"Hinata sama?"

"Yes Neji onii-san?"

"Why are you here?"

"I thought you might like joining me for tea. Otou-san said you should take a short break from exercising."

"Hiashi sama did?"

Neji was surprised. Hiashi sama usually told him to train harder. In fact Hiashi didn't say anything remotely close to that. It was Hinata's idea. After all how was she going to get Neji to relax in her prescence if he kept training all the time. She really wanted a big brother after all. Although she wondered if Neji had been any less handsome, would she had wanted a big brother as much? Probably not.

Neji came over and sat next to her. Her tray besides holding the traditional herbal tea held a plate of rosy strawberries and a bowl of cream. He looked down at the fruit.


Hinata blushed, "I picked them myself, Kiba kun insisted I eat with you after I ate with them. And Shino kun asked me to describe your reaction afterwards... I didn't really understand why but the fruit is very sweet so I brought some home."

During the race of getting the words out as soon as possible, she lost her breath and Neji watched her face flush and her chest heave as she tried to catch her breath.

-Don't look there. Don't look there. Don'tlookthere!-

"Shino Aburame said that?"

"Hai, Neji onii-san."

Neji scanned the strawberries with Byakugan, noting nothing suspicious. Nevertherless...

"Hinata sama. Please have some first. I'll drink some tea."

She looked disappointed but dutifully poured him tea and reached for a strawberry. Neji watched over the rim of his tea cup for any odd reactions as Hinata swirled the strawberry generously with cream and lifted it slowly to her lips.

-Soft, beautiful lips... Don'tthinkTHAT.-

Pearly teeth were glimpsed as she parted those pink lips and nipped at the fruit. Neji shivered. How can she make something so simple as eating strawberries so sensual and innocent at the same time? Her lids fluttered close as she chewed her small bite throughly, her face alive in absolute delight. The open enjoyment on her face sent his thoughts helterskelter and Neji took a hasty gulp of the too hot tea almost choking.

"Neji onii-san? Are you alright?"

-She has a bit of cream on the corner of her lips...-

Apparently noticing as well, she quickly flicked her small, pink tongue out and wiped it cleanly away. That small sight was the last final straw. The last thought through his head was that he was going to kill both Aburame and Inuzuka if it was the last thing he did..


Kiba kun was laughing so hard he was holding his sides in pain and Shino kun seemed to be smiling although Hinata wasn't too sure. Kiba Inuzuka brushed at the tears in his eyes finally calming down a bit, "Nosebleed... A ha ha..."

"But I still don't understand Kiba kun. I was really worried and all he did was run away telling me to eat the strawberries by myself..."

Kiba went into another fit of giggles and when a troubled Hinata looked at Shino Aburame for help, he just shook his head indicating that it was just another guy thing.