A/N: I decided to rewrite this story. I didn't like the way it was going and I knew that I had to change a lot of things to make it the way I wanted. Sorry to those that liked how it was going but trust me this version will flow much better. Thank you for those who have supported this story because you guys are the ones that persuaded me to continue and make it better. Hope you like it :D

The small town called Konoha is now at its darkest hour. In this town there was a small restaurant named Ichiraku. The size does not really matter for it is a popular place to eat and many people are filling in. Outside of the restaurant stood the owner, a petite blond boy, currently holding a cell phone to his ear. The boy may look fifteen years old but he is actually twenty-one. "Come on Sasuke, pick up." He was trying to reach his long term lover, Sasuke Uchiha. Its seems like the raven wasn't answering, because the blondes face shows a form of disappointment.

A woman on the other line said to leave a message after the tone, so he did.

"Hey Sasuke, it's me Naruto, where are you? Well I'm still waiting…call me back okay…" Naruto hung up the phone and closed his big blue eyes. He sighed. This was not the first time he was stood up by Sasuke. In fact, the raven has been neglecting his blond boyfriend for a month now. They hardly speak a word to each other and Sasuke is gone almost everyday, then he returns home after midnight at the least. It has been like this ever since Sasuke has been trying to make partner in an architecture company.

Sasuke's been jumping from part time jobs for years and he felt like he wasn't pulling his wait financially so he decided to get an office job about a year ago. Things were fine until the beginning of this month. Sasuke kind of just stopped coming home.

Since Sasuke is gone all Naruto really has is Ichiraku and his friends. They have been together for four years now and have lived together for two. Naruto knows that they don't have everything and that they live in a place that isn't really considered an apartment. They actually live in a little living space right upstairs of Ichiraku. Yeah, they might not have everything but that shouldn't cause Sasuke to work so much that they hardly see each other.

Naruto has been worried that he's been working too much and since they barely see each other, he suggested that he and Sasuke go out. Which brought him here, on a Saturday, waiting for his late boyfriend.

"I guess I should just leave," Naruto murmured to himself, looking down sheepishly. Beautiful bright blonde hair covering his adoring face.

"Maybe you should," said a male voice. Naruto looked up and saw his long term friend, Neji standing right next to his silver Lamborghini. Naruto was surprised he didn't hear him drive up. Neji's long brown hair swayed with the wind, and his pale lavender eyes locking with his azure. The two have been friends since freshman year in high school, a good six years of getting to know each other. Neji is someone Naruto can look up to, he is always there for him. What Naruto is oblivious about is Neji has more feelings for him than friendship. He cared for the blonde more than anything, and loved him since the moment he met him. It's been killing him to see Naruto with such a depressing face on all the time, even when he does try to hide it with a smile, he can still see the sadness.

"Neji, what are you doing here?" Naruto asked quietly, while looking towards the ground. Neji looked at Naruto and knew what the current situation was.

"Well I was just taking a walk, and then I saw you, how long have you been waiting?"

"How do you know I am waiting for someone? I could be just taking a break from customers…"

Neji sighed. "Naruto."

Oh yes, Neji knows of how Sasuke doesn't show up on the dates he sets for him and Naruto, and doesn't like it one bit. He's even surprised the blonde is still with the Uchiha.

"For two hours," Naruto finally replied quietly, still finding the ground more interesting than Neji. The brunette sighed, he was definitely going to have a talk with the Uchiha when he gets the chance.

"Did you try calling him" Neji asked.


"Well maybe he's caught up in something, let's go inside and have some ramen."

"No, I'm fine out here. I'm going to wait just a little longer."

"Oh come on Naruto."

When Neji got no response he figured he can't change the stubborn blondes mind.

"Okay then I'll see you later." Neji Naruto nodded, and gave a short wave, while he watched the Hyuuga drive away.

After waiting for another thirty minutes he sighed, maybe I should just call it a night.

With that thought he turned to go inside but than stopped when he saw something glowing in the corner of his eye. He started walking in the direction of this little light. Before he realized it he was in the middle of the street. He bent over and picked up what got his attention. A tiny lit up ring. Being who he was he thought it was the coolest thing ever. While the petite boy was admiring the ring a speeding car came towards him. When he heard a honk he looked up, but it was too late. The car collided right into his body. It went by so fast, and the car didn't even stop.

A typical hit a run. Pain. That's all he felt. Pain all over. He smelt the faint stench of copper, and knew he was bleeding in more than one place. He couldn't move, and he could hardly breathe. He felt like there was a big amount of pressure on his chest and was pushing him into the hard ground. Out of all the pain he felt, the worst was the one in his heart. The thought of never going to see Sasuke again killed him the most. Then the thought of maybe he will lose his life tonight. All these thoughts were the worst pain he'd have to endure. His mind than went to a place where things made sense. Where he felt safe. Where he was happier than ever. Where his life drastically changed from the better...

Fours years earlier

In Konoha, a very special ceremony ended. Naruto Uzumaki and Neji Hyuuga were wearing the same maroon cap and gown. They stood next to each other to pose for a picture while holding up their diplomas. They are best friends and are both ready for the future as they leave their high school.

Neji, being the son of the richest man in Konoha already had his future planned. He is to be the next owner of Hyuuga Corp, which is a successful company that deals with the land and resources of Konoha. Naruto, is more of a dreamer. He dreams to own a small restaurant that only sells ramen and to sing with a wonderful band as entertainment for his customers.

Neji knows of Naruto's dreams and intends to help them come true. Neji has been in love with Naruto since they first met during their freshman year. To Neji and probably many others, Naruto is the most beautiful creature his eyes ever gazed on. It was not only beauty that had Neji fallen for the blonde but also the gentle, kind nature that Naruto holds.

A few months after they graduated Neji bought a nice, old, two story property. It looks as though the top floor could be living space. It has a kitchen, bathroom, and even small areas for a living room and bedroom. The bottom floor was huge! Neji thought it would be perfect for the restaurant that Naruto has been wanting. Not only did Neji give Naruto his dream but also a place to live.

Neji than brought a blindfolded Naruto to this empty property. Naruto is of course not sure what is going on but is excited nonetheless. As soon as Neji undid the blindfold and explained what exactly this property is for, Naruto started crying tears of joy. He could not thank Neji enough.

About six months later Naruto is finally all set up. His restaurant is beautiful taking in a kind of jazz looking setting. There was a kitchen set up with a bar table and stools in front of it. Also many tables were scattered around and a little stage was set up with instruments on top. Which is where Naruto will be singing his heart out. The top floor being his own little apartment didn't have much but was a decent place to live.

Naruto finally opened his restaurant calling it Ichiraku and it was a success. He had his friends, old man Teuchi and his daughter Ayame be in charge of the kitchen. They were great at cooking ramen. He hired his friends Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Temari as waitresses. He also hired Kiba to be his drummer, Gaara to be his guitarist, Shikamaru to be his keyboardist, and Sai to be his bassist. Everything was perfect. Almost everyone came to opening night. Even Neji with is busy schedule. He was indeed proud with the way things were going. He was also glad to see Naruto so happy.

When Naruto finally hit the stage and sang a song he wrote called "Innocence". Everyone was shocked at how beautiful his voice was.

Waking up I see that everything is okay

The first time in my life and now it's so great

Slowin down I look around and I am so amazed

I think about the little things that make life great

I wouldn't change a thing about it

This is the best feeling…

Than a raven haired male entered Ichiraku and stood stunned at the beauty before him. Naruto, feeling a heated gaze on him looked towards the entrance and could not help but be captivated by the handsome stranger.

This innocence is brilliant

I hope that it will stay

This moment is perfect

Please don't go away

I need you now

And I will hold on to it

Don't you let it past you by

Neji noticed that Naruto's attention is focused on someone and immediately turns to see who. He than spots a handsome raven-haired man looking at Naruto with an intense gaze. Neji did not like that look one bit. The Hyuuga than turns to look at Naruto again and notices that he is looking at the raven with the same gaze. Neji than realizes that Naruto may fancy this stranger which means that Naruto most likely never had feelings of love toward him.

Found a place so safe not a singe tear

The first time in my life and now it's so clear

Feel calm I belong I'm so happy here

It's so strong and now I let myself be sincere

I wouldn't change a thing about it

This is the best feeling…

Naruto felt an unfamiliar feeling in the pit of his stomach. It tickled. He smiled through his singing. Whoever this stranger was there's only one thing he knew for sure. He wanted to know him.

This innocence is brilliant

I hope that it will stay

This moment is perfect

Please don't go away

I need you now

And I will hold on to it

Don't you let it past you by

The raven smirked as he saw the blonde smile at him. He knew that this beauty before him was a complete stranger but that didn't stop him from thinking that he would do everything in his power to make sure that smile never disappears.

It's the state of bliss you think your dreaming

It's the happiness inside that your feeling

It's so beautiful it makes you want to cry

When Naruto finished the song with a repetition of the chorus he made his way toward the stranger. When he finally reached him, all he could murmur was a small hello. Naruto blushed when all the raven did was look at him curiously.

"I'm Naruto." He introduced himself

"It's very nice to meet you Naruto, I'm Sasuke." Sasuke smirked at the blush that formed on the blondes face.

"Would you like to have some ramen with me?" Naruto shyly whispered still not sure what he was doing.

"I would love to"

And that is how Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki met.