Summary: Ban is pretty sensitive when it comes to touch.

Pairing/s: GinjixBan

Warnings: YAOI. That enough?


Did you know that Midou Ban was a pretty sensitive person when it came to touch? His partner, and lover, Amano Ginji, knows that pretty well. He knew just how little it took to make the brunette feel pleasure. A good back-rub could melt the normally strong Jagan-user, so back-rubs were forbidden when other people were present. Hugs were fine, just as long as they were not too long because that would mean Ban would relax and he refused to do so in public. There were a lot of things his lover refused to do in public Ginji had come to realize.

But when they were alone… Ban would let Ginji do anything. Back-rubs, hugs, kisses… you name it. Ban had learned that when they got a room for the night, or like these days, an apartment to go to, Ginji wanted to have at least one hour of touching and kissing. Sometimes, more often than not, it led to sex but that was something the brunette had gotten used to. And he had also gotten used to having Ginji finding all of his sensitive spots and using them to reduce him to a panting, shivering excuse for a human. It would have been humiliating if it had been someone else than Ginji. His Ginji.

Ban moaned, getting himself back to reality. Ginji grinned and made another slow thrust, making Ban roll his eyes back. His legs were keeping the blonde stuck so he could only make slow but deep thrusts into his lover. Ban gripped the blonde's shoulders and they kissed. Before long, Ginji's hands began to wander again and his mouth soon followed to those places he could reach. The brunette mewled softly as Ginji found his most sensitive spot, the soft skin underneath his ear. Ginji gently bit and lapped at the spot, making the brunette loose all sense. The strong hands soon fell away from the blonde's shoulders and the Jagan-user was left panting. Ginji felt the legs slacken and knew he should make Ban come and then let him regain some strength.

Some time after that, Ban lay resting on the bed. Ginji came and the bed dipped as he lay down. Ban felt his breath ghosting over his ear before that persistent mouth found that spot again. The brunette moaned as he was assaulted once more and he felt Ginji laid his body over Ban's.

"Ginji…" he panted.

"It's okay", Ginji said, giving the spot one last kiss. "Go to sleep."

Ban glanced up to him, and the blonde squeezed his naked form to reassure him that it really was okay.

"You're going easy tonight", the brunette said. "Why?"

"Because you are tired", the blonde said, nuzzling his neck. "A tired Ban-chan is easy to cuddle with, not having sex with."

"Oh great, I'm your toy to play with", Ban muttered.

"No, you're my lover", Ginji said, "who doesn't like being taken advantage of. Besides, I want you to feel every thing I make to you. When you're tired you're detaching yourself so quickly."

"And? I still feel."

"But you aren't working with me", Ginji said, letting a hand travel down between Ban's legs. The hand settled on stroking the insides of the thighs and Ban spread his legs. "Rest a bit."

"When you're doing that, it's not that easy", Ban said and moaned a little when Ginji let the hand travel up and brush against his entrance. "God, don't fucking tease me like this. Just do it."

"Do what?" Ginji asked, a bit teasingly.

"Fuck me", Ban panted. "Come on, I can take it."

Ginji pressed in slowly, making Ban arch his back and lift his bottom. The finger slid in smoothly and Ginji pressed another kiss to the sensitive spot, reducing Ban to a willing partner. Even if he was fucking tired.


Well, I'm starting to have all this weird little one-shots in my head. My head is so full I have to write them down. Enjoy them, even if they're totally random.

Until another time,