1Summary-This is the last chapter of Always) Okay in this chapter it's been three years since the two moved away and some things have changed and some haven't. Enjoy the last chap.



It's been three long, but enjoyable years since me and Naruto eloped. Sometimes I look back on like how three years ago me and Naruto had been caught making love in his backyard, how I would sneak over to his house at night just to see those blue eyes staring into my own, how three years ago I had become my father's worst enemy just because I was in love. But now every thing is okay and me and Naruto are living in a nice sized apartment and im working in a store in the mall being paid twenty dollars an hour for my services, that's a lot especially since I work from twelve in the day to the time the mall closes. Naruto is also bringing in the money by working in a ramen shop my lover's new favorite food. We've done well for ourselves my mother and father have complimented. Im glad about that to.

Another important event that took place in our life was when Naruto went to the grave yard to visit his mother for the first time in like forever it seemed like to him.


We arrived at the cemetery Naruto's mother was buried in and right away Naruto knew where he was going we had bought at least two dozen roses for her, and when we arrived at the stone my eyes widened.

'Here lies Kyubbi Uzamaki R.I.P'

I watched as Naruto got on his knees and began to talk to her.

"Hello mother, im sorry for all these years not being able to visit you, but now im free just like you wanted but knew it couldn't be, and guess what mother im married my husband is right here...I remember after dad passed away how you use to tell me it didn't matter who I love young old male female you would always except him and if it weren't from Sasuke I wouldn't be here...I love you mom rest in piece" Naruto finished taking half of the dozen roses and laying them down

"Who's the other half for?" Sasuke asked

"My dad" he said

Soon after we went to visit his dad's grave witch was at least three stones down from his mother's but I didn't dare ask him why they weren't buried together. After he said a couple of words to his father and told him we were married he left. It started to rain on our way home and we were getting wet even though the rain was hiding it I knew he was crying.


After that my friends drove all the way down here to see me. They were surprised and happy to see us and finally meet Naruto.


'Knock, knock'

Naruto opened the door with a smile.

"Come in" I heard him say from the kitchen

I got up from my seat I had taken at the table with a tray in hand it had sodas and chips on it.

"Hey it's Uchiha" Kiba said to me

I set the tray on the small coffee table we owned and me and my best friends had a group hug.

"We've missed you dude" Chouji said

"Yeah it's been a real drag with out ya" Shikamaru added

"Hi im Meayen what's your name?" Meayen asked Naruto who was surprised he hadn't even seen her

"H-hi and im Naruto" he replied

"Nice to meet you and this is the ultimate salad" she said pointing to us in our group hug

"The ultimate salad?" Naruto asked

"The ultimate salad that never rots" Meayen said as she started laughing "that never get's unfunny" Meayen said

Naruto started laughing along with her as we all just enjoyed the friend ship moment. Soon after I found out that Neji was going to become a scientist and marry Meayen, he said I was invited to be one of his best men and Meayen offered Naruto to be one of her brides maids and he accepted him and her had really hit it off. Soon they left and I promised that I would come visit next time.

"Sasuke have you ever thought about moving back to Kohona?" Naruto asked

"Yeah sometimes you?" I replied


Me and Naruto decided we would think about moving back home.


We decided and we decided that we would so here we are now living back in Kohona city. My mother was happy for us Iruka cried tears of joy and my brother was getting married soon to Sassori, I had two weddings to go to but luckily for me there not on the same day.


Naruto and Sasuke had moved back a month ago and were now living in a decent sized house, they were laying in the backyard on a blanket looking up at the night sky together.

"...you know Sasuke we've been threw a lot together" Naruto said

"Yeah we have and now were finally settling in" Sasuke replied

"We've been married for three years and five months" Naruto said

"Yes three years and five months of adventure and love" Sasuke said pulling the blonde on top of him

"And im finally free and my parent's can rest peace now because I have you" Naruto said

Sasuke kissed Naruto's forehead

"Sasuke sometimes I wonder if you were an angel put on this earth for me to meet so you could take me away and make life better for me" Naruto said closing his eyes and resting his head on Sasuke's chest

"Hn im no angel" Sasuke said

"To me you are" Naruto said

They looked into one another's eyes and kissed passionately before Naruto resumed resting on Sasuke.

"And(yawn) I love you" Naruto said before drifting to sleep

'Sometimes I wonder if you were angel put on earth for me so we could help each other it may have been hard in the beginning and we helped one another threw, I couldn't ask for anything more.'

Sasuke closed his eyes and let the wind and soft breathing of his lover sooth him to sleep.

"And I will love you always"