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Chapter 4

As he balances his weight on his arms, his eyes are fierce with need. His skin is warm as he lowers his stomach and chest to mine.

I take my legs, wrapping them around his thighs, encouraging him to enter me. His hips still for a few moments, his breath coming in short gasps.

"You've never needed me like this before..."

I look him in the eyes, wanting to convey every emotion that I have for him. I fear it doesn't work out as planned.

He sighs, slowly moving off me, grazing my entire body with his. Tracing one finger along my collarbone, he opens his mouth to speaks, but closes it.

Instead he takes my nipple in his mouth, caressing it with his tongue, teasing it with his teeth. My back arches into his touch, craving more of him.

He chuckles, taking his mouth away from me. His eyes follow my skin, to my toes and back up to meet my eyes.

I have never known anyone who could make me so hot and wet by just staring at me.

And I make move, pouncing on top of him, pushing him onto the bed. I straddle his hips, my clit placed directly on top of his hard cock. His boxers are the only thing stopping me from impaling myself on him.

His hands seek my hips, gripping me, telling me to move slowly, to create that wonderful friction that will bring me almost to the edge.

The only thing I find myself wanting at the moment is to just devour this man. How can someone so amazing want me in this way?

I stop rocking my hips, needing to show him how much I appreciate him, how much feeling I have for him.

Leaning down, I bring my mouth to his ear, "It's your turn now."

I nip his ear lobe, eliciting a nice low hiss from his lips. Smiling to myself, I continue on to his neck, biting and kissing all the way around to the other side. I feel his hips beneath me, moving slowly, pushing into me.

I let out a soft moan when he collides with my clit, causing my hips to shift a little lower. I can feel every movement that he makes, feel him throbbing. And I have to stop myself from ripping his boxers off.

With my internal debate happening, I attack his lips, kissing him with abandon, my tongue seeking his for a little battle. He moans into my mouth, his hips hitching higher into mine.

I pull myself away from his lips, moving my body lower to pay attention to the rest of his glorious body. I place kisses on his chest, little nips on his nipples, and tiny licks on his stomach.

His hands roam my body, pulling me closer, scratching me lightly. Straddling one of his legs, I lick my lips as I move my hands to the top of his boxers. I slowly lower my head to the outline of his cock, blowing some hot air onto it. My fingers are still playing with his waistband as his breath hitches in his throat.

I look up to him then, just to make sure he's being tortured. His eyes are open, as his mouth. I taunt him a bit longer, breathing more hot air onto him, tracing my fingers around him, but not nearly touching him.

Lifting his hips up, I slowly pull off his boxers with my teeth, making sure to graze him with my lips. His cock jerks toward me, almost begging me to take it in my mouth.

I do. Slowly, I move down his shaft, my tongue moving with my lips. And as I move back up, I bring my hand to his balls, caressing them softly. He moans again, his hips jerking.

Smiling, I look at him, his cock in my hand as my tongue darts out licking his entire length. His eyes bulge as his breathing is shortened by my torture. I see his hands gripping my sheets, his knuckles almost white.

This is when I know I have won. He won't be able to take the torture much longer.

Taking him back into my mouth, I place one hand on him, slowly stroking him. Up and down his length. I trace little circles with my other hand on his inner thigh.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, he has pushed me off of him, throwing me back onto the bed. He kneels in front of me, his cock hard and slick with my saliva. Smiling, he bends down, placing a light lick on my clit. My hips jerk, my body spasms, and I moan.

He chuckles into me, his tongue still playing with my folds as his finger teases my entrance. My back arches into his mouth, and my fingers find themselves pinching my nipples.

I want to look into his eyes, to see what they have written in them, but the pleasure is so immense that I don't want to force them open to engage another sense on my body. I feel the pressure building, my hips rock faster, and my fingers pinching harder.

And just as I'm about to be brought over the edge, all sensation is lost--he has removed his mouth and fingers from me. I come down slowly from the high, my body fighting for release.

He smacks my pussy hard. I cry out in pleasure, almost nearing orgasm. Inside my head, I beg him to slap me again, over and over, knowing it will push me over the edge.

Instead, he lifts my legs up, holding them with one arm, a little off to the side. I can still see his amazing body as he positions himself in front of me.

In one swift movement, he enters me, his throbbing cock buried deep in my wet pussy. I cry out, the force of his entry has brought me near the edge again. Slowly, he moves inside me, little short strokes, hitting the right spots.

My hands reach out for anything I can hold onto. Blindly, one grabs onto his forearm; the other squeezes his ass.

He laughs, thrusting hard into me. I can feel the pressure again, this time much stonger. My one hand digs my nails into his butt as my mouth becomes dry from panting.

Slowly, he goes from short strokes to long faster strokes and I find myself being brought over the egde. My muscles clamp down on him, my walls tight around his cock. My body tenses as the orgasm washes over me, the feeling that always amazes. I close my eyes as I feel him still thrusting inside me, riding out my orgasm.

My release must have done something for him as well. He pulls out, his body is slick with a sheen layer of sweat. His smile is encouraging and I know just what he wants.

As he lays on the bed, my fingers trace his stomach and chest. I straddle him, making sure to position myself for him. I lean down, kissing him softly, moving my hips. I feel his cock poking at my entrance; my body is yearning for another orgasm from him.

He thrusts his hips up, his cock burying itself inside of me again. My kisses stop for a moment as I enjoy the feeling of him filling me up.

And now that I'm in the position of power, I move my hips slowly, kissing him passionately, feeling him move inside of me.

His hips meet mine as his cock hits that spot. His moans into my mouth, biting my lower lip gently. I squeeze my muscles around him, feeling every single inch of him in me. His hips jerk forward again, forcefully.

Painfully, I pull my lips away from his, forcing my body upright. I place my hands on his chest, my fingers playing with his nipples.

And just as I start to move my hips slowly, his hands reach out to steady me for a minute.

"Just...give me a second. I want you to come again, with me, this time."

I nod my head in understanding, using my hands to caress his upper body and face. I sit like this for a few minutes, until I can no longer feel him throbbing inside me.

That's when his hands forcefully grip my hips, moving me slowly at first, then faster. As I keep the pace, my fingers tighten around his nipples and a low hiss comes from his mouth.

He lifts his head up, his mouth taking in one of my bouncing breasts, his tongue teasing my nipple. I moan softly, my hips slowing down just a bit. He moves to the other breast, this time lightly nipping my nipple, sending shivers down my spine.

I feel the pressure building again, the motion on my clit is eliciting new sensations to my already heightened feeling. I take my hands off his chest, placing them on his knees.

He smiles in appreciate of the view, watching his cock going into me. He thrusts his hips to meet mine, faster and faster.

I can no longer take the pressure; I move my hands back to his chest. His hands grab my ass, pulling me forward, letting me know he's close to his edge.

I grip his chest tighter, moving my hips faster, the friction between his pelvic bone and my clit is forcing me over the edge much quicker then I anticipated. I try hard to hold off, wanting him to come with me.

And he does.

He pushes his hips forward, burying his cock as far as it will go in me. My hips move faster, my orgasm coming full strength. My walls clench around him and I grind my hips onto his pelvic bone. My clit responds, sending me over the edge completely. His cock pulses in me as he spills his hot juices into me. He grips my hips tightly, thrusts into me, moaning my name. And as my orgasm comes to an end, I say his name just loud enough for him to hear.

Leaning down, I kiss him softly, tenderly. I giggle against his lips, moving my hips, feeling him inside of me.

He whispers into my ear, "We'll have to do this role-playing more often..."

And just as I'm about to respond, he rolls us over, attacking my neck, making me shriek from being tickled.

When he's finished, he lays on top of me, kissing my lips sweetly. Our eyes lock, his lighting up.

"Do you think we can do the door-to-door salesman next?"