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Naruto released Hinata's lips and lightly pecked her cheek instead. 'This must be a dream…but why do I dream about Hin this way?' His blue eyes were half closed as if he was in a trance. His kisses started making a trail towards her neck.

Hinata flinched, when she felt his hot breath blow against her skin. She began to come through, because of the steady air flow returning to her. It was because of the bindings on her chest that she passed out in the first place. She felt relief along her breasts as she slowly opened her eyes. She knew there was something wrong because of the body heat she felt on her, but her eyes widened in shock, when she found out what was amiss. 'N-Naruto-kun!'

Hinata felt Naruto's hot tongue on her neck and barely managed to hold back a moan. She was too scared to make any noise that would alert him. 'No! Please stop, Naruto-kun…' Her legs fidgeted under him, and she reached for his shoulders so as to pull him away, but she couldn't bring herself to reject him. She closed her eyes shut and prayed to Kami he would stop.

'Since this is a dream, I won't hold back,' the excited boy thought as he kissed her collarbone.

Hinata heard him pant heavily, when he reached her breasts. She bit her lip and kept her eyes closed. 'No, I'm not ready-'


The shy girl opened her eyes, when she felt her friend collapse into her arms. "Eh?" Hinata looked up and noticed Kou. He was holding a stick and staring at her with a grin.

"Somebody was pretty excited. It looked to me like he was holding that in for a while," The red eyed boy patted the stick against his palm and chuckled a bit to ease the tension.

"Kou…" She whispered his name as if to register what had just happened.

"Heh, I knew you were a girl!" Kou grinned as he pointed to her exposed chest.

"Kyah!" Hinata yelled as she used Naruto to shield herself from unwanted eyes, but as soon as she noticed she was pulling the blond closer, she blushed and grabbed her clothes. "How embarrassing." Her hands fumbled with the buttons on her shirt as she tried to put them on as quickly as possible.

"Heh…" Kou smiled at her antics, but then his eyes landed on Naruto and his expression changed completely. "So this guy…"

Hinata finished buttoning up, when she noticed the glare, Kou was giving Naruto. "N-No it's not like that! N-Naruto-kun would never- He was probably just um s-sexually frustrated and couldn't stop himself. I know he would if he could but um I mean…" She pressed her hands together on her chest. "I know in my heart that Naruto-kun is a good person, so please don't judge him."

Kou looked at the determination held in her eyes and his expression softened. "I see…" He walked up to the passed out boy and kicked him over so that the blonde's back was on the ground. The dark haired boy got on his knees and had his backside facing Naruto. "Help me pick him up."

Hinata was stunned at first but obliged to his request. She helped him place Naruto on his back and watched as he lifted him up.

"Let's go back to the hotel," Kou stated as he began walking.

"Hai!" Hinata blinked twice, before catching up to him. A few seconds of awkward silence passed as they traveled back. "Um…Th-thank you for um helping me. You're so nice, even after I-"

"Gah! Don't remind me!" Kou still hadn't gotten over being rejected by her. He hardly ever got rejected, so it was hard on him.

"R-Ramen!" Naruto whined in his sleep. Kou looked back and glared at him. 'I lost to this guy?'

-Hotel Room-

Hinata sat at the edge of her bed and stared at the sleeping blond. She had thanked Kou a second time for carrying Naruto all the way back, and they had departed after he helped lay Naruto on his bed. Her eyes stared intently at Naruto. 'What should I do? Naruto saw me as a woman. Will he tell everyone? Can't I trust him to keep it a secret? B-but then again we're roommates! No way, it's too dangerous!' Hinata's head started spinning. All she knew was that as soon as Naruto woke up, she would have to tell him everything.

Said blond began to stir, and Hinata twitched when she heard him rustle in his blanket. Naruto turned on one side, before stretching his arms and yawing himself awake. "Morning Hin!" He greeted her with a huge grin. "Huh? Why am I back at this place?" Naruto looked left and right, when he took notice of the hotel room. His eyes then locked with Hinata's, and he noticed the sad expression on her face. "Hey Hin, what's wrong?"

At hearing him direct the question, the girl's face grew even more depressed. It was killing Naruto to see his friend this way, but what could have made his comrade so upset? He kept a puzzled look on his face, until it hit him. "Oh! Hin I'm so sorry! I passed out during our hike, and not only that but the day before that I ate all the food, and we were stuck doing dishes. This trip hasn't been much fun has it?"

Hinata blinked in disbelief. She searched his eyes for any hint of mischief, but they were completely innocent. "Th-that's not it, N-Naruto-kun." She smiled a little in relief but kept her guard up. 'Did Naruto-kun really forget everything?'

Naruto began to get a little depressed himself. This trip was supposed to be fun, but they hadn't done anything that was worthwhile. He didn't even get to show her his favorite place. 'The place!' He turned his head towards the window and noticed the sun was beginning to set. 'Yosh!' "Hin," He stated loudly in order to get her attention. "The weekend's not over yet. If we pack all our bags now, I can show you something amazing on the way, and after that we'll have just enough time to make it home and crash into bed."

Hinata smiled and nodded "Ok!" But to her, the trip was already amazing because she got to spend time with someone precious to her.

This time on the way to the site, Hinata was wearing a thick jacket, and she wasn't binding her chest as tight as before. The couple was carrying suitcases, because this would be the last stop before returning home.

Naruto hurried up and sat at the little bench made of rocks, put his suit case aside, and stared at the vast night sky. There were so many stars; Hinata could tell why the boy liked this view so much. She took a seat next to him and took off her travel bag. The Hyuuga stared in awe at the sight before her. The sky was so wide, and there were so many stars. She had never seen so many, which isn't surprising because she had never been to the countryside before.

She placed her hand on the bench and leaned forward almost as if to get closer to the sky. 'So beautiful.'

The blond decided to place his hand on the bench too, but accidentally placed it on a small soft hand instead.

Hinata's eyes widened as she turned her head towards him. Naruto stared at her with a loving gaze, until he realized what he was doing. He removed his hand and used it to scratch the back of his head instead. He blushed and turned his head away in shame. His face read "I'm sorry." And Hinata understood that it would have been too embarrassing to say it out loud.

The blue eyed boy coughed and tried to change the subject. "The stars are really amazing." He stretched his arm out as if to grab one. "But it seems as if you can never reach them." His eyes dropped down and concentrated on the ground as if he was recalling something from the past. He sighed, before turning to look at his friend. "You know, this is my favorite place." He smiled and turned to the sky again. "I used to think about a lot of things here. My family, the future, my dad…" There was a hint of admiration in his sapphire eyes as he stared at one specific star. "My dad was really amazing. He was a surgeon and he saved a lot of lives. I always thought that when I grow up, I want to do something as cool as him."

Hinata stared at the stars shining in his eyes and blushed. He looked so determined, and she knew he was aiming for something amazing. She had never seen Naruto like this. 'Sugoi,' she thought, but then she noticed his eyes change.

"But then again, the first step for me is actually getting to college. Since I'm not smart, I have to depend on scholarship from soccer. Scouts are coming soon and if I don't do good-"

"D-don't think that Naruto-kun!" Hinata burst out. Naruto being depressed seemed really out of character, and she didn't like it one bit. "Y-You're incredible in the field. When I watch you, you make it seem so easy! Like anyone can do it, and I'm sure you inspire a lot of people, so please don't doubt yourself Naruto-kun!" She had her fists held up as if she was cheering him on.

Naruto was in awe at her outburst. Sure he had been a little nervous about the scouts coming, but what he hadn't noticed was how much he had been doubting himself. Hin hit the nail on the mark. He continued staring at his petite friend, until a smile managed to form on his face. "You're right, Hin," He chuckled. "I can't give up. I've gotta give it my all that day! Practice! Practice! Practice! Yosh!" His eyes returned to their cheery selves as he yelled to the heavens.

Hinata placed her hand under her chin and giggled at his actions. When Naruto saw this, he decided to mess with his friend and wrapped his arm around Hin's head, pulling her into a head lock. He started messing up her hair and pulled her closer to him. "Hahaha!"

"Kyah! N-Naruto-kun!" Hinata blushed and closed her eyes, until he stopped ruffling her hair. She opened her eyes and noticed Naruto caught in the stars again. Her blush deepened, when she noticed she was still in his arms. 'So warm.' The girl sighed.

'Hin smells so nice,' Naruto thought. He pretended he hadn't noticed that he still had her in his arms. He liked her there, and he wasn't planning on letting her go.

Hinata gently placed her hand in her jacket pocket, making sure Naruto didn't notice. She clutched onto a small necklace that Naruto had given her, when they first met. She had been too embarrassed to wear it before, so she had just settled for keeping it close to her. She squeezed her hand around it and smiled. 'This person is so precious to me. I wonder if I'm at least a little precious to him. I know I shouldn't be so greedy, but I really don't want this feeling to end.'

-Next Day- After Class-

Hinata was on her knees, leaning against her favorite tree. She dangled her blue necklace back and fourth and was in a daze as she stared at the crystal. Her cheeks turned red, when she thought of Naruto and if anyone saw her now, they would see a school girl in love. The girl grew out of her trance, when she heard footsteps approaching and a shadow landed on her figure. She placed her necklace back in her pocket and looked up to see Sasuke, wearing his gym clothes.

"You!" The Uchiha started, which caused Hinata to flinch. "I heard you spent the whole weekend with Naruto. Is that true?"

Hinata hesitated to respond. "U-Uh y-"

"Baka!" Sasuke yelled and watched the girl shut her eyes as if she was getting ready to be punished. "Don't you know how dangerous that was? Do you even think?"

The Hyuuga bowed her head in shame. "I'm sorry." Her face reddened as she played with her fingers. "B-but it's not like anything h-happened. We jus-"

"Whatever!" Sasuke rolled his eyes and began to walk off.

"Huh?" Hinata stood up and followed him. "P-Please don't be mad Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke felt an electric wave shoot up past his ankles and neck. He came to a halt, which caused Hinata to stop as well. "Wh-why would I be mad! It's not like I'm je-"

"I just thought you would be mad because it was pretty idiotic, and you always get mad at me for being a dummy." Her eyebrows came together and a concerned look was shown on her face.

Sasuke covered his red face with his hand, before continuing. "I'm not mad. I really don't care." He watched as her expression brightened, and a smile replaced her frown.

"That's good," She sighed. The girl noticed his attire and asked: "Where are you going?"

"The track to practice," He stated with a bored expression.

"Can I watch you?" Hinata became excited.

"Nope," The boy answered bluntly as he walked off.

"Eh?" Hinata caught up to him and put her hands together. "Please Sasuke-kun."

"No, now stop following me," He retorted as he continued walking. He lowered his head and hid his smirk from her. Sasuke was just messing with her. He loved having her all frustrated. It amused him.

Kiba was on his way to his dorm, when he spotted Hin and Sasuke. "Oi Hin, Sasuke!" He yelled as he made his way to them.

"Kiba-kun," Hinata spoke, when the brown haired boy reached them.

"Where are you two heading?" Kiba stared at the pair mischievously.

"I'm going to watch Sasuke-kun high jump," The girl showed him an excited smile.

"Oh!" Now Kiba was interested.

"Oi! Chotto matte, who said-" Sasuke was interrupted by Kiba.

"I'll join you, who wouldn't want to see the champ high jump again?" Kiba crossed his arms and smirked.

Sasuke glared at them, before he continued walking. He looked up and noticed Naruto standing in front of him. The Uchiha cocked an eyebrow at the blue eyed boy.

"Sasuke," The blond said as he glared at him.

"Naruto-kun! We're gonna watch Sasuke-kun high jump," Hinata intervened and basically cut the tension between the pair.

Naruto's eyes widened and then settled down as a smile spread across his face. Naruto had been holding a grudge against Sasuke for giving up his dream, so he was really surprised when he heard Hin say that. "Is that true, Sasuke? You're high jumping again?"

Sasuke smirked. "Tch, yeah," He said in a boastful way.

"Then I'll come too," Naruto stated.

"No one asked you, baka," Sasuke retorted playfully. He placed his hands in his pockets and walked towards the track. 'Seriously when did this become a field trip?'

"Grr Sasuke," Naruto growled. He noticed Hinata and Kiba begin to walk off after the Uchiha, and sped up to catch them.

When they made it to the track, Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata sat in the bleachers, so they could see Sasuke jump. The Uchiha started stretching and getting pumped up. Hinata watched and smiled. "This is so cool, I've never seen Sasuke-kun high jump before. He looks so focused."

Naruto didn't like the attention Hin was giving Sasuke. "Hey Hin, I can be focused too. L-look," The blond then started squinting.

"Huh?" Hinata tilted her head in an adorable manner.

Kiba rolled his eyes, before returning his attention to Sasuke.

Sasuke was finishing up stretching, when he looked out to his friends. Suddenly, the boy was overcome with a feeling of uneasiness. This was the first time in a long time that he'd high jump in front of anyone. The main thought in his head was 'Don't mess up, don't mess up!' and that made him even more nervous. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and focused on the pole, he had to jump over.

Finally, Sasuke began to sprint off. There was nothing in the world besides him and the pole. Nothing would stop him, but then out of the blue, a creep holding a camera appeared in his path. "Oh Sasuke-chan, I finally found you!"

"WTF!" Sasuke tried to stop himself from running into him, but ended up falling on his ass in front of the man. He blinked a few times in order to get a better look at the male. He was wearing dark dress pants, shiny black shoes, a white buttoned up shirt and a camera that hung around his neck. His eyes were grey and his dark hair was short, because of his age. He looked like he was in his late thirties.

After a few seconds, something in Sasuke clicked. His eyes turned into the size of dinner plates and his arm went up in a defensive fashion. "Y-You!" He pointed at him.

"I'm so glad you stayed in the same school. Otherwise, it would have been so much harder to find you," The grown man closed his eyes and innocently grinned.

Sasuke twitched at the man's creepy expression. 'Must run away, must run away!'

"And I found you just in time too; you see there's this music video-"

"No way in Hell, Hayate. I'm through with that stuff." Sasuke scowled at him, before standing up and wiping his butt clean.

Just then, Naruto Hinata and Kiba ran to their friend's side. Hinata was the first one to speak up. "Are you okay, Sasuke-kun?" Sasuke just closed his eyes and let out a "Hmpf!" in response.

"Who are you?" Naruto put his guard up as he questioned the man.

"No one!" Sasuke yelled, but that didn't stop the man from answering.

"My name is Hayate. I used to be Sasuke's agent back when he was a model." The man squinted and smiled at the teenagers.

"M-Model?" Kiba and Naruto started gagging, because they could barely hold in their laughter.

The Uchiha glared at the two boys. 'I needed the money damn it. The first year of high school, my parents cut me off for eating the last Klondike bar. Kuso I knew this would come back to haunt me!'

"R-Really?" Hinata asked in amazement.

"Hai, Sasuke-chan was even in some commercials and magazines too, but he burned them all." Hayate explained.

'No one must ever know!' Inner Sasuke thought.

"Wow so Sasuke-kun is like an idol, right? Sugoi." Hinata, like any ordinary teenage girl, was star struck.

"Yes, Yes Sasuke-chan is really amazing, isn't he? Which is why I need him to cast in this music video, I'm directing. His profile really suits the character in the MV." Hayate turned towards Sasuke. 'Please say yes- this is my first big break T^T!'

"Not interested. Anyway, why don't the band members just do it?" The dark haired boy crossed his arms and lifted his chin.

"They'll be telling the story of the MV. It's all part of the artistic vision." Hayate spread his arms wide to emphasize.

"You've wasted you're time coming here," Sasuke gave Hayate a bored expression, before shoving his hands in his pockets. (A habit he did, before he would walk away.)

Hinata stared at the older man's distressed face, and felt pity towards him. "Sasuke-kun," The Hyuuga's outburst held Sasuke in place. "You're really not going to help your old agent? I mean he came all this way to find you, and you're just going to let him down. He really needs you, and filming a video sounds like it would be fun." She tried to persuade Sasuke to reconsider, but her words didn't seem to change anything at all.

"If Sasuke-chan won't be in my video then maybe you could," Hayate swiftly placed his hand under Hinata's chin and lifted it. "You're kind of cute and your face looks so feminine. How old are you?"

Sasuke twitched and walked back to Hayate with a scowl on his face. The Uchiha then roughly squeezed the man's hand and removed it from Hinata's chin. "I'll do it."

"Excellent, Sasuke-chan! And why don't your handsome friends come too? The setting is in high school and we could definitely use more people." Hayate stated. 'I'm desperate!'

"Sugoi, I definitely want to be in a video," Hinata grew excited.

"If Hin's going to do it then I will to," Naruto added as he pointed at himself.

"I kind of don't like being referred to as handsome by a man, but what the hell I'll go," Kiba crossed his arms.

Sasuke sent Hinata a death glare. The only reason he agreed to do it was so Hayate wouldn't bug her and here she was making trouble. It really did defeat the purpose. She really was clueless, but as he stared at Hinata's carefree expression, he really couldn't bring himself to be mad at her. 'Oh well,' the Uchiha thought as Hayate gave him information on the time and place.

-Next Day: At the Studio-

Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba and Hinata all entered the studio. Hinata's eyes traveled around the area, admiring everything they landed on. Racks of girly clothing, she couldn't wear, the make-up stands, the cameras and lights, everything was amazing to her. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she almost followed Naruto into the boy's dressing room,

Sasuke grabbed Hinata's wrist, before she entered. "Huh?" The girl flinched at the sudden contact and then turned around to see Sasuke's usual annoyed face.

"Go to the restroom, I'll bring you the clothes you have to change into," The dark haired boy pointed to the restroom with a single motion of his chin.

"Eh? Won't that look strange?" Hinata tilted her head. She really didn't want to look so obvious.

"I don't see you thinking of any plans. Anyway, coming here was your idea, baka!" Sasuke pointed out.

Hinata lowered her head and nodded. "Sorry, I'll go to the restroom then,"

Sasuke went into the locker room and grabbed Hin's outfit. "Hin had to piss, so I'm bringing him his clothes, because speed is important when changing for a shoot." The Uchiha kind of made up the last part.

"I see," Kiba commented. He wasn't surprised, and he proceeded to remove his shirt.

"That's strange," Naruto lifted his eyebrow as he watched Sasuke leave.

When everyone was dressed in their new school uniforms, they met back at the studio. Naruto was tugging on the collar of his shirt in irritation. "So itchy." The uniform they were wearing was a simple white buttoned up collar shirt with a dark blue tie.

Hinata noticed the blonde's tie was crooked and loose, which didn't surprise her since their usual uniform didn't require a tie. She watched as Naruto kept on jerking away at his collar and tugging his tie looser and looser, until it looked a mess.

Naruto was too busy eyeing his collar that he didn't notice the Hyuuga place her hands on his neck. He blushed at the sudden contact, but the girl didn't see it, she was too preoccupied with adjusting his tie. She patted his collar, and looked up at him. "There you go."

"Th-thanks Hin," Naruto lowered his head in order to hide his blush. Hinata just nodded and smiled at him.

Sasuke's eyes traveled back and fourth between the pair, until they settled for scowling at Naruto.

"Sasuke-kunnnnn!" Suddenly, a skinny girl with red hair pulled the Uchiha into an embrace from behind. Sasuke had his guard down and twitched at the contact between them.

"K-Karin," The Uchiha continued glaring at her. Of course she had to be there. Karin was a girl Sasuke met during his modeling career. She had a slim waist and small breasts, the usual model figure.

"Huh?" Hinata was surprised by the sudden outburst of the girl that was touching Sasuke. She didn't believe anyone could touch him without blowing up. It was her theory.

Karin turned to notice Hinata, Naruto and Kiba. "Are these your friends, Sasuke-kun?" The red haired girl released the Uchiha and walked towards Hin. "You're so cute." Karin reached over and pinched Hin's cheeks.

"Oww!" Hinata shut her eyes, until the red head finally let go.

"Hi there!" Karin approached Naruto and pulled him into a hug. The blue eyed boy was a bit surprised, but ended up awkwardly patting her back so as not to be rude.

Hinata bit her lip and felt a bit uneasy watching them. The seconds, Karin was holding Naruto, felt like hours to the impatient Hyuuga. But finally, Karin let go and went on to hug Kiba. After that, the director called her to do a separate scene somewhere else.

"I'll see you later, Sasuke-kun!" Karin waved and Sasuke shivered at the thought of facing her again.

Then the director called Sasuke and his crew over, so he could explain the setting. He told them the part that they had to do was a scene where they were playing tennis like good friends, so they would have to film it outside where a tennis court was already set up for them. As they walked out of the studio, Naruto and Sasuke walked on ahead and Kiba and Hinata were behind them.

"You didn't seem to like Karin much huh?" Kiba asked. He smirked as he watched Hinata's eyes widen.

"Eh?" was all she could manage to retort.

"Don't worry; I don't think she's Naruto's type." The brown haired boy chuckled a bit.

"Eh?" She repeated as her cheeks began to heat up. "K-Kiba-kun, wh-what do you mean I-"

The director spoke and told everyone to get into their positions. He told Sasuke and Kiba to be one team, and Naruto and Hinata to be another team on the opposite side. There would be no audio, so they were encouraged to converse.

Sasuke threw the ball up in the air and hit it towards Naruto, who tossed it back to the other side. Kiba threw it towards Hinata, but she missed it because she was gawking at a certain blond. Sasuke noticed this and glared at her.

The Uchiha once again threw the ball up and tossed it, but this time he directed it towards Hinata and at full speed too. Of course the small girl missed; in fact she dropped the tennis racket and shielded her head. "Kyah!"

The Uchiha did this several times. 'He's trying to kill me!' Hinata thought as she shivered and swung her racket at the incoming missile. She missed again, and the ball landed beside her.

"Oi Sasuke! What are you doing? How is Hin supposed to hit it if you keep on throwing like that?" Naruto yelled.

Sasuke held a new ball in his hand and stared at the blond innocently. "What do you mean? It's not my fault Hin keeps missing,"

"Cut! Perfect!" The director called out, leaving the group of boys with confused expressions on their faces. "Sasuke and Hin look like they are very close friends in the scene. Good job, you two!" Hayate held his hands together and had hearts replacing his eyes.

'How in the world do we look like best friends?' Hinata would have a fear of tennis balls for life. Oh good old trauma.

"Well now that we got this small scene out of the way, I would like to inform you of the plot of this music video." Hayate clapped his hands and stared at Sasuke, before continuing. "Of course Sasuke-chan will be playing the male lead, the boyfriend and Karin will be playing your girlfriend hehe."

Sasuke twitched at hearing the red head's name. 'Fuck my life.'

The director continued with a smile. "You're a tennis player but sometimes your girlfriend gets in the way. Then on the day of your big tournament she gets in an accident. When you find out, you miss the big game just for her, and run to her side!" Hayate wiped a tear from his eye. "Oh such a beautiful love story!"

The boys began to get creeped out by the director. Sasuke rolled his eyes and said "Tch, like I'd ever…" He stopped himself, before finishing his comment. His eyes stared intently at the floor as he recalled some past events.

Hinata thought the story sounded a little familiar and then it clicked when she noticed Sasuke's expression. The girl heard the director call out "Break time!" and watched as Sasuke walked over to a secluded area. She decided to follow him, when she saw the distressed look on his face. She walked up to the boy, who had his hand leaning against a tree. "Ano, Sasuke-kun? Are you ok?"

The Uchiha turned around and noticed the look of pity she was giving him.' "Fine." He said.

"It's just that you looked a little depressed and- Kyahh!" Sasuke put his two hands in a fist and forcefully messed up her hair. "Who said I'm depressed? Huh!" And he really was fine. Sasuke was just a little mad at how much he had acted like his pathetic character.

"Owie Ow! Sasuke-kun that hurts!" Hinata squeaked.

Karin was searching for Sasuke, so she could watch him act, when she heard someone screaming. Her curiosity led her to Hinata, and her eyes perked up at the scene. "Huh? They sure are close," was all she could conclude.

The director called everyone over for the next scene and they obliged. "Okay the next scene will be a nice, easy going lunch time at school. There is no audio so everyone can talk and act natural."

Hinata and Sasuke were told to sit on a bench, while they had their lunch. Sasuke noticed Hinata looking at something, and he scowled when he found out she was staring at Naruto. "Bet you wish you were sitting with Naruto-baka huh?" Sasuke stated bluntly as he ate a rice ball.

Hinata was caught off guard and let out an "EEP! S-Sasuke-kun I-it's not like that," Her face became frustrated as she stared at the calm Uchiha.

"I'm just saying you're with me now, so deal with it," The boy's tone was cold.

"Hin-chan!" The director called out. "Pretend Sasuke-chan said something mean to you!"

"Oh Sasuke-kun, you're so mean," Hinata then lightly punched Sasuke in the arm and giggled.

At first, Sasuke was stunned and just sat there, but then he faced Hinata and showed her a "You did not just do that" face. The girl stopped giggling, when Sasuke leaned on his arm and scooted closer to her, until he nudged her off the bench. Hinata landed on a pile of leaves with an "Oof!"

"You really are a bully!" Hinata yelled. She then crossed her arms and pouted in a cutesy manner as she laid in the pile of leaves.

"Hahahaha!" Sasuke looked down at her and couldn't hold back his laughter. He had never seen something so adorable and funny. This girl really was amusing.

"Aw yes this mood is good! They're acting like good friends now!" commented Hayate.

Karin had been watching the scene progress and was taken aback. "Is that really acting? I've never seen Sasuke smile like that before." The girl stared in awe at the couple.

After the scene was over, the director told everyone to change for the next scene. Sasuke was walking towards the locker room, when he was attacked by Karin yet again. "Sasuke-kunnn!"

"Gah!" His eyebrows twitched as he glared at her.

"Oh Sasuke-kun, I really can't wait for our romantic scene!" the red head cooed.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at her, but then he noticed Naruto and Hinata walking into the locker rooms. As if by instinct, he ran towards them, completely ignoring Karin in the process. He swiftly grabbed Hinata's wrist before she went inside and gave her the usual glare.

"Huh?" Naruto noticed Sasuke and cocked an eyebrow.

"You go on ahead, Naruto. I want to talk to Hin about the homework we have tonight." 'Swift comeback Sasuke,' inner Sasuke complimented himself.

"Uh... ok," Naruto stared at Sasuke suspiciously before departing.

Karin had seen the whole thing and tilted her head in confusion. "Was Sasuke-kun jealous just now, because they were walking together?" Her finger pointed at Sasuke and then at Hin, and she became dizzy. 'No! Sasuke-kun isn't gay! He isn't!'

Hinata had finished getting dressed early and sat at one of the make-up chairs. 'Sasuke-kun really does help me out a lot. I really have to try not to be so clueless and to think carefully on what to do from now on, so I don't bother him so much. All that scowling is already causing wrinkles on his face; I don't want to add to that.' Hinata put her hand under her chin and nodded to herself. The director noticed Hin sitting down, and told her to go fetch the other boys and tell them to hurry up. Hinata didn't want to argue, so she forced herself to the locker rooms. The girl tentatively reached for the door handle, praying the boys were fully clothed. After a few seconds, Hinata finally convinced herself to open the door.

"Has anyone seen my boxers?" Naruto asked as he got up from the floor.

"Why the hell did you take'em off in the first place?" Sasuke complained.

Just then the door swung open, and Hinata came face to face with a fully naked Naruto. Her face immediately turned red and she became still. The only thing that moved was her eyes as they traveled down his chiseled chest, past his abs, and widened when they ran into a familiar friend.

The naked boy turned towards the door and noticed her. "Hin…" The blond blushed. When he noticed Hin's eyes traveling, a sudden heat spread throughout his body, and he became excited.

"Baka! Just what do u think you're doing having your private parts all exposed like that!" Kiba yelled.

Sasuke threw a towel at Hinata's face and dragged her out of the steamy place. "What did I tell you?" He asked as the girl took the towel off of her. This was the second time he had had to do this. The boy was beginning to suspect that maybe she was a closet pervert after all.

"I-I'm sorry," Her face was as red as a tomato, and she couldn't bring herself to look at Sasuke in the face. "B-but the director told me to-"

"That's your excuse?" Sasuke crossed his arms and cocked an eyebrow, before returning to the locker room.

After that, Hinata went back to sitting in one of the make-up chairs. Her face still hadn't cooled down, and she couldn't erase the naked image of Naruto in her head.

Kiba took a seat next to her and smirked at how red her face was. "Still embarrassed about seeing Naruto naked?" He asked, jokingly.

Hinata's faced turned a darker shade of red as she retorted: "Wh-What do you mean? Seeing N-Naruto-kun naked is like seeing myself naked! I've seen n-nothing new!"

"Oh? Then why is your face so red?" The brown haired boy raised his hand and placed it on her forehead. "Are you coming down with something?"

Hinata's eyes widened as she looked into Kiba's concerned face. He was too close to her, so the girl gently grabbed his hand and pushed it away. "I'm fine." The Hyuuga shyly turned her head away from him.

Karin was getting her makeup done, and jealousy could be seen in her eyes as she watched the two. 'Why does that Hin kid always get so much attention, I'm the girl! He doesn't only get attention from the blond kid and this kid, but Sasuke-kun too. There's just something about this guy that pisses me off!'

"Karin!" The director called out. "Your scene is up."

"Hai!" the girl said as she got up.

Karin's scene was behind the gate of the tennis court. She was told to watch Sasuke in amazement. Sasuke was playing tennis with some random guy.

The red head placed her hand on the gate and stared at Sasuke in confusion. Her eyebrows came together in worry. 'Sasuke-kun, you're not really gay are you? If Sasuke-kun's gay then I can't make love to him, no girl can make love to him, and if no girl can make love to him that means no babies! No cute, Chibi Sasuke babies!' Karin started freaking out. To any Sasuke fan girl, Sasuke being gay was the end of the world.

"Cut! Karin, you're supposed to be amazed by Sasuke, not creeped out by him," The director bluntly stated with a smile, which caught Sasuke's attention. The Uchiha stared at Karin questionably and gave her a 'WTF' face.

At the end of the day, everyone was leaving the studio. Hinata walked out first, and Naruto followed after her excitedly. She was just so small and fragile that he couldn't resist putting his arm around her as they walked, and so he did. He pulled her into a headlock and sighed. "What a day eh Hin?"

"Eep!" Hinata's red face was hidden, and she could barely form words, because of how close her crush was.

"Gah!" Kiba was worried Hin was going to pass out, while Sasuke glared at the two.

"Eh? Hin what's wrong?" The blond grew worried.

"Well when a guy has seen another guy naked, he doesn't necessarily want to be hugged by that same guy," The brown haired boy stated.

A certain red headed girl watched them leave, and a bit of interest could be seen in her eyes as she watched Hinata.

-Next Day- Studio-

Everyone was gathered around to hear what the director had to say. "We will have a scene at the beach where Sasuke-chan thinks about his girlfriend and how sad and lonely he would be without her. He thinks about her so much that he can't enjoy himself with his friends." The director blushed as he announced the upcoming event. 'Yosh an excuse to have Sasuke-chan shirtless!'

"At the beach?" Sasuke thought this would be a problem, but when he turned to look at Hinata, she was oblivious. The girl was in her own little world as usual, not that it surprised him. The fact that he was worried and that she was in la la land pissed him off, and so he trotted towards her, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her off into a hallway.

"Ow, what is it?" Hinata asked as she rubbed her delicate wrist. 'Why does he always have to grab me there?'

"You like annoying me don't you? Or did u forget you're a girl!" Sasuke placed his hand against the wall, behind her.

"Huh? What do you mean?" The Hyuuga looked into his eyes, and noticed his frustration.

"A scene at the beach? What are you gonna wear a full cover surf suit? And what's worse is you're playing my best friend, so it'd be weird if you weren't in that scene." Sasuke watched as Hinata's eyes widened, and he realized she had no idea what to do next. "I should've never agreed to do this."

Hinata lowered her head and gave Sasuke an apologetic look. "I'm sorry Sasuke-kun; it's just recently I've been a hindrance to you. I was thinking of ways that I wouldn't be so much of a bother, and so I didn't really hear what the director said…" Her shoulders sank in shame. 'The one thing I didn't want to do,'

Sasuke noticed the sad expression on her face and instantly became soft. Hinata may be an idiot, but she was his idiot. "Dummy, I'll go talk to the director to change the scene,"

"Sasuke-kun, I'm sorry," Hinata apologized again.

Sasuke just rolled his eyes, before walking off. He hated it when she apologized. Hinata may not have known it, but he was going to be there to help her no matter what. The Uchiha just couldn't stand back and not do anything, he knew, he tried.

In the corner of the hallway, Karin's red head poked out. The girl's eyes widened as she stared at Hinata. "H-Hin is a g-girl?"

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