Hey everyone I just wanted to thank you so much for reviewing this story I am so glad you liked it. it Means so much to me that you took the time and read this story i enjoyed writing it. I know it's really sad because it's the end of this story this was by far my favorite story to write. at first i wasn't really going to be making a sequel to this story but I decided I will but I am going to write People Can Change first and whatever story i get done with first then I will start the sequel I do have some ideas but like I said it will be a couple months before I start to write it. Anyways thanks so much for the reviews and i hope all of you guys stay with me and read my other story's if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't be here 5 story's later. You guys give me the strength to keep going. so I dedicate this Authors note too all of you. you mean so much to me and I am glad you loved this story. Thanks too the following people for reviewing my story each and every week. your awesome.

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OK onto my new story. the Story is called people Can Change and most of you voted and that's what you wanted me to write so that is what I will be writing today I will be putting the summary up and please read and review I will keep the story T for now but if you want more detail then I will put it to an M rating so please check it out again the story is called People Can Change thanks so much for the reviews and I hope you continue to review my story's.

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