Well this is my first story on this site, so hope you enjoy, and I went back through and changed Deidara's speach, adding the un's.

"What do you mean, there has to be a spot. Yeah!" The blonde held back his anger.

"I'm sorry, there is just not a spot open for a man." The old man rested his chin on his hands. The blondes blue eye's cringed in pain,

"Ok, thanks for your time un." The blonde walked out of the room, ignoring the urge to slam the door. He leaned against the door,

'what did I do wrong?' He walked out of the office, over hearing the conversation the secretary,

"Well I sorry to hear that Jessie can't make her appointment, she can make it up whenever she needs." He walked out of the room, and tripped over a box. He jumped up and kicked the box against the wall. Thud! He started to walk away. Then stopped dead in his tracks. He turned slowly. The box! He walked back to it, and pulled clothes out of it. His eye's traveled back to the office, a light bulb flicked on in his head. He pulled the hat off his head, and let the long blonde hair fall around his face.

"I was wondering if Mr. Hingham had a few spare minutes yeah?"

"Actually, we just had someone cancel, you can go in now." The girl walked into the door, "You look a little familiar." She just smiled and walked in.

"Hello, my name is Deidara, and I was wondering if you would have an open spot at the academy?" The man looked up at her,

"Well, we don't have to many open spots, we need those for people who show a great appreciation of art."

"Oh, but I do! It's my passion!" Deidara was trying his hardest not to add the usual un at the end.

"Do you have anything with you?"

"No…but if you give me a piece of paper, I will show you what I can do." Mr. Hingham gave her the paper. She took one lap around the room, and put the pencil to the paper. With in ten minutes she laid the paper down on the table. It was filled with sketches and drawings, when together they were the picture of the room.

"That's amazing! You have the spot!" Deidara smiled and walked out of the room,

"Thank you!" She picked up her room key. Out side the door she looked at the map, and headed to the room,

"Man, I can't wait to get out of this skirt, how do girls wear these things un!" Deidara messed with the rim of the skirt.

"It's a good thing I have smooth legs for a man, and long hair. Yeah." He stuck the key in the door, and popped it open. Music flew out in the hall, almost blowing Deidara away. He ran in the room covering his ears. He found the stereo and turned it down.

"What the hell!" A red head ran through the door, "Why did you do that, and who are you!?" Deidara was stunned , he was beautiful!

"I…I'm Deidara, your new roommate. Un." The red head eyed him.

"They set me up with a girl?" He took a step closer and examined the blonde,

"I'm Sasori." Sasori took another step closer, and smirked. His hand caressed Deidara's chin. He froze, the touch was so warm.

'wait, what am I doing? I don't like guys, augh…this skirt is messing with my mind!'

"At least she's cute." Sasori said. He walked away. Deidara's eye twitched. He glanced off in the room to find Sasori picking up a box, with tight black pants. Deidara moaned. Sasori chuckled,

"We just meet, and I already have you moaning." Deidara's face went blood red. Sasori winked as he walked by.