Chapter four: Mother Dearest.

It was about noon and the sun was high and hot. Blondie was down to her bottom layer and panting. I could see the beats of sweat rolling down her wife beater which sat nicely on her chest; also she put on a pair of hot pants which confirmed it was really quite hot.

We were about twenty minutes from Basin City when Blondie ask why we were heading to the big town. I informed her that it would be harder for the cops to find us if we move around, besides I needed to pick up good old Gladys which meant a visit to Mom. I pray that that worm of a district attorney didn't go anywhere near her or I'll have to go plug him good. Oh, and not so he's die but just make life miserable.

When Mom entered my head I started to get a lead foot. I had to see her; I had to make sure she was okay.

Just then I noticed Blondie was calling my name. "Marv? Marv, are you alright, calm down." her hand reached to touch my arm to try to get my attention. That's when I saw the scars; old cuts all up her arms covering both sides. What happened to her? And why would it happen?

I didn't dare say anything about the subject; she might be really sensitive about it.

She asked what was wrong and I simply told her that I zoned out followed by my apologies.

We entered Basin City and headed straight for the projects. I grow up there with just Mom. My son of a bitch Father left her when I was rather young and ever since then I've been taking care of her.

We started to pull into the bad neighborhoods where you saw the usual muggings, rapes, and murders. Blondie had her face against the window and looking as if she's never seen anything like that before. "Does anyone come to help them? Does anyone care? Where are the Coppers?" She asked me a whole pile of questions at once. I told her that the cops were rare around here, they gave up on trying to clean this place up long ago and that most people get themselves into those bad situations with bad decisions.

We pulled into the alleyway behind Mom's; I mean, I couldn't just leave this nice car in the middle of the street in this neighborhood. Blondie slid out of the passenger's side and asked where we were headed. I told her then she scrambled around in the backseat through her clothes and put her layers back on, you know, you make a good impression on my mother not knowing she was blind.

I led the way up the narrow stairway to the apartment 33A; I didn't bother knocking so I just opened the door and called for Mom.

A small questioning voice came from the kitchen, "Marvin? Marvin dear, is that you?"

"Yes, Mom, It's me."

She stumbled into the hallway without her blind stick and began to quickly wobble towards me. I walked up to meet her, she was old and weak. She hugged me with her brittle arms and began to weep; "I thought you were in Prison?"

"I was…"

"Did you break out?!"

I chuckled, "No Mom, I got out with help from a friend."

"That must have been a really good lawyer." She joked.

Blondie entered through the doorway nervously.

"Oh, is this the friend?" my mom slipped away from the hug and walked up to Blondie.

Blondie noticed she was blind by looking into her cold and unfocused eyes.

I smiled slightly and the situation. "Yup, that's Judith King; a sister of an old friend."

Ma hugged Judith and thanked her. "Wait a second," she thought about the last name; "Isn't that the name of the girl you said you had to help? The girl that was murdered."

That name again, oh please stop saying that name.

Judith interrupted the silence, "She was my sister."

Mom apologized, "Oh dear, I'm sorry for your lose." She took Judith's hand between hers.

"Its fine," she searched for a name to call her.

"Just call me Mom." She winked at Judith with a smile. "Tea anyone? Come sit down, sit down."

I took her arm and helped her into the kitchen, Blondie following.

Geez, this place brings back a lot of memories. My eyes drifted to the sink where I washed the blood off my hands from my first kill; I was fifteen. He hurt my Mama so it was reasonable.

I let my mom wonder around the kitchen like she wasn't blind at all as she made tea.

Blondie and I sat across from each other at the small three person table by the window overseeing the road below. Another memory hit me, this time it was good. My first birthday present; I received it while eating my breakfast- I was twelve. We never had a lot of money so holidays were a little dry.

Blondie did that thing like her sister, the way to looked down at her fidgety hand. I couldn't tell if she was upset or just did it because of the shyness.

Mom walked over with two cups of tea and a hot coco. She set the coco in front of me then handed Blondie the tea and also one for herself. Hah, I gotta say Mom knew what I liked.

The evening was short since Mom went to bed early but while it lasted it was filled with embarrassing stories of my childhood. Usually I minded these stories but it didn't bother me this time for some reason. I couldn't take my eyes off of Blondie's smile and her giggle was warming on this cool evening.

"What time is it dear?" Mom asked while putting her hand over Blondie's. She was growing really fond of her.

"Quarter after eleven." Judith spoke softly.

"Oh dear, It's way past my bed time."

Blondie stood and helped my Mother to bed; of course Mom declined but Judith insisted.

While they were in the other room I went into my old room, which caused me to tear up. I sat on my bed and it let out a disturbing creek but I didn't take too much attention to that. I slid my hands under the bed and got my old keep sake box which held my old friend Gladys. I took her out and kissed her barrel.

"She's a nice woman you know, your mother."

I jumped and looked up to see Judith leaning in my door way with her arms crossed.

"Geez, you shouldn't sneak up on a man with a gun." I joked.

She smiled as she walked towards me followed by her sitting on the ground in front of me and admiring my gun; "Nice, is that a M1911?"

That was a surprise- The dame knows her guns. Wait, how old is she? She defiantly gave up her childhood long before she had to.

"You bet it is." I grinned down at her while I took out the clip and passed her Gladys.

Blondie happily took it and admired from a closer view. "You think I was gonna hurt myself? I know where the safety is."

A watched her for a while then thought aloud, "Hey, you wanna go out somewhere? The night's young."

Blondie smirked, "I'd love to"