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Two weeks later…

Neji visited Naruto everyday since the accident. Sasuke only visited once since the first visit. Every time he tired to visit he had to go back to the office. He had no idea Neji was the one visiting Naruto all this time. The blondes symptoms haven't changed at all, and he was still in a coma.

Neji brought flowers for Naruto so when he wakes up he'll be a little happy. He took his normal seat beside the bed and held Naruto's hand, slowly caressing it with his thumb. This was like a routine for Neji, he will come in, sit down next to the bed, and talk to Naruto even if he can't hear him. Then he will leave when visiting hours are over.

The nurse came in to see how Naruto was doing and when she saw Neji in there she couldn't help but smile. "Wow there hasn't been a day without seeing you in here…" she stopped hesitating on what she was going to say next, "You must really love him, huh?"

Neji was shocked to say the least. He couldn't believe it was that obvious. He smile, and looked down at the blonde in the bed, "I do, and I just want him to see somebody he knows when he wakes up is all."

"Well I think that's great." When the nurse was done she gave Neji a short wave and left the room.

Neji turned his attention to Naruto, still holding his hand in his. They stayed like that for a few moments and when Neji was about to open his mouth he felt fingers moving against his. Neji's eyes widened when he saw the azure orbs open up and lock with his. Naruto looked around the room with fear in his eyes.

"N-Neji" Naruto murmured softly.

"Naruto?" Neji's eyes began to water up when he saw Naruto's confused face.

"Where am I?"

"I'm sorry Naruto, I'll explain later. I have to find a doctor." Neji quickly left the room to fetch a doctor.

Naruto stared at the door confused, and looked at his bandaged hands. What happened to me? All I remember is waiting for Sasuke…wait where's Sasuke? When he sat up he felt horrible pain, and immediately laid back down. He looked around again and saw the machine and IV he was attached to. Am I in hospital room? Then his eyes landed on some flowers. They were so beautiful, and the colors looked good together. I wander who go me these…maybe Sasuke. He smiled and then squinted a little to see the tag on the flowers, it read: Naruto, get well soon. We all miss you very much-Neji .

"Oh, Neji's so sweet…" Naruto sighed. I bet Sasuke is working.

Finally Neji showed up with a doctor.


"Every things okay Naruto…you were in an accident the night you were waiting for Sasuke um well you see uh you kind of got ran over…" Neji explained. Naruto's eyes widened in shock.

"I–I don't remember…" Naruto said. The doctor explained everything that happened, his symptoms and he can be discharged tomorrow. The doctor gave him some medication for his pain and left the room.

"Are you alright?" Neji took a seat in the chair, while keep his eyes on Naruto.

"I'm fine…its just that I can't believe it. Oh, thanks for the flowers, they're beautiful." Naruto smiled. Neji couldn't help but blush a little. Your beautiful.

"Oh those ha your welcome, I'm glad that your okay…you had all of us worried."

"I'm sorry." There was a silence after that. Naruto looked up at Neji and then looked down at his leg. He treed to make lift it up, but it hurts so much to even move it in the slightest. All he wanted to do was walk on out of here. He didn't want to be here.



"Where's Sasuke?"

Neji stayed quiet for awhile. He sighed. Might as well tell him the truth.

"He brought you to the hospital, and stayed here for awhile but had to leave for work…he's only visited once since the two week you've been here."

"Oh." Naruto looked down at his leg again. Neji didn't mean to make Naruto feel bad but he had to be honest with him. It's not his fault Sasuke's such an asshole.

"Do you want to call him, or do you want me to?"

Naruto looked up at that with a smile, he wanted to hear Sasuke's voice. " I can call him." Naruto gladly took the phone from Neji and dialed his loves number.

Sasuke was currently signing papers in his office when he heard his cell phone ring. He checked the caller ID and saw that it was Neji. He scowled, but then realized that this call might be about Naruto.

"Hello." There was a long pause on the other line and he was about to repeat himself until he heard a small voice.


Sasuke was shocked to hear his Naruto's lovely voice. His eyes welled up with tears of joy, but he refused to let them fall. He could not believe he was talking to his blonde on the phone.

"Naruto…" He chocked out.

"Sasuke! I can't believe what happened! I'm so shocked and scared, but the doctor said that I will be alright…why aren't you here with me?"

Suddenly a great wave of guilt cam crashing down on Sasuke. Questions started to fill in his head. Is anyone there with him? Did he wake up to a white ceiling…wait! He called from Neji's phone so that means-

"Was Neji there when you woke up?"

"Yeah… but you didn't answer my question Sasuke."

"I'm sorry Naruto I'm at work, I'll be there as soon as I can." He said this quickly when he saw Orochimaru approaching his office door.

"But Sasuke I-"

"I'll see you soon okay? Love you! Bye!"

"He hung up…" Naruto said sadly. He couldn't believe Sasuke, he was acting as if nothing happened to him. As if Naruto isn't in the hospital right now in pain.

"I'm sorry Naruto maybe-"

"Its fine, I'm fine."


"So Neji, how long have you been here? You probably want to go home now, right?"

"No, not at all, I actually just got here when you woke up…I've been coming here everyday since the accident.." Neji blushed. He hadn't meant to say that much.

Naruto looked surprised, and he blushed also. Why am I blushing? He's a friend of course he would do something like that. "Really? Wow Neji." Naruto looked down, "You've done so much…thank you."

"No problem." Neji smiled as Naruto smiled back.

"I wish I can get out of here, but my stupid leg won't cooperate."

"The doctor said you can leave tomorrow so just hang in there. You will have to go to physical therapy for your leg though. It might take awhile to walk on it."

Naruto just nodded, not really wanting to talk about the situation anymore. They both just sat there in a comfortable silence. After awhile Neji and Naruto talked and laughed about all sorts of things. During their talking Neji managed to grab the blondes hand. Naruto didn't seem to notice or just didn't mind, he was to lost in their conversation.

Sasuke is in his office finishing the last of his work. He looked at his watch and saw that it has been exactly two hours since Naruto called. God, I need to see him. He quickly finished the last of his work and hurried out of the building. Ignoring everyone that tried to speak to or approach him. He got in his car before anyone can stop him and tell him he needed to stay. He drove out of the companies parking lot and headed in the direction of the hospital.

He really needed to see Naruto, just thinking about him made him step on the gas harder. It felt like forever since he's seen his lovers face. He just wanted to hold and kiss him right now, its been a long time since he's done that. As an after thought, Sasuke stopped at a small flower shop and got Naruto a single iris.

He than finally arrived at the hospital. He quickly found an empty parking space, and dashed out of his car. As he entered the hospital he asked the receptionist what room his blonde was in. When she told him where the room was located he hurried in that direction.

He saw Narutos room and went to grab the door knob but stopped when he heard laughing. Narutos laugh. He opened the door, hoping he wasn't interrupting anything and growled at the scene before him. Neji was sitting right next to HIS blond and holding his hand.

"Sasuke, I didn't expect you to visit so soon." Naruto quickly retracted his hand when he noticed it was being held and smile up at Sasuke. He was so happy to see him.

"I wanted to come as soon as I can, knowing your awake," Sasuke said smiling back. Naruto looked at his hands then at Neji then back at Sasuke, not knowing what to say next.

"Well I think I should go and leave you two alone." Neji stood up and ruffled Narutos hair.

"Your leaving?" Naruto said disappointed, "But I-"

"I'll visit tomorrow, don't worry." Sasuke frowned at the thought of Neji being here again.

"Alright bye Neji, thanks for well everything." Neji just smiled and started towards the door. Purposely bumping into Sasuke. As Neji left room Naruto looked back at his hands, his fingers moving against the blankets nervously.

"Naruto." The blonde slowly looked up at the raven and locked eyes with him. "I'm glad your alright"

"Me too…I-I was shocked to hear what happened."

"I got you an iris, I know they're your favorite."

Naruto smiled and took the lovely flower. "Thank you."

Sasuke nodded and looked around the hospital room then slowly approached the bed. Then he spotted flowers and knew they weren't from him.

"Who got you these?" Sasuke asked, eyeing the flowers like they were poison ivy.

Naruto turned to the flowers and instantly smiled. "Neji did, their beautiful aren't they?" Naruto didn't drop his lovely smile as he spoke. He looked at Sasuke, and wondered what was wrong.

Sasuke inwardly growled. Why the fuck is Neji buying Naruto flowers?

"Sasuke what's wrong?"


"Did you space out on me? I asked you what's wrong, you look angry."

"I'm not angry."

"Come on Sasuke I've known you for years I can tell when your angry."

"Its nothing you should worry about." Sasuke sat on the bed and leaned over Naruto. His lips were so close to the blondes that they can feel each others breath. "I missed you," Sasuke breathed. Finally closing the small distance between them and planting a longing kiss on his lover. Naruto flinched, but Sasuke ignored it or didn't notice as he kissed harder. He felt Sasukes tongue near his teeth begging for entrance, and he granted it. Sasuke enjoyed tasting the sweet cavern for he haven't done this in a long time. The kiss was passionate, neither wanted to pull away but all humans needed air at some point.

Sasuke slowly moved his lips to the slender tan neck leaving little kisses and bites. He moved his hand under Narutos shirt feeling his creamy skin. His hand then wandered downwards to the waste line of the blondes pants, wanting to go further, but Naruto pushed him away.

"We can't do it here," he panted, already hard from the previous make out session.

"Oh right, sorry kind of got carried away." He was also hard, but he's going to have to wait till he gets home to fix that problem. Hopefully it will just die down.

"Its okay, so how has work been" Since you would rather be there then here with me then it has probably been great. He frowned at his thoughts, not liking the fact that he was angry with Sasuke. No Sasuke has to work, its not his fault.

"Its good, Orochimaru is working my ass off with all these different projects."

Naruto grimaced at the name of the snake-like man. He never liked

Orochimaru. Every time he goes to visit Sasuke in the office the pale man always looks at him with a hungry gaze. It always sends shivers down his spine. Orochimaru is the reason he barely goes to visit Sasuke anymore.

"Why don't you give yourself a vacation?" He never liked it when the raven worked to much. He was always afraid of how high work can make his stress go up.

"Because Naruto it's just not something I am capable of plus the company needs me."

"Oh." I need you. Naruto sighed he was really tired of being neglected. He has considered breaking up with Sasuke in the past but he didn't want to leave him. He loves him and would never want to hurt him in anyway, but he just can't take the pain anymore.

Sasuke heard Naruto sigh and knew something was wrong, maybe it was the subject. His work. He moved to hold Narutos hand and smiled down at him. "How has Ichiraku been?"

Naruto perked up slightly at the change of subject. Everything was going really great at Ichiraku. He has a lot of regulars that always love having conversations with him. He has also gained a lot of fans from singing. An agent came by asking if he wanted a career in singing. Naruto was so excited but didn't want to make any major decisions without talking to Sasuke.

"Everything has been going real well…I also got some news and I would really like to discuss it-"

Sasukes phone started to ring, and he quickly went to answer it, "Hold that thought Naruto." He then flipped his phone open and greeted none other then Orochimaru. "Hello"

"Where are you? And why aren't you in the office?"

"Sorry Naruto woke up from his coma, I had to leave. I'm at the hospital right now."

"Really? How is he doing? There's no scars or scratches on that pretty face of his is there?"

Sasuke didn't like that Orochimaru pretty much admitted to him that he thinks Naruto is pretty, but took it as a joke.

"Ha, no he's fine just a little jumpy. Is that all you wanted to tell me?"

"Actually, there's going to be a board meeting in fifteen minutes, so get your ass over here!"

The conversation ended. Shit, he totally forgot about the board meeting he was just to excited about seeing Naruto again. He hung up his phone and turned to Naruto and saw that the blonde was pissed.


"Let me guess, you have to go to work 'cause that bastard has some meeting planned." Sasuke hesitantly nodded. "Then go! You know what, I don't even want you here so just go!" Naruto turned his body to the other side to look at the wall, he didn't want to look at Sasuke anymore.

"Naruto?" He didn't respond or even stir at the sound of his name coming out of his lovers mouth. "Look I'm sorry but I have to go, you know this job is what helps us to pay for everything right? When I'm off I will come straight here and we can finish our conversation. You wanted to tell me something right?" Naruto slowly nodded still not looking at Sasuke. The raven went to the other side of the bed and stood right in front of Naruto.

He put his pale hand under his lovers chin to tilt his head slightly, so he would look at him. Onyx met azure. "I love you." He kissed the blondes lips and caressed his cheek. Then quickly he left the room, not waiting for the response of his loved one.

Naruto touched his lips and suddenly he could taste salt on them. He was crying. "I love you too, and I hate it."