Happy Birthday Demon Brat 2000! This story is totally dedicated to you. XD

Because you totally love Sweet Pair.

And because I totally wanted to write it 'cuz I just can. XD

"Marui, are you sure you're a guy?" Jirou asked innocently as Marui was about to take a bite of his strawberry cake.

Marui's fork was halfway to his mouth as he looked at Jirou, raising an eyebrow. "Why wouldn't I be a guy?"

"Because Shishido said that guys don't usually like eating sweet things, so I was just wondering," Jirou explained.

Marui was chewing and rolling his eyes at the same time. "Guys are perfectly capable of eating sweet things."

"But then it doesn't make them manly enough!" Jirou protested, pouting.

"You don't look that manly yourself," Marui declared, taking another bite of his cake.

"Shishido says that eating strawberry cake makes you look like some fangirl."

Marui put down his fork. "You can tell your little friend that I'm manly enough and I do not look like a fangirl. Especially when I'm eating my cake."

"He also wonders why you don't look fat."

"Because obviously I play tennis. And well, unlike him," Marui explained.

"He also says that red hair looks retarded," Jirou stated innocently.

Marui almost glared at him. Almost. "Do you even believe any of that stuff that he says?"

Jirou pouted. "No. But if you eat too much cake you'll get diabetes!"

"Did you get that from Shishido?"

"No, Tari-kun told me."


"And he also said by the time you're fifty you'll be in a wheelchair with your diet."

"Who cares about my diet?" Marui mumbled. "I play tennis. And anyway, it's not like I'm having trouble or anything."

"But you'll have health problems!" Jirou protested.

Marui raised an eyebrow again. "Okay, if you're that worried, I'll cut down my cake intake to three a day."

"Two and a half."

"How am I supposed to find half a cake?!"

"I dunno, look for it in the department store!"


"Maybe Atobe can make half a piece of cake!"

Marui really wondered why he had ever promised such a thing.

Probably it was to stop his boyfriend from worrying so much. Since, of course, Jirou wouldn't ever want Marui to have health hazards.

Psh. As if. He played tennis, therefore he wouldn't have any health problems.

I don't get it. XD

Still, Happy Birthday!!