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The digimon and children had taken a break from the meeting in order to get some food and relax, there was a lot of information to take in all at once for them and Jijimon believed that food would help. Food helps everything.

Yumi stared at the tray of food before her and sighed, using her spoon to push it around the plate, not touching it at all.

"What's wrong with you?" Jeri asked watching her.

Yumi glared at him, "Nothing."

Jeri shrugged and heaped a spoonful of potato into his mouth, "Just trying to be friendly."

"Whatever." Yumi sighed again and resumed rearranging her food.

Roka watched Yumi and Jeri quietly before placing his hand on Yumi's shoulder and causiously whispering "Its nice food you know..."

She flinced as he touched her and then relaxed slightly, looking up at the small child from her plate and smiling slightly, "I'm sure it is." She said softly, "but I'm not hungry."

Jeri raised an eyebrow to see her let her guard down slightly for this child but said nothing and continued to eat.

"You need to eat Yumi," Nyaromon said nervously, concerned for her partner.

Yumi scowled again, "I'll be fine, leave me alone and worry about your own food."

Nyaromon finched at her partner's tone and began hurriedly to eat her meal unhappily.

They all sat together in silence and ate away steadily with the exception of Yumi.

Roka decided to try his luck again a while later, "Why won't you eat Yumi?" he asked worriedly.

"I told you, I'm not hungry." She said in annoyance. She wasn't used to people bothering her about her eating habits, she wasn't used to people caring what she did or why, period.

Her stomache chose this moment to let out a small but audiable grumble, disagreeing with her excuse. She frowned as all eyes flew to her, knowing what an idiot she looked. She blushed slightly but did her best to play it down, hoping no one would be rude enough to comment.

"Not hungry?" Jeri challenged smirking.

'Smug ass hole...' she thought bitterly. "That's what I said isn't it?"

"Your stomache seems to disagree." He folded his arms about his chest and looked straight into her eyes.

She had had enough, "Look, what do you care anyway? Who made it your buisness goggle head?" She folded her arms and mirrored his stare, frustrated and determined to get these strangers off her back.

"Yumi..." Nyaromon whispered nervously, her voice pleading with her to drop it and just eat.

"Button it fur ball" she hissed angrily.

Jeri looked at Yumi shocked, treating her concerned digimon so badly. And besides that, what did she mean when she said who made it his buisness? She looked genuinely suprised at their concern. "How can you not expect us to care Yumi? We're a team now and you're part of that team. Of course we care."

She waved her hand in the air dismissively, "You think I'm not up to this 'cause I'm not hungry enough to eat something I don't wanna eat?! I'm as up for the job as you are goggle head so don't you dare make out I won't perform when it comes to saving the world."

"I didn't say that, though that is a concern. We're worried about you, you need to eat and yet there you are blatently refusing to eat with no reason. Its stupid. Then you snap at your digimon partner for caring enough to want you to get the food you need, not to mention the way you're treating us. What's your problem?!"

She blushed more, wishing the ground would swallow her up now. "I don't have a problem, its you whose making a big deal. As for how I treat this digimon its none of your buisness, if she doesn't like me she can just go, and that applies to the rest of you. Now just leave me alone and eat your precious food."

"You're being so ridiculous!" Jeri cried in exasperation, "just eat the damn potatoes!!"

"Don't tell me what to do. I'm going for a walk, don't follow me." She stood up and walked away, then turned around and said over her shoulder, "I'll be back for the meeting."

Nyaromon got up to, ready to follow Yumi, but Jeri stopped her. "Just let her alone for a bit, she obviously has stuff to work out." Nyaromon nodded miserably and watched her partner as she left.

"You should have just left her to it." Renji said after a pause.

"That's what you think huh? Just let her starve?" He glared, this wasn't his day.

Renji shrugged, "She obviously doesn't feel comfortable around food, and you didn't exactly help."

"And you could have done better?"

"Yeah, but that wouldn't be hard." Renji looked up at him and shook his head, "You really don't understand girls do you?"

Jeri reddened, "Of course I understand girls - normal girls. But she just ain't normal. She's got some serious problems."

"She's human." Renji snapped.

"Well thanks for that diagnosis Dr Dunbar but I rekon I'd already figured that bit out." He ran his hands through his hair, "And for the record, all the girls I've dated, they were human too."

"Glad to hear it," Benji laughed, trying to lighten the mood slightly.

Renji sighed and got up, "I'm gonna find her and try to undo some of the damage you caused."

"She said for no one to follow her." Jeri said.

Renji rolled his eyes, "She was talking to you."

Jeri scowled, "Of course she was..." he mumbled as Renji left.

There was an akward pause. "So... where are you two from?" Benji finally asked Roka and Jeri, wanting to change the subject.

Yumi stood alone in the clearing, amazed by the scenery of trees and natural beauty that she found herself in. The darkness had transformed the happy forest into something all the more majestic and beautiful, something deeper than its superficial lure of the day. She relished it all, taking every detail in and storing them in her minds eye for the time they would return home to the barren streets and concrete structures.

Something about this natural raw beauty struck a chord in her soul, and even after the scene she had unwittingly created at tea it calmed her. All was tranquil and she smiled, really truely smiling.

Then her stomache rumbled again and the spell was broken, the enchantment of the digital world's nature was shattered with the reminder of her weakness.

She still couldn't believe the deal that Jeri boy had made of her not eating back at the table, it was totally out of order. Stupid ignorant goggle head, how dare he stick his nose into her buisness like that, humiliating her infront of everyone before they had even been in this place a day.

"Still hungry?" a voice asked from behind her. She jumped and spun around angrily.

"I told you-" she begun then realised it was Renji, not Jeri, "Oh, what are you doing here?"

He shrugged, "Jeri made an ass hole of himself, but he was just concerned. I wanted to see if you were okay and to tell you to put today behind you, perhaps start again and give him the benefit of the doubt."

Yumi narrowed her eyes, "Benefit of the doubt? He humiliated me."

"And you humiliated him, although he didn't need much help, he strikes me as the type who can humiliate himself pretty well." Renji chuckled slightly.

Yumi allowed herself a grin and nodded.

"So..." Renji probed after a minute of silence, "are you okay?"

Yumi turned away "What's it to you?" Then she suddenly spun to face him and scowled, "And don't pretend to care about me."

"I don't care about you, you're nothing to me. I don't even know you." he shrugged, "But we're going to be working together alot, saving the world and all that jazz. Face it, we will get to know each other, like it or not. Heaven knows we might even get on and like each other after a while, but regardless we will be a team and as a team we need to be able to cover each other's backs. We'll also need to be open with each other, so 'fess up, whats wrong?"

Yumi listened and nodded, "I get that, but theres nothing wrong with me. I'm just not hungry today."

Renji scowled, "have it your way then" he said turning around and walking away leaving her alone in the middle of the forest. Suddenly its beauty had lost all appeal as she watched Renji turn his back on her, and she wished that she was capable of openning up to him. But she couldn't.

The digidestined sat around the meeting table waiting for Jijimon to arrive back. No one spoke.

Yumi glanced occasionally at Renji, but he didn't look at her. Jeri did, he fidgetted and glanced her way plenty of times and it was beginning to really annoy her. Nyaromon was edgy too, everyone was except Roka, Tsukaimon and Renji. He didn't even seem to care, which hurt her more than she cared to admit. He could have tried harder to get her to open up to him...

Jijimon entered and sat himself down at the head of the large table. He didn't seem to notice the tense atmosphere, instead getting straight to buisness.

"So I explained about the prophesy and your digivices and digivolving, but now its truely time to explain why you are here, now." Jijimon said sombrely, "Our world has been possessed by an evil force known only as Him. He has no mercy, no compassion and he has no soul, his main downfall. Because He has no soul he feeds off the soul of other digimon in our world, innocent digimon whose one negative thought can be their downfall."

"One negative thought?" Renji questioned.

"Yes, He can only harness control of a digimon at a time when they feel some type of negative emotion, bitterness, jealously, hate, revenge these are things that His soul less conciousness can tap into and use for His own plan. Just one hateful thought in a moment of weakness can lead to Him possessing you, using you and feedig off your very soul."

"I don't get it..." Roka whispered timidly, his face pale and his eyes fearful.

"Imagine your soul as being like a place He needs to get to, a city on an island that he cannot reach from the shore. Now that island, the digimon's soul, is safe until the moment when a bridge is made, the bridge of a bad thought. Even if this bridge is only there for a second He can still cross it straight onto the island where He can run around and destroy everything, claiming the island as His own. That's one of the reasons the crests are so importance, those ten cardinal virtues can overcome his negative power, and the crests of yin and yang can put our world into balance once more."

"Okay, I think I got it now." Roka said.

Yumi scowled, "it sounds aweful, but we can put a stop to it right? Thats our job as digi... digidestined?"

"Yes, thats right." Jijimon smiled slightly.

"Can He possess humans?" Jeri asked suddenly.

Jijimon hesitated, "We have never had humans in our world before, we don't know for certain. But answer me this, do humans have negative thoughts?"

There was a pause.

"Has any of you ever felt afraid, angry, hurt, lonely, vengeful, violent, hateful or proud?" Jijimon asked

There was another pause before Yumi answered "Yes."

"Yeah," said Benji.

"Yes." Renji sighed.

"Uh huh" mumbled Roka sadly.

"I guess..." Jeri admitted.

"Then I believe it is wisest to assume He can control you as well, until proven otherwise." Jijimon said.

Roka, Renji and Benji who had seen the look of possessed digimon all paled and there was a heavy silence as this news was taken in.

Jeri broke the tension, "Well, looks like we'll just have to make sure we think of nothing but happy thoughts," he laughed weakly but stopped when he saw that no one else joined in.

Yumi glared at him.

Roka looked down tenderly at Tsukaimon and forced a smile, "Looks like you and me are in the same boat Tsukai."

Tsukaimon nodded and fluttered protectively onto Roka's head, wrapping his wings around his shoulders in a secure embrace.

Gomamon leapt reassuringly into Benji's lap and said "Don't worry, I'll protect you!" Benji smiled and wrapped his arms around the cheerful digimon, biting his lip.

DemiDevimon perched on Renji's shoulder and said nothing, but it was enough for Renji just to feel his prescence and know he was there for him.

Jeri stroked Tsunomon thoughtfully, glad to have him there.

Yumi just ignored Nyaromon as she tried to comfort her partner, wrapped up in her own thoughts.

"The digivices feed on our faith right?" Roka queried after another silence, everyone turned to him.

"Yes, they do." Jijimon nodded.

"Well lets start our faith here then eh? If a book from a mountain of sulphur says we'll beat this Him guy, then surely we've got a fighting chance? And besides theres no use worrying about what might happen and spoiling what could happen, because we could beat this evil and save the world - both of them. But not if we don't try. So I reckon we could use some faith now and just trust ourselves as well as our digimon... and" he looked from Yumi to Jeri and back again, "each other."

Renji raised an eyebrow in suprise at the kid and smiled slightly. He hadn't expected a pep talk from anyone really after that bombshell of soul sucking evil forces, but for that talk to come from the young kid who looks like he couldn't stand up to a mouse was pretty unexpected and he was impressed.

Tsukaimon grinned at his partner proudly and Roka beamed at the room of people who seemed to have listened to what he had to say, could he really have put that spark of fresh hope into their eyes?

Hope, Faith, both things that you do not expect from the youngest weakest member of the group, but Roka was full of suprises.

"Faith... Yeah brilliant Roka!" Benji grinned happily, "Your right, we just need a little faith."

Renji nodded smiling slightly and Jeri nodded enthusiastically, grinning from ear to ear. Yumi nodded, biting her lip but determined to save this world if she possibly could.

"What do we need to do Jijimon-sama?" Renji asked, "How do we save this world?"

"Well at the moment you are on File Island, but in order to get to Him and defeat Him you will need to travel through the digital world to Sauru Havesutto, His lair. This sounds simple but the digital world is a big place and you will need to make your way through it on foot, and over water possibly facing many dangers along the way and growing in strength together. On the route to Sauru Havesutto is a digimon called Pixiemon's hideout, in which you will need to train with him for as long as he sees fit and it will be him who will bring out your skills to equip you in your quest to save the world."

"Do you guys know the way?" Jeri asked the digimon

"... Nah, we're just babies," Tsunomon admitted.

The five children sweatdropped.

"Not to worry," Jijimon dismissed, "Your digivices will lead you on your way."

"Cool!" said Roka happily, examining his digivice for the millionth time that day.

"Erm how long will this take by the way?" Jeri asked Jijimon worriedly.

"That depends on you." He answered

"Well can you give us a guess?" Jeri probed

"Months, maybe a year... I am unsure"

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared. A year?!

"We can't be away from home that long, do you know what a panic our parents would be in after a day, letalone a year!" Jeri exclaimed.

"Oh I must have forgot to explain about time..." Jijimon blushed. "Our temporal fibres in the digital world are completely out of sync with those of your world, so you have no need to worry."

"Huh?" Jeri asked baffled.

Jijimon sighed and thought of a way to rephrase that. "Time ... works differently in our world. A thousand years in our world could be next to no time in yours. We had worked out by studying a comparison of the temporal fibres... I mean the passing of time... that one year in our world is roughly 3.875976555555 reoccurring seconds in your world, next to no time really in the grand scheme of things!"

"Wow! amazing!" Jeri exclaimed happily.

Yumi coughed, "But what about our ageing? Wouldn't it be odd if we all go back home and after 3.875 whatever seconds we have all randomly aged a year or more? Roka especially will change alot in the next year, have a growth spurt and stuff which would look very strange in our world."

Everyone was quiet as they thought about the impact that would have, this was a problem indeed.

Jijimon was dismissive, "Your bodies are from that temporal continuum, you will not age here as you are not from here. You will go back to your world unchanged as that is your time frame."

YUmi nodded, satisfied, "okay."

"So it'll be like in Narnia then?" Roka asked eagerly.

"No." Renji said, "Because in Narnia they all age and then just go back to being kids whn they get back to their own world. With us we just won't age at al from what I can tell."

"Oh okay." Roka grinned, "What a cool adventure!"

Jeri snorted.

"What's up with you?" Renji asked

"You read Narnia? That's a fairy story!" He laughed.

Renji shrugged, "I used to like the talking animals, what's the problem?"

"Ha ha whatever!" Jeri just laughed more.

"Oh shut it goggle head, we've got a world to save!" Yumi snapped haughtily.

Jeri was shocked and fell silent and Renji just raised an eyebrow, she stuck up for me? What's going on here?!

Yumi then blushed and bit her lip, "So we go to Pixiemon's Hideout first then?"

Jijimon nodded, "You are best heading off as soon as possible."

They all nodded, "We can leave tonight." Yumi said.

"Sorted," Jeri smiled weakly, "We leave tonight."