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"Master, please...The green thuaz..." Letheo was slumped over, his knees having given out many long moments ago. One hand clutched his stomach as the other reached out to Carrion, trying desperately to grab the bottle in the man's skeletal hands. Carrion's thin, scarred lips were twisted into a terrible smile as he dangled the bottle just out of the boy's reach.

"Please...Please..." Letheo begged, his voice growing weaker with every word.

"You've been helping the girl, haven't you Letheo? Bringing her food, encouraging her?" Carrion barked angrily, his smile turning into a grimace.


"Then why does she still live, Letheo? Why hasn't she died? I haven't fed her. I've given orders that no one is to feed her. And she certainly can't get out. The only person I could ever think of betraying me is you, Letheo, despite all that I've done for you."

"I didn't...I'd never...Please, master...I need...The green...Thuaz...Please!" He fell onto the floor, his features twisted in agony, only moans coming from his mouth. "Tsk"ing, Carrion bent over, holding the boy's chin up and trickling some of the contents of the bottle into his mouth. Almost immediately, the boy stopped moaning, and the look of agony on his face was replaced with a (somewhat) happy face. He sat up, smiling weakly at Carrion.

"I didn't give the Quackenbush girl any food, Master, I promise. I'd never betray you like that. But there was a stitchling-" Letheo said as he stood up, but was cut off by Carrion's lip, clammy against his own. Skeletal fingers threaded through his dark hair, and the color drained from his face. Carrion pulled away seconds later, amused by Letheo's surprised expression. Quickly, the boy composed himself and continued. "There was a stitchling, and I had heard him talking about the Hereafter, and the girl being a witch. He thought that she could make him less...Horrifying, and that he'd do anything for her if she'd do that for him. So, I think-"

"Oh, be quiet, Letheo. Haven't I made it obvious that I don't think it was you?"

"Master...Really?" Letheo smiled hopefully, and didn't even flinch as Carrion pushed him down, continuing to kiss him.

In the dungeons, a stitchling helped Candy to a very poorly constructed glyph, and Candy worried about Letheo, thinking that he would be blamed for her escape, because, after all, he was the one that kept bringing her food.

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