The L Word –

Winter Eyes

Summary: Totally AU. Sharmen set in adolescent years... Carmen's the new girl at the all girl St. Rosemary's Boarding School. There, she meets Shane and a couple other problems... Drama/Tension/Angst... You got it.

Pairings: Sharmen and little bit of Dana/Alice

Rating: Teen I think, haven't decided.

Other: I don't know where I'm going with this but I at least wanna write a couple chaps til I post and normally these days, I latch onto something and suddenly, all the inspiration is gone quickly so I wanna try really hard to finish this one... Oh and I'll be doing it in Carmen's POV cause I really think that Shane's a mystery however you wanna write her... Lol



I hadn't had the greatest start in life. My Mayan Medicine man father had died before I was even born and my mother had died in labour. My brothers and sisters were too young to look after me and they got adopted.

I was in and out of foster-homes until, one day, when I was 17, I was sent to an all girl boarding school: St. Rosemary's. It was a big castle, brown bricks fading away into grey.

It smelled like smoke and alcohol, and I must have guessed that things lacked a bit of discipline.

That was an understatement. As much as I enjoyed the fact that we didn't have to wear uniform or anything, our Head-Teacher; Miss. Causley was anything but normal.

Her pink hair was always pulled into a bun and she wore black leather hooker boots and a silk cream dress. I thought nothing could get stranger but it did.

She was a little odd. And a little strict, but usually they weren't that bad sort of punishments although... There was this one time when I got such a cold standing outside on the field.

The dorm room was noisy, smelling of smoke and ash and the windows were painted a light shade of grey. Like nobody wanted any sort of light or happiness, I didn't really care at the time.

The dorm they put me in was the attic. Several big beds were laid out next to each other. I shared the dorm with four other girls my age: Shane, Alice, Dana and Jenny.

Where can I begin? Alice was loud, jokey, and laughable but I knew it was a cover for her messed-up childhood. She loved writing and would sit for hours on end just writing in her diary.

Dana was quiet and shy but she loved playing tennis and whenever she hit the ball with her racket, I could tell she had a furious side that no one had ever seen before.

Jenny. Ha. Jenny. Prissy Barbie-Doll, she was. Queen Bitch, Royal Cow, Queen Bee, everybody who weren't Goths, stoners, tom-boys, or other would be Followers. Followers of Jenny. Some wanted her; others wanted to be her...

But, at night, when she didn't have her make-up on or a million girls by her side, we could all see the vulnerable side of her, even if we didn't want to admit it.

Shane. Shane. Where can I start on Shane? There's a million words I could use and yet they wouldn't even begin to describe how Shane is. What's so amazing and weird and wonderful about her.

Do you wanna hear my story? There's fights, tears, underage drinking, more fights, teenage raging hormones, teenage lust, and some more tears.

It's really not a happy story.

Well, what can I say? Story of my life...

I warned you.