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A Unexpected Return

Chapter 1: Leaving Narnia Forever

"I am giving back the Narnians their freedom and if you can not deal with this then Aslan will return you to the land of our four fathers." King Caspian ended his small speech about no longer separating the Narnians of old from the Telmarines.

"We haven't been Telmar in a very long time." A man yelled out from the crowd.

Aslan shook his mane. "Not Telmar, your ancestors were pirates that came from a small island in the land of where the Kings and Queens of old are from. You ancestors came to Narnia from a cave they found in Telmar and I will return you to that island if you wish. It is a good place to start a new life."

He turns to look at all the humans expectantly and he could see a few looks of disgust and some of compassion. Aslan turned to the only tree behind him and to everyone's surprise it started to unwind from it's twisted shape. Even the Pevensie children couldn't hold back their grasp at the magnitude of the magic being used.

"This portal leads to where you all first originated from. Now who wishes to go first?" Aslan asked the Telmarines.

"I'll go." Miraz's General calls out of the crowd and starts walking to the front.

"We will too." Queen Prunaprismia was the next to speak up. After the death of her husband she, her child and her father had no reason to remain in Narnia.

The late Queen walks forward with to follow the General up with their heads held high. The Queen chose not to look back at the Telmarine people, she didn't want to see their faces as she walked through the portal.

Aslan smiled at them kindly. "Since you were the first to say something your future will be promising in your new life." He breaths on them before he pads back to give them room to walk through the portal. They walk through and they disappear before their eyes.

A collective gasp goes through the Telmarines as their Queen was no longer there. A loud murmur began of a spell and monster rang through the large crowd.

"How do we know you're not taking us to our deaths?" One man called out.

Reepicheep steps forward at the first sound of doubt, "Your highness, I can escort eleven mice with me if my example will be of any service."

Aslan smiles at Reepicheep gently and turns to look at Peter and he glances at Susan and she nods her head in understanding.

Peter steps forward after swallowing the enormous lump forming in his throat. "We'll go." Peter takes a quick glance at his other siblings and they all look heartbroken at the thought of leaving Narnia again, but he remembered what Aslan said only a few hours ago. They needed to leave and Susan and himself would never be allowed to return to Narnia, they were too old.

"We will?" Edmund asks.

"Yes, it's about time we go home. It's not like we're needed here any longer." Peter walks up to Caspian and hands him his legendary sword.

"I will hold it until you return."

"That's just the thing, we won't be returning." Susan says sadly.

"We won't?" Edmund asks.

Peter looks at his two younger siblings soothingly. "You two will, or at least that's what I think he means." Peter looks at Aslan.

Lucy turns to Aslan. "Why? Did they do something wrong?"

"Just the opposite. Your brother and sister have learned all they can from Narnia and need to return to their home. They are getting too old for Narnia."

Lucy didn't like that idea. It would be odd returning to Narnia without Peter and Susan there as well. They had started this journey together, but they would be ended it separately.

Peter looked at his siblings in support of leaving and they forced smiles for him and went to say goodbye to their new friends. Peter steps forward to talk to Glenstorm and Lucy walks up to Trumpkin with a watery smile and stands in front of him expectantly.

They don't say anything as Lucy stands before Trumpkin and after a few seconds she throws herself into his open arms. She buries her head in the crook of his neck and he holds her tightly. She pulls away from Trumpkin and she returns to her brothers.

Susan takes small steps to where the newly crowned King Caspian is standing off to the side of Aslan. "I'm glad I came back."

Caspian's looked remorseful. "I wish we had more time together."

Susan steps back a little. "It would never have worked between us anyways." She tries to make light of the situation.

"Why not?" He asks brokenly.

"I am thirteen hundred years older then you." Susan jokes half heartedly. She turns to walk away, to walk away from him forever. There would be no way to come see him again and find out if they could have made it, if they could have been together. She walks towards her siblings, but something at the back of her mind stops her. On an impulse she turns around and pulls Caspian to her and kisses him goodbye.

She pulls away before she does something she'd regret and he wraps his arms around her tightly and presses a light kiss against her shoulder blade, not ready to let her go. Susan smiles at him warmly as she pulls away from his embrace as gently as possible.

"I guess I'll understand when I'm older." Lucy says slyly to Peter and he smiles.

Edmund turns to them. "I'm older and I don't want to understand." They all start to laugh.

"Ready?" Susan asks them hesitantly and she turns to stand between Lucy and Peter. He smiles at her softly.

"Whenever you are." Peter glances behind her at Caspian, with a nod he turns to leave Narnia forever. "Come on Luce."

Edmund is the first to walk into the portal without a second glance, but he is smiling wisely. He had learned that nothing in Nania was as it seemed. He kept wondering that if he was given the choice would he choose London or Narnia.

Peter soon followed with the knowledge that this would be his last time seeing Narnia, but he couldn't bare to stay there any longer. He had learned to think of Narnia as his home and now he was being forced to forget it.

Susan stood strong in her promise to leave Narnia even though she really didn't want to leave. She had been so hesitant to let Narnia back into her heart and now she had and her greatest fear had come to life. She had known that in the end she would be sent home and she'd have to let go of Narnia once again. Now she knew without a doubt she wouldn't be returning. Susan couldn't bare to look back at Caspian, it would make her departure that much more difficult.

Lucy gives Aslan one last watery smile, but pushes herself to walk through the portal behind her family. Aslan had already promised that they would be returning, so she had nothing to worry about.

When Lucy opened her eyes they were right where they started before they returned to Narnia. It was like they had never left. They looked down and everything was as it should be, they were still dressed in their school uniforms and they were still waiting for the train.

"Phillis, aren't you coming?" Susan looked confused and glanced at her brothers and sister. They were all awakened from their thoughts and jumped to attention, grabbing their bags as quick as they could.

"We're home." Susan said.

"I'm not so sure."