Title: Last dance

Rating: k

Warnings: none

spoilers: none

Disclaimer: Only in my dreams

A small place face peered out at him from behind a heavy, ornately carved wooden door. It was wider at the top, ending in a slightly pointed chin, softened by the long dark curls framing it. On said face, a pair of big aquamarine eyes framed with long dark lashes studied him, taking in his height, slight raggedness, shaggy brown locks, and the gun in his hand. Sam. She smiled, full pink lips shining slightly in the light she was bathed in from the room behind her. Her pale thin fingers curled a bit tighter around the edge of the door as he turned to face her. But she didn't move.

He took her in with beautiful brown eyes that were startlingly pain filled. He'd been hurt many times and yet he loved, pure and true. Dean. She soundlessly tested out the name. Whereas Sam was soft and sweet, if a bit rough around the edges, Dean was sharp, tangy, and yet fragile like a butterfly wing. He was most definitely the reason for the love, but surprisingly he was also a cause of the pain. He would be leaving and much too soon.

She smiled at him and mouthed the words she lacked the voice to speak. Sam please come here. He acquiesced, appearing to sense that she meant him no harm. She turned and opened door wider, motioning him in. it was a ballroom, as ornate as the door and looking almost fairy made. The floor was pink and white highly polished marble with silver flecks and carved with slender gold lines that created a intricate swirling pattern. The opposite wall was dominated by a large window made of small diamond shaped gold, green, and clear planes, the center of which consisted of one large blue plane with a rose etched into it. It looked out onto a large lake the shimmered black and silver in the moonlight. To their left a fountain spilled water into it's basin, creating a cheery gurgling song. To his other side sat a shining black grand piano. At intervals along the side walls were small ledges built to hold simple white candles in alternating silver and gold holders, which was precisely what they were doing.

Sam turned and got his first good look at the young woman. She looked to be a few years younger than him, around nineteen and short, just barely reaching the bottom of his chest. She was delicate looking herself, wearing a white dress trimmed in pink lace and red ribbon and pair of pink shoes not unlike ballet slippers. On her head sat a wreath of pink and red roses sat atop her raven curls. She reached up and took one of his large rough hands into one of her slender cool ones. Around them others appeared. Women in ball gowns and men in tuxedos surrounded them and began to dance the music provided by the band now situated by the piano. Looking down, Sam found his well worn jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, and boots had been exchanged for a traditional black and white tux and shiny black shoes and the gun he had held previously was now a single red rose like the one on the window, which he offered to his host. She happily accepted it and gave it a sniff before tucking it behind her ear.

She took his other hand as a new song started up and they began to dance, swirling to the beat. Around them the other couples slowly stopped, watching the young couple move gracefully together. They slowed and came to a stop as the song ended. She looked up and was surprised to find Sam smiling down at her. Impulsively she stretched up on tiptoes and and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Pulling back, she tucked something into his right hand and mouthed goodbye. Slowly everything, the band, the dancers, and her began to fade away, leaving Sam standing in a dirty, long forgotten ballroom, alone. Looking down, he found himself holding his gun in one hand and the single red rose in the other. Slowly he turned and walked out to go find Dean. He didn't think that Isabella would be bothering anyone anymore.

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