Summary: Ginji never got enough of Ban's body.

Pairing/s: GinjixBan

Warnings: YAOI. That enough?


Ginji never got enough of Ban's body. He could look at it forever, in any way, and never feel satisfied. When Ban was fighting Ginji had to stop himself from looking over since he most of the time had an enemy of his own to fight. He had seen one of two times the brunette fighting and the sight had made the blonde gape. He moved so gracefully, never out of place. He twisted and jumped away like he knew everything before it happened. His skin seemed to glow. Ginji always wanted to hold him close after that.

Of course, he did so when they were alone and Ban was not in the mood to get their money as soon as possible. It did not matter if Ban was drenched in blood; the blonde just wanted to feel Ban's body. Ginji himself always said they fitted together pretty good while Ban complained it was uncomfortable.

But the best time he got to marvel his lover's body was when Ban was asleep in a bed. Ginji always let the Jagan-user fall asleep first to then watch him sleep. It was such a beautiful sight. Many people had many opinions about the man, but no one had opinions as Ginji. No one had seen what Ginji had seen, no one had felt the soft skin on the insides of Ban's thighs and no one had tasted the salty sweat from the brunette's neck during their climaxes. No one had heard Ban moan like the blonde had heard, and no one had been allowed to watch him as Ginji could do. Only Ginji was allowed to know all of his secrets.

Something Ginji loved the most was just the form. Ban was in a way inhuman strong but appeared more vulnerable than a child in bed. His cursed arm usually lay curled underneath a pillow and his other lay upon the sheets. The covers usually slid down to his waist or sometime even to his knees, and Ginji knew he rarely had underwear when they could relax in bed. His body would often lie on the side, the normally tensed muscles relaxed and it made Ban appear boneless at some times.

Like tonight. Ginji was seated by the bed, carefully letting a hand slide down Ban's shoulder to his waist and settling on a bony hip. The brunette slept on; their earlier activities had made him quite sleepy. Ginji leaned closer and inhaled his lover's salty scent and then carefully slid onto the bed. Ban groaned and opened his eyes briefly. The blonde said nothing, just guiding Ban's body to fit perfectly with his. When they first had become lovers, the former emperor had wondered how he would react of having another man's body lying nestled with his own, but found out he had not troubles with it. In fact, he craved it these days.

"What are you doing up?" Ban mumbled. "Go to sleep."

"In a minute", Ginji promised, drawing the covers over them.

The brunette mumbled something more, but soon fell asleep. Ginji chuckled at him and kissed his forehead as he continued to watch, and feel, Ban's body.


Alright, one of the silliest Getbackers one-shots I've done, but what the hell…

Hope you enjoyed it; it took me like five minutes to write so it's totally random.

Until another time,