Mansion Adventures & Mishaps

By LinkwithRedSox

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Chapter 5: Ganon's Cook Show and the Surprise Party

Like always, it was a normal day in the smash mansion. (This starts with the Ice Climbers, cause they're awesome! XP)

The Ice Climbers were currently in the kitchen of Smash Mansion. The kitchen was a small room, with white walls, and cooking appliances.

Nana asked, "Uhh...who was the cook again..."

"I think it's Peach..."Popo replied.

"No wonder the food is always horrible. We need a new cook." Nana said.

"Let's tell Master Hand!" Popo replied enthusiastically.

--At lunch--

The Smashers were gathered in the lunch room, having their...well, lunch. Master Hand came in, "Attention Smashers. We have recieved a request for a new cook. Anyone who wants to take the job may announce they are taking it tommorrow morning. Thank-you. Now let me get back to Crazy before he blows the mansion up."

--Next morning

Mario was talking with Luigi, Link, and Samus. "I wonder who the new cook will be..."

Master Hand came in, ready to announce their new cook!

"Our new cook..." ROB turned on a drum roll sound, "is...Ganondorf!!"

Ganondorf walked to where Master Hand was...uh...floating. He was met by stares of disbelief.

"I'm quite proud to take this position. My life's goal, other than being evil, was to open the finest restaurant ever! Thank-you!"

--Intermission- Ganon's cook show

Ganondorf appears on a TV screen. "Well, hello, and welcome to Ganon's Cook Show! Today, I will be showing a fine Hylian delicacy! Roasted Cucco and Chu Jelly!

Alright, here's what you'll need. A cucco that's had it's feathers removed, butter, some spices, and some Chu Jelly, collected from Chus, which my good friend Link has brought for us today."

Link walks into the room.

"Alright, first, you want to roast the cucco."

Link put the cucco, butter, and spices in a pot of boiling water.He then took the same thing, except done, out of a fridgerator. He proceeded to put it on a serving plate.

"Now,"Ganon said, "You'll want to pour the jelly all over the cucco. It adds a fine taste! It's served best with some good ol' Lon-Lon Milk to drink! Everyone loves this stuff!"

He took some, Link took some, and Toon Link took some. They all showed signs of liking it.

"Well, that's it for today on Ganon's Cook Show!" Ganondorf told the camera.

--Intermission over. I'm writing this next part three days later, lol. Anyways, I'm no cooking expert, just pretty much made it look like that cook channel...

--The Surprise Party!--

Like always, it was a regular day at Smash Mansion. Fights, friendships, and comedy unfold. Well, something special was today, other than that it was normal. We start in the living room of the Smash Mansion. Bowser was attempting to entertain Ness and Falcon by being a comedian. (worst cough jokes ever cough) Lucas was, literally, playing with fire. PK Fire. And he hit Wolf...well, you know what they say...

"Kid, when you play with fire, you will be burned!" Wolf screamed, and randomly pulled out a flamethrower from who knows where, terryfying our poor Lucas...typical Wolf.

Fox and Falco were engaged in a game of chess. Luigi was napping on the couch. Ganon and the Links, now best friends, because they were bored of fighting each other, were playing "Ganondorf" yet always, TL and YL were both Link, Link was Ganon, and Ganon was Zelda. The Ice Climbers were talking with the Hylian Mailman in the corner. He always turns up in weird spots...

Zelda told Marth something. Marth proceeded to walk to Link. "Hey, Link, wanna go to the Hylian Milkbar?" he asked.

"Uh, sure," Link replied to his friend. They left to go to said location.

"Okay, everybody, listen up!!" Zelda shouted. Everyone's eyes fell on her. "I have an announcement. We're gonna have a surprise party for Link on his birthday tomorrow!"

Everyone just blinked. "Uh, Zelda, I'm sorry, but I think that wouldn't be much of a surprise, I mean, on his birthday and his heightened hearing, smelling, and stuff..." Fox told Zelda.

"Actually it will" Zelda replied. The other smashers collectively shouted, "What?!"

"He uh...I uh...I'm the only one who knows when his birthday is..." Zelda said, red in the face.

"He...doesn't even know his OWN birthday?! This is the saddest thing I've ever heard!!" Fox yelled out.

"Yeah, well, see, he never knew his parents (Fox began crying)...and uh...not his uh...birthday..."

"Wait a do you know when it is, then!!" Wolf cried out.

"Cause uh, I know things like that."

Ganon piped up, "Well I shall make a delicious lunch and cake!"

--With Marth & Link--

The two swordsmen walked up to the bar, where a picture of YL, whom they sponsored, was hung on the wall. (explains all his milk...)

"Hello, welcome to the Hylian milk bar. May I take your order?" The waiter said.

"Uhhhh, 5 gallons of milk and two roasted cuccos!" Marth blurted, recieving a stare from Link.

"Ganon special roasted cucco, or regular?"

"Special, please." Marth replied, as they were seated.

"Marth, what do you think you're doing? 5 GALLONS of milk and two roasted cuccos?? We'll be drunk!" Link pointed out.

"Yeah right, it's just milk..."

"YL can find a way, trust me..." Link replied.


"Okay, good job on the decorations everyone!" Zelda was mainly in charge of decorations to make it feel more, uh, Hylian...

The dining room had been finished, aswell as Ganon's dark chocolate cake. No one could make a darker cake than the King of Evil, after all.

The doorbell rung.

"They're back! Everything's done! No eating in here tonight! We've already ate, and I'm pretty sure Marth and Link are full."

Fox went to open the door, and when he did so, Link walked in looking very, VERY full.

"He...made me eat...a whole roasted cucco..."

YL and TL came to meet their friends, when Marth called out, "YL, got 3 gallons of Lon-Lon milk for you!" YL quickly took the gallons with a sparkle in his eye, and raced upstairs to their room. "Toony, we are having a party tonight!"


Marth and Link walked up to their room. When they stepped in...

"Ugh, I told you he can find a way to get drunk on milk...looks like Toony did too!" Link said with a facepalm.

"Hey Liiiiik...hey Maattttt..." Toon Link was having trouble.

"'s gonna be a long night..." Marth sighed. He probably wouldn't get to read his novel for fun after he and Link studied the Twenty-First Century for Dummies, and that was pushing it...

--Next morning

Link woke up. He looked over at one of his favourite inventions, the clock. 8:01...

He looked around. No one was their. He decided to walk down to the dining room...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINK!!" was yelled at him, as he opened the doors.

You can only imagine how much fun he has finding out his own b-day...and playing with twenty-first century presents...


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