1Summary-He always sits there

In Sasuke's POV


He always sits there...on the same swing, he never moves. I ask myself how could someone sit there like that for there whole life and never ever move? I've seen him there, since I was thirteen he never moved. I watched him grow and I watched myself grow and my friends, he changed but then he also didn't change.


Sasuke and his friends had just come from Kiba's house from watching Predator. They all had water guns and wore bandanas of the same color green. Sasuke had taken a black marker and made black lines under his cheeks. Chouji was the predator with a mask on and some Freddy nails from his last costume from Halloween. He clawed and chased them. Sasuke ran ahead of every one, but not before skidding to a stop...a boy a blonde haired boy was sitting on a swing that was looking out over the town. He put his gun at his side and watched as he just sat there the summer evening winds blowing ruffling his hair slightly. Sasuke wondered why the blonde boy just sat there and didn't move.

'Why is he all alone?'

"MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!" Kiba yelled laughing as him and Neji came running around the corner while Chouji came after holding Lee's arm and he was laughing

"...Sasuke you hear me man down" Kiba said pushing him

"Huh? OH...SHOOT IT SHOOT IT!" Sasuke said as he came back to earth

They started shooting at Chouji who put Lee in front of him and he got drenched.

The three boys ran all the way to Sasuke's house laughing and having a good time, the lonely boy out of Sasuke's mind completely.


The boys had now grown out of playing Predator and were now riding bikes home on a summer after noon as the sun began to set. Sasuke rode ahead pulling his hat to where the brim was facing his back. He skid to a stop again and saw the boy he had saw a year ago. Sasuke remembered they had been playing a fun game of Predator that evening. He looked at the boy he was alone again.

'He's still in that same spot' Sasuke thought

"HEY SASUKE COME ON OR WERE GOING TO LEAVE YOU BEHIND" Kiba yelled as they raced past him

"Coming" Sasuke called

He took one more look at the boy before getting on his bike and catching up to his friends who had stopped at the front of the curb to wait for him.


It was about five o'clock and the boys had come once again skateboarding around the corner. Sasuke as always went ahead and stopped as he saw the same boy there again. He went to the gate and looked at him. He was there again. This time Kiba and the others came earlier.

"Sasuke come on" Shikamaru said

"Coming" Sasuke called


Me and my friends were walking to the movies this time from my house, and once again there he was sitting on that swing a little taller then from when we were thirteen, but I was tired...I was tired of walking by watching him sit on that swing and not go anywhere...I was going to do something about it. I walked up to the gate.

"Hey you!...on the swing!" I yelled

He turned and he had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen they looked like ocean's . I got lost in them for a minute before I was brought back to reality.

"Come over here!" I yelled

He smiled and blushed and walked slowly from his swing over to me.

"What are you doing?" Kiba asked as they all came over to me

"Why do you just sit there?" I asked

He just smiled and shook his head

"If you have time then come to a movie with us" I offered

He smiled and blushed looking away.

"Come on say something" I said

"Maybe he can't talk Sasuke" Shikamaru said

He shook his head to that, just as he was about to open his mouth to say something a man with a brown ponytail and a scratch across his nose came out of the house.


The man looked at the boy before looking at us.

"Naruto did they hurt you?" he asked

He shook his head no like he had been doing to us.

"Go away and don't come back, come on Naruto it's time for today's special time" the man said pulling the boy named Naruto away

Naruto stared back at me, something in his eyes he tripped a little bit as he stared at me.


He mouthed as he waved at me while smiling before the door closed as the man glared out one more time before slamming the door. We stood there dumbfounded.

"What the hell? I mean there's a fence right there what can we possibly do to him?" Kiba said as we walked to the movie theater

"I don't know but im going to see him tomorrow" I replied

That night when I was walking home he was still there on the swing. I walked up to the gate and stared at him he was looking out at the lit up city that looked so beautiful. The lights shined brightly, he seemed to be fascinated.

"I know your there"

"Huh?" I said

"I said I know your there" he said turning smiling a small smile at me

"Yeah, uh what are you doing?" I asked even though that was a stupid question

"Why don't you come and see" he said

I hopped the fence and ran over to him. He pointed out among all the lights and tall buildings.

"Can you see it?" he asked

"What? See what?" I asked

He turned towards me and smiled.

"The beauty, the brightness, what brings the city and the people who live in it to life" he said

"Uh yeah" I said more of a question then an answer

"Sometimes I sit here and wonder how could something so simple like the human mind dream all of this us up and lay it out like, like a rug" he said

"Cool isn't it?" I asked

"Yeah cool" he said smiling

"Well my dad and brother dream up some of this...coolness" I said

"Really?" he asked looking into my eyes

"Yeah, see, you see that big red and white fan right there?" I asked

"Yeah" he said

"That's our family semble" I said

"Really...because...that's the one I like the most" he said touching my cheek

"Yeah really" I said

We looked into one another's eyes. My heart beat sped up and he cupped my face in both of his hands and leaned slowly in to me and just before our lips touched my phone went off. Naruto's eyes darted open as he looked to the window and story by story of the house a light came on.

"Hello...yeah mom, im coming home right now just give me a minute okay...yeah...bye" I said hanging up

Naruto shoved me.

"What the hell?" I said angrily

"Hurry you have to go now" he said as I got up and he pushed me

"W-why?" I asked

"Because my step dad is coming if you don't get out of here he'll blow his top remember he said stay away and if he really doesn't like you he has someone much bigger to woop you now go" Naruto said he pushed my butt as I tried to get over the gate

"Im going im going" I whispered

The last window light came on.

"GO DAMNIT!" He yelled spanking my private area

I yelped and flew over the gate and began running home. Naruto watched me I could feel his eyes.


When Sasuke got home Itachi was sitting on the couch eating potato chips.

"Oooo Sasuke why are you breathing running from someone's father!" Itachi said loudly

"No you idiot keep it down im sure mom and dad are asleep and for your information I was not running from someone's father...sorta" Sasuke said

"Oh so you did get caught" Itachi said

"Well kind a, just don't tell" Sasuke said

"No, not unless you tell me every time you go see him the juicy details down to the last little spec" Itachi said

"...Fine" Sasuke agreed

"And that includes today" Itachi said

He patted the seat next to him on the couch.

"No, in my room it's more private" Sasuke said as he made his way up the stairs

"Oo you must have really done it" Itachi said

They two got into Sasuke's room and locked the door.

"Okay when I was walking home from the movies I saw him and he told me to come over and look out at the town with him, so we started talking and just as we were about to kiss the lights started coming on and he shoved me and then he yelled for me to go and was pushing me over the gate then he spanked my balls and then I came running threw the door and here we are" Sasuke said

"Oh I thought you two had gotten freaky" Itachi said

"No your pervert I just met him" Sasuke said

"Could have fooled me" Itachi said smirking

"Screw you" Sasuke said Itachi laughed

All he knew was he wanted to see Naruto again and would.