Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep takes place in a slighted altered reality around the end of SGA season 4. As in the series, Teyla has been captured, and needs help. In our story, Richard Woolsey has been appointed leader of Atlantis. Colonel Carter remains in the city, recovering from her stint as the subject of an unprecedented Wraith experiment and deciding what to do next.

This story is a sequel to a novel length fanfic, Leaving Atlantis, posted on the SG1 page. That story contains my take on the history and mythology of the Wraith and happenings leading up to Promises to Keep.

I'd love to have you read that one as well. However, I'm hoping this story will be able to stand on its own. I'll be sure to provide background as necessary.

Chapter 1: Teyla's Capture

Teyla Emmagan had been captured by hostile aliens on more than one occasion during the course of her career. In itself, that was familiar territory. She knew how to take care of herself. She was good at lulling the enemy into a false sense of security with her pleasant nature, even better at beating them senseless when they let their guard down.

This time was different. This time it wasn't only her problem. It didn't affect only her colleagues on Atlantis, those more than capable of taking care of themselves. This time she had her unborn child to worry about.

She wasn't planning on being captured. It was a fact finding mission, at least that's what she'd told herself. Finding facts as to where her people had been taken. With Mr. Woolsey's permission, backed by Colonel Carter's vehement insistence that she not go alone, Teyla had been accompanied by John Sheppard, Ronon and Major Lorne. Things should have been relatively safe, little danger she'd insisted, doing her best to convince everyone prior to her departure.

She hadn't counted on Michael. In fact, before she'd been beamed away from her team, she had no idea Michael was behind the disappearance of her people. But here they were, together again, Teyla, a leader of her people, and Michael, who fashioned himself the leader of a brave new world. In the best of times, they'd only begun to know each other. That brief d├ętente was blown away when Michael realized he had been duped, not once, but twice. And Teyla, well she had witnessed just how brutal Michael could be; whatever else had happened to him while in the custody of Atlantis personnel, he was still Wraith.

And so she was under no delusions as to the danger of her situation. She was in Michael's hands and he would stop at nothing to advance his agenda. It was so ironic. Back in Atlantis, many of the best and brightest were working tirelessly to develop a cure for the Wraith, nurturing a truce of sorts with a particular Hive. And here, here she was still at war. She wondered if any of it would matter one way or the other to Michael. He was so angry, so bent on vengeance.

Teyla was unaware Michael's current foul mood was fueled not only by his experience on Atlantis but by his determination to short circuit the research currently taking place in the city of the Ancients. All she knew was her need to safeguard her unborn child. And that meant escape.

Her current surroundings were less than hospitable. Shortly after being rudely ripped away from her team by the culling beam, Teyla found herself in a dark, dank cell, barely larger than the rickety cot on which she lay. As if that wasn't bad enough, she'd been injured, likely suffered a concussion, if her current headache were any indication. Then there were the cramps.

She'd never been pregnant before. Over the past few months, she'd come to love the life growing within her, yearning for an opportunity to share her excitement with the child's father. Now, all of that was in jeopardy. She knew enough to realize the cramps were most likely preterm contractions. And although she was due within the next four weeks or so, any delivery of an infant here, in this hellhole, was something to be avoided.

But she had little choice. And Michael was coming.


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