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Summary: Intent on capturing all of the Rangers, an old evil has returned and Jason and Kim must face their own nightmares as they race to protect the planet one last time…

Chapter One: Last One

Written By: Chrisangelo and Jade-Max

"We have to warn them!"

"We can't risk it, if we expose them..."

"They already know who they are."

"But not where they are..."

"It's only a matter of time. Isn't it better to give them a fighting chance?" Silence greeted his query and he doggedly continued. "Anything is better than what we encountered, ANYTHING. They're after us again too, and if nothing else, we can find-"

"No!!" She snapped harshly as she brought her uncomfortable posed arms up to her face as she blocked it from his gaze.

"He's the longest standing Ranger-"

"I said no! He couldn't stand up to them before, he couldn't.." Tears began to fill her already swollen eyes as the realization of the situation began to settle in.

"It won't happen again. It's not the same..."

She lifted her head as she moved her arms back into the same uncomfortable position she was previously in as she looked at him. "Isn't it?"

"Look, what happened in the past is done and over with, can you honestly live with yourself knowing you could have saved them and didn't? Don't you think that's a little selfish?"

"Selfish? You're calling ME selfish? I went through seeing it happen once and it nearly killed me - I can't do it again!"

"You're assuming that things will be the same-"

"Wouldn't it? He's not even the same man as he was when I watched him-" Choking on the words, she fought the sick feeling they brought. She couldn't do it again! Turning to face him, she glared. "If you can't understand why I won't go through with it, then you're wasting your time here.

"It's not-"

She was on her feet and at the apartment door in moments, swinging it open as she extended her arm and pointed to the hallway. "Just get out."

"Come on now..."

"No, NOW!"

He shook his head as he grabbed his black leather jacket and draped it over his right shoulder and walked past her only to stop in the doorway. "I'm a phone call away." He proceeded out the door only to hear it slam.

They fought like the siblings they should have been and it tore him up inside no less despite the fact there was no blood relation. Kimberly Hart, former Pink Ranger, could aggravate him like no one else – and could cheer him up like no one else. As he stormed out of the apartment complex, frustrated with her beyond no end, Jason Lee Scott, former Red Ranger, knew from experience the anger would pass quickly. It always did. Despite the increasingly explosive nature of their arguments, and their almost identical stubborn personalities, they always managed to come out of it without lasting harm to their relationship.

Family doesn't hold grudges.

Jason reached into his leather jacket pocket and pulled out his cellphone as he dialed the phone number that hopefully would make this whole situation simmer down from what seemed like an over boiling pan of water.


"Hey bro, I'm so glad you answered..."

"Thank you for calling Dr. Tommy Oliver's uhh.. cellphone number, please leave a -brief- message."

"Short? Hell! You're in danger – get out of Reefside and call me when you get this."

Jason shut his phone as he rubbed his tired eyes. He proceeded to reach into his pocket as he pulled out a ruffled up paper that seemed fairly old considering the hundred creases it contained. "I think that's just about everyone...just them..." He said circling a group of names: Tommy Oliver, Kira Ford, Conner McKnight, Ethan James, Trent Mercer.

They were the last rangers left in the universe that Jason knew of, that he still had to contact and warn them about the biggest threat that any of the rangers had ever faced. Bigger than Rita, bigger than Ivan Ooze – bigger than Mezagog. It was a threat so horrific to contemplate, a fate worse than death, he blocked it from his memory despite having been exposed – and escaped.

The midnight wind blew through Jason's dark brown hair as he sighed deeply. He looked at the cracks in the brick sidewalk as he looked down at the list. "Five..." He let out a frustrating groan as he pictured how he would tell them. "Normally I have a pretty, stubborn, and keen side-kick here to switch around the ways of telling them! Kim...we both went through it...what gives you the right to escape our fate?"

His attention quickly switched to his vibrating and blinking phone as the name that registered on the outside of the red razor cellphone quickly brought a smile to his face. "Figures, about time."

Closing the door behind Jason, Kimberly's gaze traveled over the now empty room as another tear shook its way from her eye, down her face. Running shaky hands through her hair, she lightly bit at her bottom lip aware that, other than her tears, face was completely drained of all emotions.

Kimberly walked throughout the apartment until she found her way into the kitchen. "I need sleep." She mumbled and reached into a lower drawer and pulled out a prescription medication bottle.

Take two at approximately 7 pm.

She read over the instructions and glanced over at the digital clock on the microwave.

11:09 pm

Staring back at the prescription bottle, Kimberly lightly groaned and drifted her vision up towards the cupboard. "Mom always thought of warm milk for an alternate remedy..." She reached up to grab one of the smaller, delicate glasses as she was only tall enough to make it tip forward into her grasp.

The glass tipped forward, but glided the wrong way against Kimberly's fingertips and tipped far to much to the left as it fell out of her reach and crashed landed against the tile floor, landing in between her feet.

The former crane certainly lost her way as the sound and feeling of the shattered pieces caused Kimberly to jump with fear and shock as she crumbled to the floor beneath her.

Pulling her knees up against her chest, Kimberly rested her head down against her arms. "Why did this have to happen..why did any of it have to happen..is this my punishment?"

She slowly lifted her head and stared at the glass. Kimberly stretched one of her arms out as she moved it along the tile until she picked up one of the larger shards.

The piece of glass reflected Kimberly's image back at her as it revealed the true state she was in. Her eyes slammed shut as she grabbed her head and began to scream, but nothing escaped. She felt the breeze that was entering through one of the windows near the kitchen and it picked up a yellow and black ribbon that followed through the silent wind and landed gently against Kimberly's feet.

The shock of seeing the ribbon brought more pain to the emotional wreck that was Kimberly. Tears formed in her eyes as she found her herself slowly standing up and making her way over to the sofa. Kim slowly succumbed to the comfort of the soft cushion as her tears streamed down from her doe eyes. A sniffle escaped her nose and she covered her face with her hands as she began another breakdown.

"Of all people why do we have to tell him.. they won't find him. They'll never know where he is... Jason you know I can't go through that.. not again." She said between the tearful hiccups she was experiencing. She reached for her phone and dialed the one number that existed inside her phone book. Over the years, Kim had cut off all ties with everyone except Jason. "Please pick up..."

"...I thought you'd never call."

"I'm sorry Jason.. please come back. I..I know I can't get through this without you and we have to tell them.. but I can't do this without you.. I can't do this alone." She managed to mumble out through her cries. Once again she felt the overturn of the world coming down to crash on her shoulders.

A knock came on the apartment door as Jason stood outside. "Well let me in already, sis!" His gentle tease was affectionate and understanding – accepting. It was also demonstrative of their relationship and the acknowledgment that they were more like siblings than friends or lovers – more like family.

Kimberly wiped her tears and stumbled to the door as she unlocked a deadbolt, a chain, and then three other locks as she opened the door slowly and shoved it open once she saw Jason. "I'm sorry.." She tipped her head as she finished wiping her tears.

Jason stepped in through the door to embrace Kim as he shook his head. "I know we've been through a lot, and I know how much you went through with Tommy.. and -everything-, but we have to warn him. We have to Kim."

"I know..but I'm scared, Jase.."

"I'm scared too. But we have to pull through this, and we can only do that together."

Moving a few steps back, while still holding onto Jason's arms, Kimberly looked up at him trembling. "I just feel like I'm going down an empty road with millions of miles separating me from city limits. I feel like we are never going to get over what happened.. or what is going to happen."

Jason moved his hand to her cheek and wiped her soft tears away as he smiled down at her. "We'll make it through. I'll drive you to that city if I have to. But before we can get there.. we have to move along our own fate. You know destiny shines the way, but sometimes you have to steer its course."

"Okay..let's do this."

Jason half smiled and nodded. "Let's finish this."

Kimberly crossed her arms and looked up at him once again. "Is it okay if I change first...?"

Eyes widened and a mouth nearly dropped as Jason was blown away. "Sure, Kim..." He warmly smiled and closed his eyes. /I haven't heard the real Kim in a long time.../

By the time Kim had finished, Jason realized it was after midnight which meant they were pushed for time. He decided the best plan for action would be to take his motorcycle. It would provide easier access for driving though forests, and very very fast.

Kimberly originally had her hair pinned up but due to having to wear a helmet, she was forced to put her wavy brunette hair down which cut off around her upper back and shoulders. She was dressed in a white corset and a pair of dark blue jeans, and a black trench coat that she wore for the cold nights breeze. Other than that she was wearing a pair of sneakers of course.

Jason was simply in his dark blue jeans, red shirt, and a black leather jacket.

They both of course were now wearing helmets as they made their way to Reefside.

Jason's motorcycle slid to a stop as they came to their fated destination in the no-where outskirts of Reefside. The house was heavily surrounded by the forest and outer terrain. The city lights were barely visible through all the trees and miles that separated the two locations.

Kimberly swung her leg over the motorcycle end as she stood up and looked around. She removed her helmet and shook her hair as she tried her best to remove her helmet hair.

Jason stood up as well and tossed his helmet under his arm as he looked at the unlit house. Tommy's jeep was no where to be found and it looked as if the house was empty. The moonlight was enough however to provide some source of light for the area. "Damn, he's not here..."

"What should we do?" Kimberly brought her arms up together by her chest as the cold breeze brought goosebumps to her skin.


Jason walked up the few stairs and across the outer house deck and slowly approached the door.

"Jason?!" Kimberly whispered as she slowly walked up the stairs trailing behind him.

"Should we really be doing this? If he's not home we should wait.."

"Wait to be found, Kim?"

"Okay.. well just be quiet." She said as she grabbed onto his arm and watched from behind them.

Like clockwork, Jason propped the door open as he entered with Kim.

"Okay, let's go!" Jason whispered loudly as they both moved through the entrance and turned on the lights. The opening room was obviously the living room, detailed with a leather black couch, table, and entertainment center. It also had a fireplace in the corner.. and the ashes were somewhat still lit.

"Someone's been here."

Kim pulled her hair back to gather on her right shoulder as she squatted down by Jason to see. "Do you think Tommy has a contact list so we can warn the others?"

"I'm sure he does, Kim. I'm going to go check around outside. Try to find the contact list and then make the calls. I shouldn't be too long." Jason took off his jacket and laid it on the couch and proceeded out the door, shutting it behind him.

Kim let out a deep breath as she nervously moved her hands together. "OK...let's see...if I were Tommy, where would I put...something I wouldn't -lose-"

Kimberly walked over to the desk that the cordless phone was placed on and opened the first drawer. "Looks like someone's changed." She grabbed the book and quickly placed it on the desk as she opened it and scanning through the contacts. "Ford..Ford..Kira..Ford..ah!" She was sure out of all the teenage rangers, that Kira, being the only girl, would know where everyone else was. Maybe she would even know where Tommy was.

She picked up the phone and began dialing the number. "5...7...5...3...4...2...8." The phone began pulsing as Kim turned around to try and watch Jason outside.

"Hey, Dr. O! I wasn't expecting you to call this late?"

Kimberly was caught off guard and her cheeks turned a light shade of red as she stood up straight. "No.." She cleared her throat as she moved her hand around it. "This isn't Dr. Oliver. My name is Kimberly Hart..." She was trying to remember how she approached the other rangers. They mostly met in person, this was one of the occasions where it was through a phone call. "I am...I was...one of the original power rangers that was on Tommy...I mean Dr. Oliver's team."

On the other end of the phone line, Kira's eyes widened with shock and a small bit of excitement. It wasn't everyday that you spoke with one of the 'legends'. "From the video tape!" She yelled into the phone.

"Video tape?"

"Yes, Dr. Oliver profiled his years as a ranger and showed us. You were the Pink Ranger, right?"

"Well...yes...but look, that isn't important right now. Every former and current power ranger is in danger, serious danger. I can't explain it right now, but I need you to contact the other members of your team and leave Reefside, tonight."

"What are you talking about, Mezagog is dead. We don't even have our powers anymore."

"That doesn't matter!"


"I'm sorry for being so harsh and forward but this is serious. I also need you, if you can, to tell me when the last time was that you saw Dr. Oliver."

"It was about a week ago...he came by to check up on all of us at Hayley's Cyber Space."

"Thank you. Contact your friends, leave Reefside. There is a..." Kimberly finished giving Kira the information on where to go, and how to get there, and placed the phone down.

"Would he really be at a cyber-cafe this late? It's...after...midnight." Her eyes widened and she quickly turned back around to see if she could spot Jason. When she couldn't, she ran for the door.

"Hello foolish human!" Goldar cackled as he appeared in flames and lunged forward at Jason. "I thought I told you the last time to stay out of my way!"

Caught, Jason struggled against Goldar's hold, struggling to break free of the tight grip. "I'll never let you get to him, Goldar!" Jason's was accompanied by the thrust of his leg to push Goldar back. The beasts' arms fell away and Jason turned, finding his footing before he flipped back and away. Backing away cautiously, he settled into a defensive stance, acutely aware that he had no powers to draw on - and little hope beyond a good defense of keeping the monster away.

"I let you escape last time, but you'll never escape the likes of Lord Zedd!! You can always run, but you can never hide, Red Ranger!"

"I've told you before, monkey boy, and I'll tell you again. You mess with one Power Ranger, you mess with all of us!" For all his bravado, Jason knew if he didn't find a way to get past Goldar and back to the house, he was in for a rough ride. Without Kim's help, no matter his training, Goldar had an edge on him. "I'd back off if I was you."

"Funny, I don't see any Power Rangers here." A horrible laugh escaped from Goldar's mouth as he pointed his sword at Jason. "Maybe it's you who should surrender and save yourself the trouble."

"And give you Tommy? I don't think so."

"It's your funeral. Ahhh!" Goldar charged, swiping at Jason with his sword as he did.

Jason back flipped out of the way, landing and finding his balance in a split second. He ducked as Goldar's sword made to chop his head off and lashed out with one foot to catch him in the side. Spinning away, and going down to the ground, Jason took Goldar's legs out from under him with a sweep kick.

Goldar hit the ground with a roar as Jason darted to the side and around, heading back towards Tommy's house. He had to get to Kim!

"Going somewhere so soon?"

Jason rolled with the impact as Goldar slammed into his back, driving him to the ground and rendering him unable to throw off the golden monstrosity. Goldar's sword came to rest across the back of his neck and Jason froze, knowing he was caught.

"If Lord Zedd didn't want you so badly, Red Ranger, I'd take your head for a trophy."

"Then you'd better keep it where it is," Jason returned with a grunt. Goldar's weight was slowly smothering him into the ground. "And while you're at it, lose a few pounds!"

"Heh heh heh," Goldar eased back, keeping the sword tip at the base of Jason's throat. "Wouldn't want to kill you before Zedd gets the chance."

Jason closed his eyes for half a second, gathering both his strength and his courage, before rolling violently to the side, the tip of the sword biting into his neck and drawing blood. He didn't pause as Goldar pursued him, scrambling to his feet.


"Kimmy can't help you, Red Ranger - she's too scared to come out and play."

Jason dodged to the side, slapping one hand across the back of his neck as the warm liquid began to slide under the collar of his shirt. The slice was clean - but deeper than he'd anticipated. He needed help, and he needed it fast. "Kim!"

A blow from the side sent him sprawling, but he didn't stay down. He scrambled for purchase on the wash that was Tommy's driveway, leaving a red hand print on the gravel as he turned to face Goldar and side-stepped a swing from his sword.

"I thought you'd be done with me by now - getting old, Goldy?"

"I'll live longer than you will puny human."

Goldar stepped between Jason and the house, blocking his way to Kim. He had to warn her, to get her help. If Goldar was here, Lord Zedd wouldn't be far behind and both of them knew what that meant. Trouble with a capital T, not to mention the impact seeing Zedd again would have on Kim. It was not an encounter he intended to put her through.

"We'll see about that, Goldar. Zi-ya!"

Jumping at the golden monster and screaming for all he was worth, Jason planted his foot into the armored chest with as much force as he could. Goldar, instead of trying to impale him, dropped his sword and caught Jason's foot, going on his back and then rolling. Jason was caught, unable to pull his leg free, and Goldar slammed him into the ground forcefully enough to make his teeth ache.

"Heh heh heh, not so tough now are you - argh!" Goldar suddenly threw up his arms as brilliant light blinded him from the direction of the driveway entrance. The sound of a car's tires as they slid along the gravel was clearly audible as the light from its headlights blinded their vision.

A black shape appeared out of the nothingness, barreling into Goldar and throwing him off Jason. "Don't touch him!"

Kimberly's half-crazed cry echoed through the area as she sent Goldar sprawling, landing just to the side. Quick as a cat, Kim was back on her feet and slamming her foot into Goldar's face, kicking him for all she was worth, her actions more infuriated than controlled.

Jason forced himself to his hands and knees, feeling the impact of hitting the ground to his bones, but unwilling to let Kim deal with Goldar alone. "Kim!"

"Take that, you golden bastard. Pervert! Voyeur! You winged freak!" Kimberly's insults were accompanied by kicks and Goldar was forced to lift his hands to protect his head under the onslaught.

Behind the wheel of the black Jeep, Tommy Oliver stared at the sight before him, completely floored. Kimberly Hart and Jason Lee Scott were sitting in his driveway fighting with Goldar or all people. Jason had obviously been bested, but Kimberly... Kimberly was acting like a mad woman. Her screams were almost intelligible, made up mostly of incoherent noises and shrieks he hadn't known she could make.

Goldar rolled away from Kimberly, grabbing for his sword, and Tommy snapped into action. Grabbing the frame of his Jeep, he pulled himself into the seat and leapt onto the hood. "There are two things I don't like Goldar."

Goldar stopped, surprised by his voice - just as he'd hoped. Tommy didn't wait for Goldar to respond. "People picking on my friends and bad guys who don't know when to die – Zi-yah!"

Goldar stumbled backwards as Tommy's flying kick landed squarely in his chest, throwing him backwards. Jason regained his feet as Tommy landed, using the Jeep for support. Kimberly was already moving towards him, preparing to attack him again, her eyes holding a wild look that had never been present before - and Goldar knew it was time to retreat.

"This isn't over Rangers. Lord Zedd will have you - all of you - again!"

As Goldar disappeared, Tommy relaxed his stance his gaze riveted on Kimberly - he hadn't seen her in ten years - and struggled to find the words to ask what they were doing. Kimberly turned, saw him and Tommy lunged forward as her eyes suddenly rolled back in her head, dropping away in a dead faint.