"Dance with me?" Neil asked, holding out his hand as a waltz came over the phonograph.

Christy took it, smiling.

"I hope this waltz doesn't end in a fight, like the last one did," she teased.

"That was your fault, as I recall," Neil reminded her, eyes twinkling in amusement.

They swayed to the music in silence.

"I read somewhere that dancing is a metaphor for marriage," Christy said, thoughtfully.

"Strange things to put together," said Neil.

"It makes sense. The man asks, the woman accepts. They move together as one. If one falls out of step, they both do."

Neil spun her, and she gracefully spun back in.

"How far would you carry that metaphor?" he asked. "You have many partners in a dance, but only one in marriage."

"But there is only one dance partner with whom you move in perfect harmony," Christy replied dreamily.

Neil looked down at her with a tender expression on his face.

"Christy, lass, will you dance with me?" he asked softly.

"I am dancing with you, Dr MacNeil," Christy said, confused.

"No. Will you dance with me?" he asked, gruffly.

Christy's eyes grew large.

"Yes!" she said, with all of her heart.

Author's Note: I got this idea from reading Northanger Abbey, where Henry Tilney talks about dancing as marriage. It's an interesting metaphor. As a well-brought up young lady, Christy would probably have read classics like Jane Austen. It's just such an amazing metaphor that I knew I had to use it.

I've been wanting to write a Christy/Neil ever since I finished watching the TV series all in one go a couple of weeks ago. They are my one true pairing!