Every couple of years, the kings of the AT world duke it out in order to find which nation has the strongest kings. It is time for the next Royal Tournament and this tourny, with involvement of WIND, will prove to be the greatest one ever.

Royal Heirarchy

Chapter 1

"YAHOO!!!!" Ikki shouted as he sped through the streets of Tokyo along with the rest of Kogarasumaru, mostly meaning Kazu and Agito. As the three sped began to turn a corner, the alley they were about to enter collapsed into a pile of rubble.

"W-What the...Ringo...what are you doing with that asshole?!" Ikki shouted as Ringo stood beside Nike, who completely dwarfed her.

"Kazu. Agito. Come with us." Ringo said gently, trying to stay as calm as possible. There was a silence.

"Are you crazy? What are you doing with that bastard, he killed Spitfire!" Kazu said, trying to reason with the redhead.

"Kazu and Agito, we need you. This is not a Genesis - Sleeping Forest thing, this is an international thing, and we need you two." Ringo said as Nike stood, attempting to keep his cool. Finally, Onigiri and Buccha caught up to the rest of the group. There was a silence.

"What do you want with them?" Ikki asked.

"Agito, it's been 3 years now." Ringo said, looking at the Fang King, who nodded in realization.

"Wimp, let's go." Agito said, talking to Kazu who looked at him oddly.

"Wait, what's going on?" Ikki said, grabbing Kazu's arm and pulling him back. The three kings looked at him before Agito switched back to Akito.

"The Royal Heirarchy Tournament, where the kings of the greatest coutries come duke it out in the F - A rank challenges in order to see which one has the most powerful kings This is going to be the 2nd actual one, but it's supposed to be the 3rd one." Akito explained.

"Wait a second, I'm a king!" Ikki shouted.

"(sigh) Ikki-kun, do you have a regalia. Because if you don't...then it doesn't count." Akito said. His words hit Ikki like a hammer. Ikki then glared at Nike.

"Why are you looking at me? Sora's the one who stole Bagram, not me." Nike said with a dark smile. Ringo let out a small breath as Ikki let go of Kazu's arm.

"Have fun." Ikki spat as he flew out of the alley.

"Kazu, Agito...make us proud." Buccha said as he and Onigiri went after Ikki.

"Come on, everybody else is waiting." Ringo said. Nike left, with Ringo and the Kogarasumaru kings behind her. The four soon entered the Trophaeum, where the other 6 kings were sitting in a circular formation. Nike took his seat while Ringo showed Kazu and Agito to their seats. A large t.v. soon appeared from the right wall, causing the people on that side to have to turn around. The t.v. was high enough so that the people on the opposite end could see clearly.

Nike turned on the t.v., revealing on the screen four groups of people. On the top of one screen said U.S. (America), on the one to it's left, said England (Great Britain) then under that, Chile, and beside Chile was Sydney (Australia).

"Is everybody present?" Sora asked, officially beginning business.

"Space King, here." A girl on the American screen said.

"Light King, here." A boy on the British screen said.

"Uh, what's going on?" Kazu whispered to Agito. Sora gave him an annoyed glance before turning back around. As Kazu looked at the table, a paper with red writing caught his attention.

Right now, Japan is the champion and as such it is Sora's, Japan's leader, job to make sure the other leaders are here. We're going to discuss a few things and that will be it... The note went on but Kazu was distracted when he heard Ikki's name being mentioned.

"That little brat. He was a disgrace to the sky so I clipped his wings." Sora chuckled darkly, earning him a glare from Kazu, Agito, and Ringo.

"Only the sky is allowed to judge those who dwell in it...and the wind...is just a citizen...no rights but to obey the sky. The tournament will be held in Japan. Is that okay with every one else." Another kid said from the American screen. Sora glared at him.

"Sounds good to me. Good day." The Light King said as he prepared to turn off his screen.

"Wait. Be prepared to have an extra king." Agito said. Sora and Nike looked at him, as did everyone else.

"Are you kidding me? We already added two to the original 8 and now you want us to add another?!" The American kid said with the Space King/Queen giving an agreeing look.

"Yeah." Agito said. There was a tense silence.

"We'll call again in three days. Good day." The British captain said as his screen went black. The other three teams turned off their screens as well.

"Now, Agito-kun, how will Ikki-kun make a working Regalia in 3 days?" Sora asked, somewhat hoping for an answer.

"Do you know where Noyamano and Sumeragi are?" Agito asked with a smirk. Their eyes wide open, the twins turned around to see that the two girls' seats were empty.

"..." Sora mumbled. Agito and Kazu got up.

"See ya later...ass." Agito said as he the blond walked off. It took all of his self control to keep Sora from killing the two.

At the Noyamano house, Ikki was laying down on the roof with Buccha and Onigiri beside him.

"Ikki-kun!" The trio heard Kururu shouted. They turned to see her and Ringo coming towards the roof. When they landed, Kururu sat down with Ringo beside her.

"What do you two want?" Ikki asked.

"We're going to build you a regalia, so that you can enter the Royal Heirarchy tournament." Kururu said as she leaped onto a tree and climbed down onto the ground. She took off her backpack and dumped it onto the ground, revealing parts and tools of all kind. Another backpack emptied its contents onto the pile. And finally a large WIND bag fell onto the pile.

"That's not mine." Kururu said.

"No, it's mine." Agito said with Kazu beside him.

"Ringo?" Ikki asked, looking up at the red head, who smiled down on him.

"Come on, we're building the Storm Regalia now." Ringo said as she pushed Ikki off the roof. The crow landed on the ground with a crash as the other three also jumped from the roof. After a couple of hours of building, eating, sleeping, slacking off, etc; the Storm Regalia was finished. Ringo then crashed onto the ground.

"Oh geez, that took forever. Ikki, must you be so picky?" She said. Ikki looked at his new Regalia, mumbling something about how geniuses like himself can only have the best.

"Come on Ikki-kun, try them on. If you want, I'll ride with you." Akito said.

"I'll come too." Ringo said, much to Akito's annoyance.

"Me three." Kururu said, adding to Akito's anger.

"Let's all go!" Kazu said then nearly avoiding a fang.

"AGITO?!?! What are you doing?!" He shouted.

"Just practicing a new move." Agito said sadistically. Soon, all of the riders were flying through the air.

"Now, Ikki, test them out!" Kururu shouted.

"K! Super Genius Kick-Ass Ultimate Regalia GO!!!!!!!!!!!" Ikki shouted as his Regalia activated. Excluding the sonic boom that was made, there was silence.

"What kind of fucked up name is that, fuck. That dumbass." Agito said. The others nodded in agreement.

"YAHOOOOOO!!!!" Ikki shouted as he seemed to fly around in a circle.

"Cyclone Crush!!" Ikki shouted as a tornado was formed over the water. The group looked in awe as the water was absorbed into the tornado and was shot everywhere. One of the water splashes hit the roof near Onigiri, collapsing it and causing him to fall in.

"What!" Ringo shouted. That tornado is going so fast...the water...that tornado is spraying water bullets! Ringo explained to herself as she leaped through the hole in the roof. The other AT-ers followed suit as the water bullets continued to spray.

"TYPHOON TERROR!!!!!" Ikki screamed as he dove into the eye of the tornado and performed a roundhouse kick. From the window, the group could see the huge gust of air demolish a small island.

"That...is incredible." Ringo said as the tornado began to collapse into the water.

"TSUNAMI TITAN!!!" Ikki screamed again as he sent the water into itself, creating a huge splash.

At the Noyamano household, Ikki was still screaming.

"That was amazing! And the Regalia didn't even break!" Ikki said with a smile as he crashed onto the grass. Ringo and Kururu found themselves smiling at the black-haired boy they both loved. Ringo's cell phone then went off.

"Hello?" She asked, not recognizing the number.

"Looks like Ikki is part of the kingdom...unfortunately." Came Sora's voice.

"Sora?" Ringo asked.

"AND?!" Came Rika's voice. The group could also hear a crack.

"I'm, ow, really s-OW!! Sorry for -OW!!! Will you stop, I can't apologize if I'm screaming in pain!!!" Sora shouted. Ikki couldn't help but smile after Ringo put it on speaker.

"I'm really sorry for stealing Bagram...but now you have a better Regalia. See, everything works out for the best...OOOWWWW!!! (Rika) Don't make it seem positive, why I should beat the shit out of you so bad that you'll wish you were meeting the Shinigami!!" Rika's voice blasted from the phone.

The group smiled (insert group hug) as Ikki screamed to the high heavans.

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