and pulling her on top of him.

Nami lifted herself up onto her elbows so her head was above his and met his lips. After another lengthy kiss, she reached behind her, unstrapped her bra, and tossed it to the side. Their bare chests now touching, they engaged in another battle of tongues, grinning against each other's mouths. Without breaking the kiss, they rolled onto their sides, holding one another in a tight embrace. Nami felt the surrounding cold penetrate her skin for a moment, but the feeling was almost immediately overtaken by the warmth from the fur pelt beneath them and Luffy's skin against hers.

Nami slid her leg over Luffy's, rubbing his feet with her toes. Luffy ran his hand up and down her back.

The kissing continued for another minute, but they were starting to want more of each other. Luffy broke the kiss and rolled on top of Nami, discreetly cupping one of her breasts as he did so. Nami gasped and went stiff for an instant. But after a moment she relaxed and looked up at Luffy, waiting for his next action.

He nudged her head with his then sunk into her neck and kissed it. At the same time, he began to massage her breast, gently squeezing it as he moved it in circles.

"Ah…Luffy…!" Nami gasped, closing her eyes and rubbing her head against his as he kissed and fondled her. "Ah…Ah…"

Not letting up on her chest, Luffy lifted his head a bit and kissed her again. The more he stroked her, the more she wanted to feel him…She wanted to feel all of him…

Luffy's desire didn't differ much from hers and after a few minutes of heating up, neither wanted to wait much more.

"Luffy…!!" Nami gasped, breaking free of their kiss and sitting up with him. Luffy held her shoulders to make it easier for her to stay up. They gazed into each other's eyes for a few moments, then Nami smiled shyly, looking away.

"Do you want to…?" she began, stroking his leg with her fingers as she glanced up at him.

"Yeah…If you do." Luffy said, nodding.

"Then…" Nami whispered, slowly placing her hands over her last piece of clothing and sliding it off her legs. Luffy did the same.

Now naked, they sat on the fur, facing each other. The dimness of the room made parts of their bodies less visible than others, which Nami was thankful for since it lessened the embarrassing nature of the situation. She took a deep breath, then scooted closer to Luffy and looked down, staring at her knees. After a few moments, Luffy brought a hand up to her face and ran his fingers through her hair.

"You're really beautiful." He said in a simple tone, gently brushing a strand of hair away from her eyes.

Nami blushed a little.

"What are you saying all of a sudden…" she mumbled.

"I always thought that." He continued, moving his hand down to her neck. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen."

Nami's eyes widened and she had to look away to keep from blushing even more. "W-What are you talking about…" she said, trying to deflect the statement, "You've seen plenty of women prettier than me…There's Robin, and Vivi, and you even met that famous pirate empress …"

Luffy took his hand off her neck and lowered it to his side.

She immediately regretted bringing that up. She didn't want to sound like she was feeling jealous or anything like that. Especially when Luffy was telling her that she was beautiful…That wasn't what she meant…

She was about to retract her statement when Luffy went on.

"Yeah, they were pretty," he agreed, his plain tone not changing, "and they were all important friends and nakama to me. But they weren't beautiful like you."

Nami's eyes widened.

Luffy continued. "Because, if they really didn't want to sail with me and didn't want to be part of the crew and had a reason I could accept, I'd be really sad, but I'd let them leave. But if you had ever wanted to leave, no matter what your reason was, I wouldn't have let you go. Not unless you promised that you'd come back some day."

Nami stared at Luffy, at a loss for words.

"Because," he finished, "adventures wouldn't be fun if I couldn't see your smile anymore!"

Nami felt her heart skip a beat and a warmth fill her chest. She couldn't help but smile. 'He really thought of me that way…? Even before this all…'

"Luffy…" she whispered, slowly reaching around his neck and hugging him. She nestled her cheek against his. Luffy slid his arms up her spine and hugged her back. She wasn't sure what to say, so she just stayed that way silently for a while.

Eventually she leaned back, pulling Luffy down onto her. They kissed, passionately. Luffy slid his hands down her smooth, slim figure, stroking her with his thumb as he went. Nami ran her hands through his hair. Luffy ended the kiss and started a new trail of kisses, planting multiple ones all over her face before moving down her throat. Finally, Nami pushed up on his shoulders a bit and whispered, "I'm ready…"

"…Are you sure?" he asked.


Luffy frowned somewhat as he held himself up on his arms. He placed his hand on Nami's cheek, rubbing it once more. He then shifted his weight onto his knees and sat up. After a moment spent fighting embarrassment, Nami spread her legs apart. She immediately started to shiver from the cold. Luffy placed a hand between his legs, and moved his hips forward a bit, guiding himself towards her. When he reached her, he looked at her once more.

"Nami...If it hurts, tell me."

Nami nodded, smiling.

After one last pause, Luffy placed his hands on either side of her petals, pulled them apart, and eased himself into her. Nami immediately moaned, squeezing her eyes shut as she bore the pain of her virgin flesh being pierced. She instinctively tried to close her legs, closing in around Luffy's hips with her inner thighs. The chilliness she had felt was replaced with a burning heat, radiating throughout her body from the inside out.

"Ah…Ahh…L-Luffy…!!" she moaned, wrapping her arms around his back as he came down on her. Luffy buried his face in her neck for a moment, supporting his weight with his elbows as he finished penetrating her. When he was all the way in he raised his head a little to look at her.

"Nami…" he said, looking concerned.

After a moment, Nami opened her eyes and managed a weak smile. They kissed. Luffy slid a hand up her cheek and through her hair. He began to move in and out of her at the same time.

"Ah..! Uuh…!!" Nami whimpered, clutching his back with more intensity as they bonded. "Luffy…!!"

Luffy covered her lips with his again and brought a hand up to cup one of her breasts, massaging it.

"Mmmmm!!" she vocalized against his lips, overwhelmed by the combined sensations.

He pressed into her more, drawn in by the warmth of her soothing insides. Each of his gentle thrusts were met with a welcome as her lower muscles tightened around him, spasming to the rhythm of his motions. A mixture of pain and pleasure took Nami over and she quivered against him.

"Mmm…Luf-!! Mmm…!!" She moaned, respirating uncontrollably onto his face through her nose as their mouths parted and reconnected.

Flesh united, their bodies began to move as one, Luffy's muscular form descending on her as she moved with him, submitting to his pace. With each push into her, she squeezed his back and clenched her legs, the muscles in her limbs tensing against his skin. Parting from the kiss, Luffy headed down to her chest, where he started kissing her breasts. Their rocking back and forth heightened in speed and they soon found themselves overflowing with passion.

"Luffy!!" Nami cried, her eyes watering from the vigor. "Oh…Luffy…!! Luffy!!"

The glow from the fire dimly lit their joined figures, casting flashes of orange and red across their skin. Nami's back arched up slightly, allowing more of her to become illuminated as a series of shadows fell over every curve on her body.

Luffy rose back up her pulsating chest to her face and slid his hand up the length of her arm, linking his fingers through hers.

"…Nami…" he breathed, nudging his head against hers.


Nami clasped his hand back and kissed him as she reached her peak.

Hand in hand, mouths joined, they both climaxed, Luffy casting his seed into her.

They lay on their sides, bodies pressed together as they grinned at one another under the blanket, kept warm by the fire and the fur pelt beneath them. Luffy held Nami's back with an arm while Nami stroked his cheek with her hand.

"I love you, Luffy." Nami whispered, brushing a strand of hair from his eye.

Luffy's smile widened.

"I love you too!" he replied in his normal, happy tone.

Nami lowered her hand to the back of his shoulder and leaned forward just enough to touch noses with him.

"…I guess we finally found something to do, huh?" she giggled, rubbing her feet over his.

"Of course!" Luffy said, reaching his other arm around her back and cradling her as they nuzzled foreheads. "I told you, we'll do lots of fun stuff!"

Nami planted a kiss on his lips. "Hehehe…"

Arms linked and faces beaming, they slowly drifted into sleep, relaxing to the sounds of each other's breathing and the crackle of the fire.

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