For the Love of Aizen



A "continuation" of For the Sake of Sake

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach.



The entire room of captains were more than a little confused. Shunsui made a drinking motion and Jyuushirou smiled, wishing it were true.

"I want four of you to go undercover as arrancar," Yamamoto repeated himself. "Do I have any volunteers?"

"I'll go!" Kenpachi announced. No one was surprised.

"I want to go," Shunsui looked excited about it. "We get to wear disguises, Jyuu!"

"Well, I guess if he's going, I'll go," Ukitake shrugged.

"You two can't go!" Yamamoto frowned. "It's understood that you two stay here."

"You asked for volunteers," Ukitake pointed out.

"And we haven't gotten to do anything fun for a very long time," Shunsui pouted.

"I'll send you to the human world instead!"

"Is it just me, or does it seem like the Captain Commander's playing favorites?" Hitsugaya whispered to Mayuri who nodded in agreement.

"They're like his kids."

"Then what does that make me?" Toushiro huffed.

"His grandkid?"

"I don't want to go the human world, Yama-jii," Shunsui whined. "I want to go to Hueco Mundo!"

"Why does everyone want to go to Hueco Mundo?" Komamura asked.

"You'll get killed," Unohana frowned. "Maybe I should go."

"No!" Ukitake shouted.


"Uh, I mean, with Kenpachi going, the eleventh division is going to be out of hand. We'll need you here."

"Fine," Yamamoto sighed, looking disappointed. "Well, since no one's volunteering to be the fourth, I chose you, Byakuya!"

"Please reconsider," Byakuya said.

"My mind is made up," Yamamoto nodded. "No more changes, unless Jyuushirou and Shunsui want to change their minds? No? Fine, then. Dismissed."

"Awesome!" Shunsui giggled, "We get to be crazy secret Arrancar agents! Team A-4!"

"That is not going to be our name," Byakuya frowned.

"I agreed," Jyuushirou nodded. "It's not nearly catchy enough."

"Do you have any ideas then, Jyuu?" Shunsui asked.


"A-4 is fine," Byakuya resigned.

"I'm A-2!" Shunsui called out.

"I'll be A-4," Kenpachi shrugged, wondering why they needed names at all.

"A-3," Jyuushirou smiled, holding up three fingers. He chuckled at Byakuya. "I guess that makes you A-1."

"A-1?" Byakuya frowned. "Isn't that sauce?"

"Oh, Sauce?" Ukitake blinked innocently. "Would you prefer that instead?"


"A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4! We're gonna knock on arrancar's door!" Shunsui shouted. "Do you like our theme song, Sauce?"


"Is no one else worried about the success of out mission?" Kenpachi asked casually.

"Of course," Byakuya agreed. "This is a very serious matter."

"Yeah," Kenpachi nodded. "Theme songs completely make costumes."

"We need to make costumes," Shunsui nodded.

"I want a mask," Jyuushirou stated.

"Everyone has masks," Byakuya said in monotone.

"Oh," Jyuushirou looked disappointed. "Well, I think Byakuya would look cool in a cape."

"You're right," Kenpachi agreed, nodding. "I'm going to get Yumichika to make my costume."

"Do you think he could help me with mine, too?" Ukitake asked hopefully.

"I don't see why not," Kenpachi agreed.

"Well, I'm going to make my own," Shunsui said proudly.

"You know you can't use very much color, right?"

"I can't?"


"I can't believe Captain's going to Hueco Mundo without us," Ikkaku complained, watching as Yumichika sorted through pile after pile of fabric, pulling out some random shades of white, which he had to admit, were very nice shades of white.

"I can," Yumichika hummed pleasantly, selecting a summer green obi that he thought would look nice on the eighth division captain. "Our captain is intelligent enough not to leave Yachiru in charge of the entire division."

"He's smart enough not to take her along, too," Ikkaku chuckled.

"Excuse me."

Both turned to look at the doorway.

"Captain Hitsugaya, what a surprise," Yumichika picked up a container of bells. "Too obvious, don't you think?"

"Sure," Hitsugaya shrugged. "I was told by Yamamoto to tell you two about—"

"Hueco Mundo? We already know all that."

Hitsugaya stared at Ikkaku. "How do you know that? Your captain is still in the courtyard of the first division talking about theme songs."

"I hope they pick a beautiful one," Yumichika murmured.

"Probably not," Ikkaku shrugged, glancing back at the captain.

"Who told you?" Hitsugaya was still confused.

"We just know," Yumichika hmmed.

"Then you also know you'll be in charge of containing Yachiru?"

"What are you talking about?" Ikkaku frowned. "You're acting like Yachiru does somethin' wrong."

"She's such a precious child," Yumichika smiled. "There's not another one like her in the world."

"Stop tellin' lies. You know that girl's the devil."

"Captain!" Yumichika and Ikkaku greeted happily.

"Look, I've already started on your costume," Yumichika said proudly.

"Now, remember, I want to be a scary arrancar. Nothing too cutesy."

"You already told them?" Hitsugaya stared at Kenpachi.

"No," the captain shook his head.

"I'm going to make them for the other captains as well, Sir," Yumichika said firmly. "I wouldn't trust Captain Kyoraku within ten feet of a sewing machine."

"I always knew you were the smart one."

Ikkaku looked insulted.

"I don't see what the big deal is," Renji muttered, staring at the three captains. "It's not like I've never been there before."

"And you won't be going there again," Byakuya informed him.

"What do you mean I'm not going?"

"Calm down, Renji," Jyuushirou assured him. "We need you to keep Rukia out of trouble."

"That girl's worse than Yachiru," Shunsui chuckled.

Both Renji and Byakuya glared at him.


Ukitake sighed, "Nanao, I'm asking as a request, will you make sure my division stays in one piece while I'm gone?"

"Of course, Sir."

"You didn't say that when I asked you," Shunsui whimpered.

"She already runs yours," Renji muttered.

Jyuushirou laughed.

"You don't have to agree with him," Shunsui whined.

"You're a very good captain, Shunsui."

Byakuya didn't say anything.

"Yeah, Nanao here's going to be lost without you," Renji teased.

"Oh, Captains!" sang Yumichika, swirling through the doorway, his arms overflowing with white robes. "I have your costumes."

"Already?" Shunsui looked surprised.

"He does quick work," Kenpachi shrugged, already sporting his costume, complete with a realistic looking mask.

"Where'd you get that?" Ukitake looked intrigued. "Do I have one, too?"

"Mayuri does quick work, too," Kenpachi said. "Everyone has one."

"I want to try mine on, too!" Shunsui looked at Yumichika eagerly. "Where's mine, please?"

"Why doesn't everyone try theirs on to make sure they fit correctly?" Yumichika suggested.

"Okay," Ukitake cheerfully agreed.

Byakuya said nothing, but reluctantly took his mask.

"I feel like a superhero!"

"We should see how realistic these are."

"Let's test them out on Hitsugaya!" Kenpachi suggested.

"How did he know our sizes?" Byakuya murmured.

"Sir!" Matsumoto rushed to her captain's desk. "There's an arrancar outside my window!"

"No there's not."

"There's one in my closet, too!"

"And one under your bed?"

"I'm too scared to look. Check for me!"




"Okay, then I'm sleeping in your room tonight."

"I'll check," Hitsugaya begrudgingly stood up and walked into her room. Matsumoto followed him.

He looked out the window. Nothing.

The closet was empty, too.

He got down to check under the bed, but there so much stuff under it that it would be impossible for anything else to hide under there. "Hey, this is mine." Hitsugaya stood up. "No arrancar or anything else that should scare you, except maybe that mess under your bed."

"Well, I saw two!" Matsumoto followed him back into the office. "Look, there they are!"

Sure enough two arrancar were at the desk, one lazing in the chair, the other leaning against it.

"Ban—" Hitsugaya stopped as he saw two more drinking tea on the other side of the room.

"You know, A-2, I do believe he was about to say 'bankai'.

"I quite agreed with you, A-3. What do you think A-1? A-1? Sauce!"

"I agree," Sauce stated flatly.

"I was not," Hitsugaya said weakly.

"That's proof enough for me." The largest arrancar pushed himself away from the desk. "Let's go."

"Captain, they're getting away." Matsumoto pointed. "Mr. Slinky!"


"Mr. Slinky's getting away!"

"He's not a pet or an arrancar. That's Captain Ukitake!"

"Actually, he's Ukitake," A-2 pointed at an arrancar who waved friendlily. "Mr. Slinky's Byakuya."

"Slinky Sauce," Kenpachi snickered.

"Weren't we leaving?" Byakuya frowned.

"Yes, yes," Ukitake ushered them out of the window. "Hueco Mundo awaits!"

"A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4!" They all, well most, chanted the first line.

"We're gonna knock on arrancar's door!" A-2 shouted.

"Not gonna get beat up like before!" A-4 added.

"We'll be their tales of ancient lore!"

"Ukitake," A-1 sighed. "You're implying that they'll exist for quite some time."

"Are you finished yet?" Hitsugaya asked, waiting for them to get off his windowsill.

"Yeah, we're done." Kenpachi smirked. "Come on, Sauce."

"Shut up."