Chronicles of the Heroine

This story begins nearly 800 years after the Pokemon Oppression, during which Pokemon were captured and forced to fight one another for the supposed fame and glory of their masters, called trainers. This was finally ended when Emerald, a Meganium in service to a particularly abusive trainer, broke away from his master and led many others to freedom. Emerald became high king of that country which is now named after him, and his legacy has lived on through the centuries up to our present time, the year 664 in Emerald reckoning where the year one was the time at which Emerald began his revolt.

Shortly after Emerald was founded as a nation, hordes of the living dead began swarming the fledgling country from the sea to the East. These undead, as they came to be called, were merciless killers, come from what was once known as the Johto and Kanto regions, now the Mistlands. Nobody knew what purpose they could possibly have on going through the effort to cross thousands of miles of ocean simply to wreak havoc on a peaceful island. Nobody knew that is... until their leader was discovered.

In Emerald it is called Vile Thing, in Middle Earth: Morgoth, in many places simply The Nameless One. This Demon God has haunted our planet Hyla since the dawn of time and many attempts have been made at ridding the world of its corruption. It was once banished to the void between dimensions, once sealed inside the great Fire Emblem of legend, once caged inside the Holy Blade Lumina, and for a time, possessing the body of a human being known as Misty who tortured Pokemon under the guise of a gym leader in Cerulean City during the Oppression. Now free again, she leads her undead in a never-ending siege of the living.

The legend of her most recent imprisoning, that of the last four pure Hylians who overcame her and sealed her inside Lumina, revealed the demon's reasons for these relentless assaults. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, the last of their line, fought a great battle against Vile Thing and her minions. By the time the battle was won, each had been mortally wounded, but the most powerful of these managed to prophecy the Legend of the Heroine of Time, the final downfall and destruction of Vile Thing through the Heroine of Time wielding her Holy Blade, Lumina, and the Hero of Time with the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Master Sword.

Since then, the world has fallen into a Dark Age and little progress has been made in the fields of science and technology. Yet, amidst this, Pokemon have managed to settle in their home in Emerald, they have become civilized, and even the prejudices between humans and Pokemon have vanished. Vile Thing's undead have made no coordinated attempts at the people of Emerald for nearly 80 years now, and though believing her to be dead would be nonsense, the world looks with hope on the future.


The sun rises in the morning through the window of a girl's room and an alarm clock sounds its annoying buzz. An unsteady hand reaches up from under a pile of blankets gently pressing the snooze button to shut off the racket disturbing its rest, and on completing its task, sinks back under the covers of its bed. A moment later, the door of the room swings open revealing a motherly woman with short, dark brown hair wielding a pot in one hand and a large serving spoon in the other and clanging the two together.

Woman: Come on, Rita. That was the fourth time you've turned off your alarm-that's 40 extra minutes of sleep and you're late for your meeting with Professor Maple! Besides that, Cindy and Terrance are already here waiting for you in the living room and…. Are you even listening… (She clangs her spoon on the pot once more then sighs) Oh well… here goes the daily routine… RITA! THERE'S A SPIDER ON YOUR PILLOW!

There is a sudden flurry of sheets, pillows, and stuffed animals as the girl flings herself out of bed and huddles behind her mother for cover. The woman starts to laugh.

Rita: Ah, Mom, What kind of dirty trick was that?!

Mom: It's called the only way to get you out of bed. Hurry it up, now, Cindy and Terrance are already here waiting for you. You said you'd help clean up the lab with Professor Maple… remember?

Rita gulps then hurries out of the room. A couple minutes later Rita Taylor, a short girl of 15 years with long dark brown hair and bright, cheerful, blue eyes, enters the living room where a young woman and young man are sitting together on the sofa. The woman, Cindy Avelon, a long time friend of Rita and her family, is fairly tall with soft hazel eyes and light brown hair cut down to her shoulders while the other, Terrance Syi, a mysterious but kind man who recently moved into the area, is very tall and muscular with thick blond hair and cold but deep gray eyes. The man stands up when Rita enters and says:

Terrance: We should have been there half an hour ago.

Cindy: Good morning (She glances up at the clock) or what's left of it anyway…

Rita: All right! I'm up now, so let's go…

The three emerge from the house and begin walking west through the small rural town of Prelude at a fast pace with Terrance in the lead.

Prelude, a city chiefly human but having a population of little more than 5000, is the western-most property of Emerald, which lays on the eastern side of the island of the same name. It was founded only shortly after Emerald's time as a refuge from the destruction taking place in the Mistlands. Now, it is a farming community and much of its produce supplies Emerald and its north-eastern neighbor, Nocturne.

They walk through town and soon arrive at a science lab. They enter and walk through a few rooms until they find an older man with gray hair hunched over a counter with a lit burner in the center and various chemicals in jars and bottles spread around. The man is holding a test tube full of a metallic blue liquid as he turns around to meet the group and says:

Maple: Ah! Welcome! Before we get to cleaning, I wanted to show you what I've been working on. (He holds up the test tube) This… This is the next step in scientific advancement… Isn't it great?!

Rita: Um… it's pretty!

Cindy: So, what's it for?

Maple: With some more time and effort, this could become the fabled Fountain of Youth for man and Pokemon alike!

Terrance: Fountain of Youth, huh? That doesn't sound like anything that could be done naturally…

Maple: Of course it isn't! Science is beyond what it was in the past. We cannot advance any further without the aid of magic, so this is the beginning of that research.

Terrance: So you got a magic license? Must have taken a while… the College of Sciences isn't too hot on handing those out…

Maple: Well… (He sets the test tube down on the counter) I put in my application, but they told me it would take some weeks before I could be approved… some trouble with dangerous creatures on the roads between here and Emerald or something of that sort…

Cindy: Sounds risky, Doc…

Rita, completely uninterested in the discussion, reaches over and picks up the tube, gently sloshing the chemicals around inside.

Maple, turning toward Rita, says:

Maple: Dear, I'd rather you didn't handle that…

He reaches up to take it from her as she reaches to replace it on the counter and their hands collide. The bottle slips from Rita's fingers and tumbles onto the burner. The four stand, staring, with mouths wide open as the precious solution leaks onto the flame and a hazy, blue vapor rises...

Before another word can be spoken, the whole room fills with the steam. Rita feels suddenly drowsy and looks toward Cindy for support. Cindy holds her hand to her head, and then drops to the ground unconscious. Terrance and the professor do likewise with Rita following soon after.


When Rita awakens, she looks slowly up around her. The room and everything in it seem larger than normal. She sits up and notices the fat, pink form of the Pokemon, slowpoke, sleeping on the floor nearby. A few feet away from him, are a cindaquil and a totodile, which both stand up looking at each other and Rita strangely.

Cindaquil: Terrance? Rita?

Totodile: Cindy, You're a cindaquil!

Cindy: What!?

She looks up at a mirror on the wall and gasps at her reflection.

Totodile: Rita, you… you're a chikorita, and the professor is a slowpoke!

Rita looks down at herself, smiles, and then looks back up at Terrance in the form of a totodile.

Rita (shyly): Did I do something bad… again…?

The slowpoke stands up on his two back legs feebly but falls over on his chest.

Rita: Doc, You're a slowpoke; you stand on all four!

He looks at Rita, evidently confused. The doctor looks from one to the next of each of his friends now become Pokémon and then at himself in the mirror.

Maple: I must have misjudged… However, this is quite interesting! I might have something after all!

Terrance: Indeed. What exactly went into that potion?

Cindy (Interrupting): Will we be able to change back to ourselves?!

Maple: I don't know! But to think that I invented a way to turn people into Pokemon!

He smiles broadly. Cindy looks at him in disgust.

Cindy: We need to change back! I like myself!

Maple: If you're really that anxious, perhaps you should visit the College of Sciences in Emerald yourselves. Maybe they have some ideas.

Cindy: I suppose it's a start. Come on, Terrance, we gotta get out of this… I feel all short and hairy!

Terrance: Maybe that's because you are.

Maple: Well, if that really is your next course of action, be careful and call me if you figure anything out.

Rita: Let's go to my house first. I want to tell Mom I'm leaving so she doesn't freak out like last time.

Cindy: Ha, you're mom's not gunna believe you now-not until we get back to normal.

Terrance: You could leave her a note.

Cindy: Ya, let's head out before it gets any later.

The three leave the lab and start walking East through town. Rita waves to people she knows as she walks by, but they only glance at her with confused looks on their faces.

Cindy: Would you quit that… it makes us look weird. None of them recognize you.

Rita: Oh…

Terrance: I've heard it's been getting dangerous in areas away from towns, so we had better go to the hideout and get some equipment and weapons just in case.

Rita: Oh, I remember where it is… it's by the river on the opposite shore, next to the big tree, right?

Cindy: Ya, let's go.

The group heads toward the Crystal River by the eastern edge of town and gets in a raft hidden behind some bushes and paddle across to the thick woods on the opposite shore. On reaching the other side, Rita hops ashore and runs up to a large, flat piece of wood lying on the ground. She raises it up revealing a tunnel in the ground. The three enter a room with a small battery powered TV, a radio, a heavy, wood box full of miscellaneous junk, some chairs, and a table. Rita runs up to the box and pulls out a small crossbow.

Rita: Oh, I haven't seen this before…

Cindy: I've been practicing with it. I just though it would be cool to try out. Guess I might actually put it to use.

With some difficulty, Terrance takes a large broadsword off the wall.

Terrance: Hm… This won't do… I can barely lift it anymore.

He puts it down and walks over to Rita and the box and removes a dagger, which he hands to

Rita, and a short sword.

Cindy: Haha, I remember when you'd practice with your swords… now that puny one is almost too big for you.

Terrance mutters something under his breath while Cindy continues packing up supplies, food, and first aid gear.

When the three finish packing, they leave the cave, closing the door behind.

Outside again, Rita unsheathes her dagger and holds it up in the light for a better look. The blade appears dazzling and, surprised, she drops it. As the blade hits the ground, the sky grows dark and four bright shapes, like humans seem to rise from the dagger. A few feet away, the shapes grow and materialize as four women. The first is dressed all in green and has long blond hair. She is the youngest of her group and seems to have so much energy that it is difficult for her to hold still. The next is somewhat taller and has flowing red hair. She appears older, but still has an air of youth about her. Next is somewhat shorter and has light, soft brown hair. She is dressed in clothes colored with many browns, reds, and yellows. She is very calm and collected. And the last woman appears significantly older than the others. She wears all snow white robes and has silver hair. Her eyes are piercing and cold. The last of the group speaks first.

Woman: Do not be startled, travelers. We have been watching you, and you have revealed something very startling to us.

Terrance steps forward, still unsure of the predicament, and speaks:

Terrance: Who are you, and what have you discovered about us?

Third Woman: We are four spirits of the ancient Hylian race. Many centuries ago, it was we who forged the Sister Blade, Lumina, and overcame Vile Thing, the queen of darkness.

Second Woman: As we lay dying, exhausted of all life's energy, after our battle, it was we who were so sure of slaying Vile Thing when she was merely locked inside the tool created to destroy her.

First Woman: In life, we were the last champions of the undead wars 1000 years ago, (she looks to the woman standing nearest her) this is Summer, (She looks to the next) she is

Autumn, (She looks toward the last) and this is Winter.

Winter: One of you is the first human to become truly Pokémon. Lore down through the ages has pointed to one of you as the Heroine of Time who will use the legendary swords Lumina and the Master Sword to finally strike down Vile Thing, and end the corruption of the restless dead which she spreads throughout the world.

Cindy: But, that's not possible, there haven't been undead attacks for well over 80 years. Misty must be dead.

Spring (Suddenly and sharply): Do not speak that name so freely! You do not know what malice that name holds for all the living. It is true that the kingdoms of Hyla have been at peace for many years now, but Vile Thing is merely biding her energies. She knows that the time of the Heroine is near, so she is building up her power and her forces for a full scale war.

Summer: She understands that if the Heroine is allowed to complete her rituals and recover Lumina, that she will be destroyed. She will try to kill you, and she will stop at nothing to come to this end.

Autumn: We cannot allow that to happen. All life is at stake, and one of you will lead it to

victory against death itself!

Rita: So which of us is the Heroine of Time?

Terrance (After some consideration): Well, it's not me or the professor.

Cindy: So who is it then?

Winter: The one who is man become Pokémon first, she is the Heroine of Time. You will know her by what she carries: the means of defeating Vile Thing's fiercest minions, her demons which lie in wait for their mistress in each of Emerald's sacred temples: The Forest, Water, Fire, Shadow, and Light Demons.

Rita and Cindy each reach into their backpacks and pockets, searching for whatever these "means" are that the spirit spoke of. As she reaches into one of her pockets, Rita stops suddenly and then slowly lifts out a small eight-faceted crystal, perfectly clear like glass. All look at Rita in astonishment as she lifts four more crystals out matching the first one.

Spring: You, Rita Taylor, are the Heroine of Time that shall defend the life and light of the world.

The four bow low to Rita who has a puzzled look on her face.

Rita: How? How can I be the Heroine of Time? I'm nobody special… I'm not even an adult yet and you expect me to fight battles and kill demons and… and… stuff?

Autumn (While rising): Yes, there is no doubt that you are the Heroine. Please, we beg you; do your part in the harsh times that are on their way.

Summer: Your friends are with you. They will support you in your trials. (She looks to Cindy and Terrance who nod solemnly.) Others will join you until you are fully ready for your confrontation with Vile Thing.

Spring: We will continue to watch over you and when you are in need, we will guide you in what ways we are able.

Winter: When you are ready, you should enter the forest you see before you. In their depths lies the Temple of Forest. Enter and defeat the demon inside locking it in one of your crystals where it will be powerless to aid Vile Thing further. The Water Demon lies at the bottom of the Crystal Lake, the Fire Demon holds his lair against the raging volcano deep in the Panic Mountains, the Shadow Demon haunts the great mausoleum in the graveyard passed Emerald City, and the Light Demon stands guard at the top of the tower in the Dirt Desert. Once you have imprisoned each of the demons in their crystals, you will have the necessary strength to oppose Vile Thing. We wish you and your friends the best of luck on your journey.

At these last words, all four spirits vanish, leaving Cindy, Terrance, and Rita, the new Heroine of Time, alone in the woods.

Cindy: So, what do we do now?

Terrance: Well, I suppose we should do what they said. I would not think that the dead would expend the energies to contact the living unless in the greatest necessity. I believe they were indeed who they claimed to be, and so we should follow their command. (He looks to Rita) If you really are the Heroine of Time, we must see you through your mission. Come, I have been to the Forest Temple before, but we have to be careful. If we lose you Rita, we lose the world…

Rita: I don't know how to do this! I'm not strong enough; I've never killed anything before, how do they expect me to do this?

Terrance: We're here for you. If this is your lot in the world, you must bear it. It would seem that, for the moment, it is out place to accompany you, so we do.

Rita: So, the Forest Temple, right? What are we supposed to do, how am I even supposed to know a demon when I see it, and since when were there demons in Emerald?

Cindy: Settle down. I know this is sudden, but we're with you the whole way. I'm still shocked at everything that's going on, but like Terrance said, this is what we have to do now, so what are we waiting for?

Rita: All right, I'm ready.

The unusual group of a chikorita, a cindaquil, and a totodile moves on in awkward silence through the woods, trying to get used to not only their new bodies, but the fact that the Heroine of Time had been revealed as a young girl and the idea that the world was in danger if she were not protected during her mission.