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Silence part 2

8 months earlier

"I told you what I want!" He shouts at her.

"I did as 'ou asked," she whispers to him.

"Did I say you could speak?" he reaches up and smacks her across the face.

"Pleaze, I…" He hits her harder this time.

"Keep it up and I will take it out on your sister!"

Silence looks down sadly

"Stay still," he moans, his hand pulls her platinum hair.

"Eet 'urts," she whimpers.

"Not to me." He moans again.

"Pleaze stop." She feels her tears on her face.

"Shut up!" he shouts at her.

"Pleaze…" she cries out quietly in pain.

He growls, shoving himself harder and deeper into her. "Act like you fucking enjoy it, like the good little whore you are or I will do this to them as well!"

Her tears fall faster. She tries to will the pain to go away, thinking only of one thing. She has to keep them safe from him.

Silence hangs it's head in shame.

"What's wrong?" she asks, her grey eyes filled with worry.

"I'm concerned," she says to her lover.

"Why?" she plays with her lover's silvery hair.

"She 'as been zo withdrawn lately," the woman leans into the touch.

"I've noticed that as well."

The silvery blond bites her lower lip. Grey eyes watch her and gently touches those lips

"Talk to me."

The blue eyes look up into Grey eyes once again.

"I zink 'e 'its 'er." she whispers.

"WHAT!?" Grey eyes are wide with shock.

"I'm not sure but...I 'ave a feeling…"

Silence wonders

"Why would she let him in the first place?" she asks gently.

"I zink I know but... 'ou may not like what I tell 'ou," she states, avoiding the look her lover is giving her.

"Tell me."

The silvery blond is quiet and unsure.

"Please tell me," her lover asks again.

The air is still. The blue-eyed blond knows her lover is very protective of family.

'Do you not trust me?" the grey eyed woman asks

"Weeth my life. 'ou know zis."

"Why are you having such a problem telling me? It worries me."

The air is still once again.

"Please tell me," grey eyes beg her; blue eyes close for a moment.

"To protect me," She whispers.

Silence listens

The grey-eyed woman lowers her head. She is mad, not at her lover's sister, but at the man she had married. Her fists clench.

"We have to get her out," she states.

"I know," a soft answer is heard

"We need to do it now," Her voice is growing hard.

"I know." She caresses her lover's cheek, hoping to calm her down.

"We need help," she says as she relaxes into the touch.

"I know."

"Who?" the grey-eyed woman asks as she pulls her lover onto her chest.

"'arry and 'ermione," the young French woman whispers.

Silence wonders if they will help them

"Think they will?" she caresses the silvery blond hair and watches it reflection in the moonlight.

"I know zey will" she whispers

"How do you know that?"

"Zey love 'er."

"So do we"

The blue-eyed woman moves to look down at her lover, "Non, zey 're een love weeth 'er."

Grey eyes smiles up at her.

"'ou knew?"

The dirty blond chuckles but says nothing.

" Ow?" the French witch asks.

"It's was the way they acted towards each other. She always protected them. Even during the tournament. She was always watching over them, and they did the same thing." She sits up and leans against the headboard then pulls the other blond to her. "I remember seeing Him give her a potion a few days after the first task. They knew the potions that the healers were giving Fleur weren't working, so they brewed one that would work with her Veela heritage as well."

" I remember zat. She was surprised, but deep down she knew that they would never 'urt her." She nuzzles into the woman's neck.

" After each task, He would always give her one. She would never ask him, just would drink it. The healers thought they did all the work." She smiles softly, "But I knew the truth."

Silence is intrigued

"Does eet bozher 'ou?" She curls into the woman's side, arms wrap around her.

"What?" she asks

"Does eet bozher 'ou?"

"That they love each other?" She looks into those gorgeous blue eyes


"No, it doesn't. " She giggles.

"Zat ees why I love 'ou." The French woman kisses her.

"Oh? Is that the only reason?"


"Tomorrow we go and get her." She nuzzles her neck again.

"Zank 'ou"

"I love you," she whispers.

"I know."

"I would die for you."

"'ou can kiss me instead."

"I'll do more than that," the naturalist whispers in the blonds ear.

"Pleaze do," she shivers.

Kisses and moans can be heard throughout the home.

Silence blushes, and gives them privacy

(a knock)

"Help us." Grey eyes ask.

"Pleaze." Blue eyes beg.

"Tell us." Chocolate eyes hands them some tea and sits with a set of green eyes.

"'e 'its 'er." Her lover's arms wrap around her." And we believe 'e maybe be doing more zan zat."

"How do you know?" Green eyes ask.

"I am 'er sister and Veela... I know"

"Please, I fear something may have already happened." Grey eyes plead.

Chocolate eyes look deep into green ones, and a nod of confirmation passes between them

'So do we," the woman with brown eyes whispers.


"We have a feeling," the man interrupts her.

"So you will help us?" the dirty blond asks.

"Yes," they say in unison.

Silence now has hope

They have moved around the house. The four can hear yelling from inside. They all grab their wands, moving forward with their plan.

"Stop moving!" he punches her in the stomach." Why can't you just listen to what I tell you to do?" He smacks her hard across the face.

"Pleaze stop..." she can taste the blood in her mouth.

"Why do you always ask that?" he pulls her hair hard. "You know I won't."

He pushes her to the floor hard. Her head hits the table and she shouts in pain, he smiles at his handiwork and begins talking again.

"After I'm done with you," he kneels whispering in her ear, "I am going to do the same thing to your sister."

"Non, please!"

He picks her up by the hair again, "Then I will do it to you again. Once I'm done, I will make sure those two you hold so dearly will never want you. You'll be soiled goods, no one will want you after I'm done, or maybe I should do the same thing that I do to your sister to them? Hmm?"

Tears stream down her face clearing some of the blood away. "Non, leave zem alone, pleaze..."

A loud "crack" is heard.

"Step away from her." An icy masculine voice is heard.

"OH Look... he is here to save you." He laughs and takes the knife slicing her down her shirt, cutting her arm badly, she screams in pain.

"He said to step away from her." This time it's a woman's voice. Her voice was that of molten lava.

The abusive man just laughs louder,"What are you going to do?"

He then notices a bright flash of light. He looks to his left and sees steel grey and icy blue orbs staring at him... then he sees nothing but blackness.

Silence holds its breath

"The Aurors will take him away." She hears a man's voice.

"We need to get her to a healer and fast, she is losing way to much blood." Her mind is reeling; she hears more voices, they're female.

Then she feels arms surround her and a whisper, "I'm 'ere sister."

The broken woman falls into those arms and cries.

Silence Cries with her

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