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A lonely girl stood on the deck with her red hair loose and cascading down her back in curls. Her bright emerald-green eyes shined as she looked out at the sea. She closed them and breathed in the salty air. Yes, Lily Evans was happy to be leaving the strict confines of England. Her father was to be governor of Port John, and island in the Caribbean that belonged to England. England was full of snobby rich people that cared only about rank and thrived on scandals that could ruin people.

She wasn't like that.

"Lillian," a voice called from behind her. Lily cringed and turned around.

"Yes, Mother?"

"What are you doing up here? Go back down below. Just look at your hair and clothes! They will be ruined. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with you. How will you ever find a husband? Do you want to disgrace your family?"

"No Mother, but-"

"Lillian," another voice called. Lily sighed, there really was no such thing as peace.

"Yes, Father?" she answered turning towards him.

"You should listen to your mother. However, I would like to talk to you about- other matters."

Lily nodded and allowed him to continue, she knew that she had no choice but to follow and listen to him.

"Lillian, you should know that these waters are filled with pirates, nasty and dirty pirates. If we were to see a pirate ship, you are to hide, is that understood?"

"Father, I highly doubt-"Lily began.

"Is that understood?"

Lily sighed, "Yes father, I shall."

Governor Evans walked away leaving Lily to her own thoughts. She was tired of her parents' nagging. Her mother was the worst. "Lillian, you'll never get a husband if…" and "What will your husband say Lillian?" She wasn't ready for marriage, thank you very much. At least not with any of the men in England. They were to prim and proper. Too snobbish or fat or old, like her sister, Petunia's husband, Vernon Dursley. The Fat Whale married the Prudish Horse, as Lily liked to refer to them as. Now, a roguish pirate, that would be more exciting! She sighed, yes, a pirate would go against everything her parents believed in and therefore would be perfect. Her mother never failed to point out her flaws and correct Lily in the most demeaning manor, always pointing out how much better Petunia was. Her father didn't care as much as long as she was married off to the highest bidder.

Lily sighed and smoothed out her pale green dress and straightened her pendant necklace that she always wore. She turned back towards her cabin and glanced back towards the ocean. There was a speck on the horizon. What was that? She walked closer towards the railing to get a better look. Was that a ship? She squinted her eyes and looked harder. Yes, it was. She called up to the watchman, asking if he saw a ship, too.

"Yes miss, it looks to be another ship," the man replied.

"Well, what colors is it flying?" she asked, getting agitated. The watchman looked out of his spy glass again.

"Bloody hell," he mouthed, "Captain, Captain, ship on the horizon! Not flying any colors! Looks to be a pirate ship!"

Lily gasped. Pirates! Instantly the ship crew started to prepare for a battle. Lily, remembering her father's words, went to hide. Making her way past the scurrying men and canons, she made her way to the cargo department. She looked around for a place to hide. Above her head she heard the canons pounding and yells of men. She heard people boarding and the shots of rifles. How did they catch up so quickly? She heard people getting closer to the room and she realized that she needed to hide quickly. She dove into a box filled with dresses and waited with baited breath. She heard the door open and a man was talking.

"Take what you can and make sure it's worth somethin',"

"Aye," a second man replied, "but what about the Governor's daughter? I think she would fetch a pretty penny."

Lily took an intake of breath.

"Aye, she would. The captain has special plans for her." Lily could almost hear the smirk on his face.

Lily started to sweat nervously. The conversation had stopped and she heard the, rummaging through boxes of gold, spices, and fabrics. She prayed that they wouldn't check through the dresses and find her. She heard them calling for more men to take the boxes of riches away. The battle above seemed to be done. Lily heard footsteps slowly coming toward her. She held her breath hoping they wouldn't look through the dresses. The footsteps kept coming towards her. She felt the dresses covering her rustle and she knew she had been found.

"Look what we have here, mates," a man said. Lily looked up and met grey eyes. The man was 6'2 and had black hair that fell elegantly into his eyes. If he wasn't a pirate and she wasn't in the predicament she was in, she would say that he was handsome.

"Oi, Sirius, what are you on about?" a man called.

"Well, it looks as if there's a stowaway- or maybe we finally found the governor's daughter," the man named Sirius said.

Lily felt herself being pulled out of her hiding space roughly. She looked around the hold and saw many men, no, pirates.

"I'll just take her to the captain, he'll be happy we found a flower like this," Sirius said grinning. Lily struggles against his hold and growled.

"Now miss, let's be more lady-like," he said, smirking.

"Let me go you foul excuse of a human," Lily growled, stomping on his foot and continuing, "What were you looking for in the dresses anyhow? Looking for a dress to match your eyes," she was smirking now.

Quick as a wink, Sirius tool out his knife and held it to her throat, "If you were smart, you would know to keep your mouth closed and not to anger a pirate," he threatened. Lily glared, but kept silent.

They kept walking until they reached to the top deck and walked into the sun. Lily squinted and looked around, adjusting her eyes to the light. She found her father and mother being held by pirates. There was a tall man about 6'4 with messy black hair and mysterious hazel eyes. He was standing next to her parents and surveying the loot the other pirates were bringing up.

Sirius led Lily up to the man and she saw her father's eyes widen. Lily held her head up high as she was led and didn't flinch as the steely glint of the dagger came closer to her skin.

"Captain Potter," Sirius said. The man turned towards him, "I found the governor's daughter." The captain nodded and looked over her. His eyes held lust and Lily was disgusted. She fixed a glare on him and spoke,

"What so you want with this ship, its contents, and my father?"

"Why, Miss Evans, I'm a pirate, what wouldn't I want?" He smirked. His eyes stopped roaming her and landed on her neck, where the gold necklace lay. It was a pendant with pearls on the medallion part. Instantly Lily's hand flew up to the necklace, hoping he didn't ask for it.

"Miss Evans, how about we take a stroll to decide what is to become of this ship, its contents, and your father?" He said.

Lily nodded, knowing she had no choice but to accept. They walked a little ways away from her father before he started to speak.

"Where did you get that necklace?" He started.

Lily placed a hang on the necklace and thought back to when her brother, Paul, had given it to her. She remembered him pressing it into her hands with a sad look in his eyes saying that she should keep it close and safe. She never saw him again after that day. He was killed at sea. Paul was her favorite sibling and her best friend. He understood her and protected her from her parents and Petunia's nasty remarks. Lily swallowed, forcing back the tears before answering, "My brother gave it to me."

The captain nodded and started speaking again, "Miss Evans, we will leave your parents and ship in one piece; however, we will be taking the cargo and you."

Lily looked up in shock. Why did they want her?

"Sir, I must ask why you want me, and then, I must refuse! I cannot and will not go with filthy pirates like you," she sniffed, turning her nose up at him. Potter just grinned.

"Well, lucky for us, it is not up for debate, and my reasoning is of no concern to you. Sirius, Remus, please escort Miss Evans to the Marauder," and with that Sirius and a sandy haired man with blue eyes stood up and took her by the arms, leading her to the gang plank connecting the Ambassador and the Marauder before she could even protest.

"Let me go! I demand to be released at once! Filthy, damn pirates!" she screamed, struggling.

"Ah- Ah Miss Evans, we must watch that mouth. Ladies don't speak like that," Sirius said, gagging her. Lily's eyes sparkled in rage as she sent a glare at him. She'll show him how ladies speak; she knew a couple good ones from her brother…

Lily looked back towards her parents. Her mother held a cold gaze, only sad that she wouldn't have a daughter to marry off to some rich duke so she could reap the benefits. Her father looked as though he had only lost a favorite pet. She knew that her father had lost many of his emotions after his pride and joy, Paul, died.

Lily turned away from her parents in disgust and set her eyes on the pirate ship in front of her. They forced her across the gang plank and onto the ship.

The ship wasn't a bad ship. It had an elegant look to it and it was clean looking. The battle must not have been a bad one. The flag, she noticed that must have been raised in battle, was a black flag with a skeleton holding treasure in one hand and a cutlass in the other. She wrinkled her nose as she saw the red "blood" on the cutlass. Lily sighed. She realized this would be her home forever, or until they got a heart and let her off. Or came to their senses. Lily snorted at the thought of the pirated gaining a heart and brain, particularly the captain.

She felt a rough hand from behind push her to go forward. Lily felt her feet move. She wondered where to head. She had no idea of what her status was on the ship.

Sirius and Remus led her to a small room. Sirius pushed her inside, and with a malicious grin, locked the door.

Lily sighed and looked about her surroundings. It was a small cubic room. It smelled stale and she took off the gag. That fool of a pirate forgot to tie up her hands. She smirked at this and realized that he really was as stupid as he looked. She started to wonder if she was to stay here as a guest or prisoner. Maybe she would be a crew member. Lily thought back to the days when she wished a handsome pirate would take her away. Sure, she would be a crew member, but he would love her and they would have fun roaming the seas. Okay, she had her mini fantasy, time to wake up and go home. It wasn't even how she wanted it to go. They were all pigs!

Lily sighed as she shook herself from her daydream. Her old fantasy had turned into a nightmare. She silently cursed herself for her silly dreams. Pirates were nothing more than filthy men with no manners or morals. Who cared if the captain just happened to be really handsome? He was absolutely infuriating.

However, there was this mysterious aura surrounding him. She wondered what had happened to him to get the hardened look in his eyes.

Alone with these thoughts, Lily fell into a deep sleep filled with dashing pirates coming to her rescue and mysterious captains.

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