I sat, comfortably curled up, on the Cullen's living room couch. Edward was out with Alice, Rosalie was working on fixing the latest dent in the Volvo, and Esme and Carlisle were out for dinner. That left me alone with Emmett and Jasper.

Emmett sat on the other side of the couch, making the cushions slant, and therefore making me slide down close to him every time he shifted. The first few times had been discomforting, I would blush, Emmett would boom out some obscene comment, and Jasper would calm Emmett down to a normal state.

I had a death grip on the armrest, not wanting to slide down for the umpteenth time.

"SCORE!" Emmett shouted, as his Mario golf cart hurtled through the finish line seconds before Jasper's.

He leaped up as the music started playing and did a happy dance to the tinny beeping. Seconds later my eyelids began to droop, and feelings of serenity washed over me, relaxing every part in my body.

Also feeling subdued, Emmett sat down again, waiting for Jasper to pick another game.

I slid down beside him against my will, and he grinned as he saw me nestled against his side.

"Well, lookie here! Bella just can seem to stay away from me today!" Emmett nearly shouted. "I guess my manly charms are getting to you!"

I opened my mouth to retort as I pushed myself back up to the other side of the couch but I felt a familiar rumbling in my tummy.

A flow of carbon dioxide and oxygen bubbled up my throat and before I could stop it, poured out my mouth with one of the most embarrassing of human traits.


I turned pink. Jasper stared at me with a mixture of horror and disbelief. Emmett started to grin with childish pleasure.

"What was that!?" they asked simultaneously.

"Um," what on earth should I say?! I guess honesty is always the best policy. "That was a, err, burp"

"A burp?" Jasper looked at me questioningly.

"Yeah, or a, um, belch?" I was beyond humiliated. How could I explain this to them? In a flash of brilliance I brought out my dictionary from my school bag.

"Belch. Verb. To eject gas spasmodically and noisily from the stomach through the mouth; eruct."

"Spasmodically?" Jasper asked, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Uh, yes?" I responded, not entirely sure what it meant.

Emmett burst into laughter, rocking the room.

Wiping non-existent tears from his eyes he asked, "Do it again!"