Shelter me oh genius words

Shelter me oh genius words
Just give me strength
To pen these things
Give me peace to weld her wings
And oh oh carry on all you minstrels of the world
We will catch our lady's ear
We will win for us the girl

"The Minstrel's Prayer" by Cartel

Nathan sat on the couch in his parent's living room, pondering what to do. He couldn't believe that that sex tape hadn't gotten destroyed and got out to about half of the school, including Haley. He was still wondering why he even made that tape in the first place. Now, he and everyone else had more proof to what a stupid, idiotic jerk he had been back then.

And now, he had unwisely agreed to write a list of every girl he'd ever been with. He knew that if he got up the strength to write that down, Haley would be devastated when she saw that list. Nathan couldn't come up with anything besides the truth, so he reluctantly began writing the list.

But before he could even finish the name, an idea came to him. However, this idea still involved writing the list, and he didn't know how he was going to do that. He prayed to the Lord to give him strength to pen these things, and he needed it. He eventually finished the list and wrote the other list he had come up with as part of his idea. Now, he needed the peace to weld her wings, or else he was a dead man walking. Lord, help him catch his lady's ear and win for us the girl.

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