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Even on the outskirts of town you couldn't hope to avoid perceiving this strident sound. The location being from a seemingly quiet girls quarters at the Hyuuga mansion. But of course it wasn't Hinata who made such a disturbing noise. No, it was none other than her envious best friend Sakura.

"Hinata-chan, you can't really be serious about this!" The pink haired girl continued to stare at her friend who had just fully completely turned into a tomato.

"Hai, Sakura-chan, I…well um-"Hinata buried her face in her chest. Sakura's eyes perked up at this action. "I mean even if you do dress up as a guy, how are we going to hide those giant breasts of yours??" She then crossed her arms in victory.

As if it wasn't bad enough, Sakura had to go and mention that! Hinata had mentioned how ashamed she was of how big they had gotten but Sakura still didn't stop mentioning her bra size. "S-Sakura-chan!" she said still a little embarrassed. "They're not that bi-"

"Ohhh, I if had breasts as big as yours, I'm sure I can get any guy's attenti-"

"Sakura!" Hinata was becoming annoyed and it's not an easy thing to do to such a quiet heiress. It was mainly because of the whole crisis and how even her best friend didn't believe she could pull it off. "There's no other way! So please help me look like a boy…!"

Sakura was appalled by her friend's sudden reaction but quietly nodded in response. "Ok…The first thing we have to take care of is your breasts" Squinting, the girl then studied her friend's boobs. "Hmm, it's going to take more than some straps to hide those mountains. But we could try."

The pink haired girl then tried to squeeze Hinata's breasts back with her straps but to no avail. "Kusa, they're smaller but they still look pretty big…" Sakura shook her head all while thinking to herself that it was pointless.

"Please don't give up Sakura-chan! I-I really want to do this."

Sakura again stared at her friend in amazement. 'She really has matured since the first time I met her.'

"Fine, fine let me see your uniform"


"Ok now put it on, but when you button up your thick suit make sure to stop slightly before your breasts start."

Hinata did what she was told and proceeded to look herself over in the mirror. "Huh? I'm flat! Ne Sakura-chan do I really look like a boy?!" She asked with an innocent smile plastered on her face.

"No you still look like a girl, whose trying to hide her breasts." Sakura grinned and then continued. "What about your hair? Are you going to cut it?"

"Eh?!" Hinata jumped at the fact that she had to cut her life's work. She did work hard in making her hair grow this long. She really would cry if she had to cut it all and start all over. Tears had already started forming.

"Uh?!" Sakura noticed her friend's sudden expression. "Um! You don't really have to cut your hair Hinata-chan! I've seen some boys put their hair up in a pony tail! Maybe if we put your hair up in a bun, it won't look so long."

"Huh? Y-you really think that would work Sakura-chan?" Hinata pleaded, drying her tears.

"Of course, now come here." Sakura started brushing Hinata's long hair. She then proceeded to make her hair go up in bun formation. "You know, you're really strong for doing this Hinata-chan…" Hinata took in a second to analyze what Sakura had said. "There you go, done!"

"Uh?...Do I look like a boy now?"

"Not yet" Sakura stretched her arm and placed her hand on a very confused Hinata's scalp and then rubbed her head and messed up her hair. "There, boys are never very clean. Now you look like a very cute boy.

Hinata turned her head away from her friend and stared at herself for a while before smiling. "Hinata, fight!" Sakura encouraged her. (A/N I don't know why Japanese people say that, it's really weird but whatever.)

"Right, Here I go!"

--Konoha's All boys School--

Entering the Konoha's private school for boys, just pass the gate you could see a slim figure moving at a very rapid pace. One could even say this figure was running so fast you could see dust near said person's feet.

"NANI?! WHY?! Why do I have to be late on my first day!?" Hinata mentally screamed 'kusa, why always me?!' The heiress was about to run into a tall figure and being as clumsy as our cute Hinata-chan is…She did.

"EEP!" Her head landed on the man's chest and decided to rest in that location for a while. "Itaii…" Hinata then widely opened her eyes and retreated when she found out about her position. "I'm so sorry!!" She bowed continuously.

"Tch…Whatever loser." The onyx eyed boy then turned his back to her and continued to slowly walk away."EH?" Hinata's eyes again went wide. She had never been called that before. Most of the guys she met were always super nice. 'And did that guy just give me a death glare!? Nani? What'd I ever do to him?!'

She was interrupted out of her thoughts when realization hit her. 'Kusa! I'm going to be late!!'

--Hinata's Homeroom--

'Yosh! I finally made it' Hinata finally entered through the doors of her class room. As she walked across the aisle she noticed an empty seat next to a snoozing blond. The heiress decided not to wake him and quietly sat down, hoping that the worst was over. A man with grey hair than appeared at the black board.

"Morning class, In case you haven't noticed we have a new student today." The teacher then looked directly at Hinata. Anyone could tell he was smiling under his white mask. "Why don't you stand up and introduce yourself newcomer?"

'Nooooo! Why do they always make me do this!? It's not fair…' Hinata stood up and nervously tried to stand up straight. "O-Ohayo mina, m-my name is Hina- Hin…? Hai! Hyuuga, Hin."

"Huh? You're really a boy? If it wasn't for your chest I'd say you were a girl, Hah!" A boy with fuzzy brown hair yelled. "His face is cute, that's weird." Another boy murmured.

'Eh? No, even with my disguise I still look like a girl. I guess I should take it as a compliment. But If I was a real boy that would be an insult so…' Hinata then lowered her voice and said "Hey! Who you calling a girl?! I'm very manly! What an insult man! Hmph!" On her way back down she noticed the boy she had bumped into earlier was staring right at her. 'Gah! What is he doing here!?'

"Hmph!" Hinata turned her head to where the voice belonged to. Lavender eyes met blue as she stared into 'the most handsome boy in the world! He's so cute! He looks like he's very energetic too! And his eyes are so dreamy!' She blushed a little in front of him.

"That was pretty funny…you even got Sasuke's attention."


The blond boy then rubbed the back of his head. "Heh, Sorry my name's Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet ya." He offered his hand to her. Hinata again tried to hide her blush and nervously shook it. When their hands parted Hinata missed his warmth but Naruto just continued talking: "Since you're the new guy, you'll be the one who'll be rooming with me."

'Wh-what!? I'll be rooming with HIM!? I think I'm going to faint'

"Hey Hin, after class I'll give you a tour of the school ok?!"

"Ok…" Hinata responded. She could tell this was going to be a long day

--4 hours of no interest later--

"Oi Hin, Are you ready for the tour?"

"EH? Um I- I have to pee!!" Hinata then ran faster than a melon and again left dust in her tracks.

"Little guy sure is fast" Naruto concluded coughing at the dust Hinata had left.

--In Boys restroom--

We find our troubled teen washing her face. "This is all too much! Every time I'm near Naruto-kun my face turns red and what's worse: W-we'll be s-sleeping t-together." Hinata shook her head vigorously, trying to get rid of all the naughty thoughts.

Just then Naruto decided he had to take a piss too. "Ohayo! Hin!"

"AH! Naruto-kun you! Uh…uh…" Hinata then buried her face in her jacket again.

"I don't think I can hold it in much longer" Unzip.

"Huh? Naruto-kun what do you me-? Ah!" Hinata then turned her head back and closed her eyes. 'It was so big'

"Eh?" Naruto looked at Hin, curious about his weird actions. "Ha-ha you're really weird Hin, Come and pee with me! We will make a true bond of friendship with our piss!" 'Heh I think Lee's rubbing off on me.'

"Uh n-no thanks!! I-I d-don't need to go!" Hinata started moving her arms up and down trying to get out of this uncomfortable situation.

"Huh? Didn't you say you had to pee a while ago?" Naruto looked at Hin suspiciously. 'What's with this guy?' Naruto squinted at Hin until he thought he had an idea of what the problem was. "Oh I see what's going on!"

'Huh? What! No! He's already figured it out!? It's over!!' Hinata put her head down in shame 'All my hard work.'

"I get it, Hin…After you saw my gigantic dick, you felt ashamed that yours was so small so you didn't dare pee alongside me. Yup…." Naruto nodded agreeing with his conclusion.

Hinata sighed in relief. 'So that's what he thinks, but did he just insult me? Hmm, what would a boy do in this situation?'

"Oi!! What do you mean my dick is small?! I'll have you know the reason I didn't pee with you was so you wouldn't feel bad about how small yours was! Baka, compared to my dick size yours is nothing!..." The satisfied teen then walked out of the restroom with her head held high.

'Hm? I think I went too far? I mean why did I say that? Naruto-kun is really big…well I don't think he'll take it to heart.' Hinata nodded.

Naruto looked down at his put down friend. 'Huh? How can such a pretty boy have a cock bigger than mine? Is mine really that small? Uh…Why do I feel inferior to him all of a sudden…?'

The blond decided to shake off his thoughts and decided to go along with the tour even if the guy he was with had a bigger penis.

"Heh, um let's go!" Naruto yelled and walked into a room with vending machines, a foosball table, a TV and couches. "This is the social ground in our dorm, you can come here when you want to read magazines or watch TV, it's allowed here."

Hinata thought it looked pretty comfortable and started looking around the room in awe.

"HIN!" Naruto yelled.

"HUH!?" Hinata looked at Naruto as if he was going crazy. "What is it?"

"Sorry, I just haven't properly introduced myself, I am Konoha's soccer prodigy, known as the terrifying unbeatable electric golden flying right foot!" Naruto kicked the air for emphasis which made Hinata a little uncomfortable. "Oh crap that reminds me! I have training today! Uh I gotta go Hin! I'll show where our dorm room is later bye!!" And with that Naruto went sprinting off to the soccer field.

"Um bye…" the lavender eyed girl waved until she decided she would roam around the campus and explore. Hinata stumbled along an empty part of the school, she was walking on the sidewalk and to her left were trees. She wondered why no one was around but decided they were all probably in sports team like Naruto-kun. It was an all boys school after all. She smiled to herself, thinking she could have all this time to herself.

On her way down the path she noticed the rude boy with dark midnight hair from earlier. He was sitting on the grass, his back was to the tree and his eyes were closed. 'Is he sleeping?' Hinata asked herself as she walked closer to his location. She sat beside him and leaned closer to check if he was really asleep. Hinata waved her hand in front of his face but to no avail. This boy was out like a light. "Oi! Don't you know you can get a cold sleeping out here?" The girl tried again and shook his shoulder a little to wake him up, she really didn't want him to get sick but he was a very heavy sleeper. 'It's no use…' Hinata sighed. It was just in her nature to worry about him so she decided since the wind was coming from where she was sitting she would block the wind for him. She was wearing a sweater so she wouldn't get a cold.

"You know, you're very lucky I found you. You may be mean but that doesn't mean I'll be rude to you." Hinata looked towards the sun and sighed. "Aren't you in any sports? Why would you let such a beautiful day pass you by?..." Hinata mentally scolded herself for talking to a sleeping boy and stopped talking out loud but she was still curious as to why he was here.

The dark haired boy (Sasuke) then leaned closer to Hinata and landed on her shoulder. "AH!..Classmate-san? You're-um?" Hinata gently pushed his head back and made it lean to the other side. This made the emo kid uncomfortable, so much that he missed the soft pillow he had to lean on before and tried to find that special spot again. Sasuke leaned closer to her again only this time it was the force of his whole body weight and he moved to fast causing him to land on top of the small girl.

"AH!" she yelled. Her scream awoken the once sleeping lad and Hinata was face to face with him. They were so close that if either of them had moved they would've k-kissed!(A/n don't worry I'm a true naruhina fan, this won't be sasuhina, he's just there to help her gosh stop nagging on me)

Sasuke made a disgusted face and got up. "Tch…loser." His face was sort of red though but he still looked really mad. He again shot Hinata a death glare and walked away.

Hinata's face was red but she was also frustrated. He didn't have to give her such dirty looks all the time. He was really mean after she even blocked the wind for him. "Hmph!"

"Hey pretty boy!" Sasuke had his face turned to him with the same disgusted look. It made Hinata want to throw up.

"W-what is it?"

"What were you doing just now anyway?" Sasuke walked up a little closer, curious as to this guy's excuse.

"I-I saw you sleeping there and I'd thought you'd get a cold like that so I tried to block off the wind from you…" Hinata said looking at the ground a little ashamed for helping such an ungrateful person.

"Block the wind from me?" Sasuke lifted an eyebrow, he thought it was the stupidest thing he ever heard. But still… "Why do you care what happens to me?"

"B-Because! You're my classmate! And….even though-even though you're rude to me, you're still a classmate! –Th-that's why….." she started out strong but ended up whispering the last part.

Sasuke stared at him in awe. 'This guy…' He snapped out of his thoughts and turned his back to him. "Whatever, l-loser." He said before walking away but this time he was quicker than before. 'Why did I stutter? Kusa'

'There's something different about him, Hm?'

Hinata watched him leave until she heard a familiar voice calling to her. "Oi Hin! Let's go home Honey!"

"H-Honey??" Hinata turned red and started getting really nervous. 'Wh-what!'

"Heh! Just kidding! Come on!!" Naruto put his arm around his buddy and gave him a nuggy.

"N-Naruto-k-kun st-stop!" Throughout the dorm you could hear Naruto laughing and Hinata stuttering nervously.

--Naruhina Dorm--

"Home sweet home! Here we are, which bed do you want? Top or bottom?" Naruto asked with a smile. He stretched his arms almost as if he was hugging the room. They both stood infront of a bunk bed positioned next to a window and to it's opposite laid a desk complete with a laptop and a kyuubi plushie. In between the bed and the desk was a very soft carpet and a stool with an alarm clock sitting close to their bed.

"Um, top" Hinata said as she climbed up the latter.

"Ohhhh…" Naruto put his head down in defeat 'I really wanted the top bunk…' Naruto then lazily dragged his feet to his second choice. 'How can I go to sleep knowing that I'm not on top' he yawned before he quickly feel asleep. Zzzzzzzz Snore snore

'How can I possibly fall asleep knowing that the boy I like is right below me?' Hinata whined until she too fell asleep.

--Morning Next Day--

Naruto had just woken up."Ah what a great sleep Huh, Hin? Where'd he go?" Naruto looked around the room but he found no sign of his comrade.

Hinata had woken up early to get her straps on, get dressed and had already arrived at the classroom. 'Can I really live like this every day?' she sighed and waited for her fellow classmates to arrive. It was really exhausting.

"Oi, Hin why weren't you sleeping with me, when I woke up?" Naruto yelled a little disapointed as he walked to his seat.

"UH UH….i um" Hinata was blushing but this time it was too noticeable. Naruto had just said something very inappropriate without even noticing it so how could she not!?

"Hin, why are you blushing? you're so weird." Naruto shook his head "Tonight we'll tell scary stories! Ok? Sorry I went to sleep so suddenly, training was just too rough yesterday hehe, but tonight's going to be great!" He smiled to himself.

Hinata giggled at how excited Naruto seemed, Causing almost every boy's attention to be on her. Naruto stared at her wide eyed. "Uh, Nani? Why are you all staring at me like that?"

"It's just Hin, just now you sounded like a cute girl. Heh If you weren't a guy, you'd be the type I'd ask out, I like girls who giggle at me like that." Naruto blushed a little at his statement.

"Yeah you're really too cute Hin" Kiba said "still creepy"

'Naruto-kun would go out with a girl like me?! Yes! But I'm a boy now, so what would a boy do at a time like this?' "Oi! What do you mean I'm a cute girl!? Take that back! I have to say it again!? that I am very manly!! Hinata hit her chest while saying this. 'Itaii, I hurt my breast'

"We're sorry Hin! It's just you really look like a girl!" Naruto said trying to convince her, but laughing in the process.

"Hmph! What do I have to do to prove to you all I'm very manly?!"

"Well, how bout a one on one with me in the soccer field?" Naruto smirked as he leaned closer to Hin's face. He loved a friendly competition.

'With Naruto-kun? Um…'

"FINE! You're on" Hinata said with certainty.

--After class- Soccer field--

"Are you ready for this Hin?" Naruto asked having the soccer ball under his foot.

"Hai!B-Bring it!"

' I have to be confident for my identity, I must be strong.'

The whistle rang and the battle started. Naruto had the ball and shot it at the goal's post.

"GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Yes!" Naruto did a happy dance but then went back to having a serious face.

'Damn I'm not good at this but I have to try harder!!' Hinata got low, like that dance where all the girls get low. Naruto was so amazed by her flexibility he didn't notice she stole the ball from under him and scored. 'yay!'

"Whoa Hin actually got a goal off Naruto!?" The crowd questioned in awe.

"Kage Bunshin!"

For Hinata it seemed that Naruto was in 9 places at the same time. She was already dehydrated and that was just making it worse.

Naruto was really serious about every game and when it comes to a challenge he won't lose but when he scored another goal he accidentally pushed his arm on Hinata's face. It was too much for the poor girl and she fainted.

"AH! Hin are you alright!? Oh no I went too far! Hin!?"

Sasuke had been watching in the crowds the whole time and when he saw Hin fall, for some reason he wanted to thrust his body towards the field and help him.


"Why do you care what happens to me?"

"B-Because! You're my classmate! And….even though-even though you're rude to me, you're still a classmate! –Th-that's why….."


"Kusa!" He didn't want to but his instincts got the better of him and he flung himself onto the field and tried to pick Hin up. But when he tried to grab hold of his chest he felt something soft and squishy. 'Nani, what was that? Is Hin really a guy?' But he ignored it and picked him/her up bridal style since he owed this person.

"Eh? Sasuke-teme? What are you doing with Hin?" Naruto was confused, Sasuke never cared about what happened to a comrade.

"Just shut up loser and help me carry him to the medic office," Sasuke remarked, staring at Naruto with an annoyed expression.

For some odd reason when Sasuke was the one carrying Hin all the way there, He felt his blood boil. 'But why? Hin is a boy so why am I jealous? No I'm probably just mad that Sasuke will get all the credit and gratitude from Hin, Yeah that's it hehe!'

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