The brunette tapped her pencil furiously on her desk, getting more and more aggravated as she stared at the clock, the end of school approaching. She bit her lip, and began shaking her leg to the rhythm of her pencil. It seemed as if the clock was taunting her, ticking in slow motion.

She felt something tickle the back of her neck, but she shrugged it off. Feeling something for a second time that was slightly larger, she snapped her head around, her eyes darting to find the culprit. The brunette's sparkly blue pools landed on a certain blonde who was innocently twirling her hair around her finger. A little too innocently. Miley captured her eyes in a glare. The guilty suspect pointed to the crumpled up paper now lying on the floor. "Open", she mouthed. Making sure that her teacher, Mr. Mason, was still engaged with the lesson (oblivious to the fact that no one was paying attention), she quickly snatched the balled up paper off the floor.

Taking one more look at her teacher, she opened it. She focused on the note, her eyes dancing from left to right. She scoffed and rolled her eyes. Irritated with Lilly's chicken scratch, she replied. Balling it up again, she contemplated on how she would return it. The crumpled paper in her hand, she turned around and threw it as hard as she could. Too hard. Lilly dodged it just in time as it hit a certain brown-haired boy in the face. "Aaahhh", Oliver yelped. All eyes were on him at this point. Miley's hands flew to her mouth, trying to hide her gasp. Her teacher, now fully aware of his class of juvenile delinquents, noticed this. "Miss Stewart?" He gave her a questioning eyebrow.

She caught his gaze. "Yes", she squeaked.

"Is it possible to pay attention to the English lesson, and not pass notes?"

She looked at her hands. "Sorry".

He walked to the back of the room, and picked up the crumpled paper off of the floor. Lilly tried not to wince, but failed miserably as he opened it. "OMG", he coughed uncomfortably, then continued reading to the class out loud, "I saw your", he squinted not understanding Lilly's handwriting. "…brother swimming yesterday. He looked so H-A-W-T!" He frowned. "Lillian, you misspelled 'hot'.

She sunk down in her seat. "Yeah", she mumbled.

Miley tried to cover her face, for she knew what was coming next. "It also reads", Mr. Mason moved the paper close to his face, "Gross. Oliver looks way better with his shirt off."

Giggles could be heard throughout the classroom, as Miley began to repeatedly bang her head on her desk.

"Quiet down", Mr. Mason demanded, "And you two", he pointed to Lilly and Miley, "Control your hormones".

Miley gagged at the word and lifted her head off of her desk. She then slowly turned her head around to where Oliver was sitting, only to find him smirking at her. She quickly turned her head around and mentally slapped herself.

When the bell finally rang, Miley dashed out of class and ran to her locker to get her backpack. As she opened her locker, she felt strong hands on her waist as someone leaned towards her ear.

"Your body's not too bad either".

"Screw you".

It was horrible. Blah. Sorry.