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Sokka was pacing the hallways that led to Katara's room. He wanted to make sure to run into Zuko to try and complicate the situation.

How will I phrase it?

Sokka paced with his fingers stroking his chin in deep thought. He was completely thrown off balance when someone grabbed him by the wrist and threw him against the wall.

"What are you planning to do?" Zuko's eyes were slit in anger and his voice was a venomous whisper. "You better think carefully about each word you choose, because they may be your last."

Sokka gulped. Zuko was standing uncomfortably close and the heat was rolling off him in waves.

"She doesn't belong to you!"

Zuko grabbed Sokka by the throat.

"Neither does she belong to a treacherous brother attempting to defile her."

Sokka threw off Zuko's arm.

"At least he'll be better for her! You don't know what she went through—what they went through! And it's all because of you. Did you think for one moment I would give her to you willingly?"

"I already apologized for the past and you forgave me. You have no fucking right to bring this up now! Katara will not be treated this way by anyone!"

"You mean anyone except for you? Because you own her?! She's your bitch?!"

"Because I love her!" Zuko screamed in Sokka's face.

Sokka's eyes widened and his face went white. He saw the truth of Zuko's statement blazing in his eyes. But it was too late for that now. It had to be some trick of the light. If there ever was a chance to save Katara, it was now.

"Don't you think Aang loves her too? What about Katara? Do you know for sure that she'll stay with you? That she won't one day realize that she married the fucking man whose father destroyed the hope and happiness of her family?"

"Katara loves me for who I am, and accept the mistakes that I made in the past. What she and Aang will make is not love. It's rape."

"So be it."

Zuko snapped at Sokka's last retort. He pulled back a fist and jammed it as far as he could into Sokka's face. He was pretty sure he felt the satisfying crunch of a nose. Sokka was yelling and clutching his broken nose. Zuko grabbed him by his hair and held him up.

"This will be the only time I will say this to you. I understand your concern for Katara. But just know that I can break those arms of yours as easy and snapping my fingers. I'm not saying I will; I'm saying I can."

Zuko walked away, leaving Sokka to bleed on the floor. Shit, Katara! Zuko started running for their room, hoping—praying to anything and everything that Katara wasn't in any danger.

Katara had just come out of the bathroom after checking that all the turtle ducks were asleep, when Zuko burst into the room. Katara started to smile, until she caught the expression on his face. He crossed the room in a few short steps and seized Katara up in his arms.

"Are you ok?"

Zuko put her down and frantically searched her for marks, his golden eyes tense.

"Zuko! I'm fine! What's wrong?"

Zuko didn't answer her and started checking the room.

"Where's Aang?" The question ripped out of his throat. He continued to overturn the room.

"Oh…you already knew about that?"

Katara's baleful voice made Zuko stop in his tracks. Sokka wasn't setting them up? Katara was doing it of her own free will?!

Zuko turned slowly and glared at Katara with a frightening intensity.

"You already did it?"

"I didn't think you'd have a problem with it! I used to do it all the time with—"

"You slut." Zuko snarled.

Katara froze. Zuko looked seven different kinds of pissed and she had no idea why. He'd called her names before, but never with such conviction and blame.


"How dare you even think about doing something like this when you're with me!"

Katara balled her fists to her side. Who was he to yell at her about bringing turtle ducks into the room?!

"I was doing it for you!"

Zuko's mind reeled. She slept with Aang to forget about him and concentrate on me? What the fuck?!

"Did you honestly think something like that would make you happy?! You think I wanted you to embrace him instead of me?"

"It wouldn't be the same if it was you!"

Katara could feel tears of rage forming around her eyes. Yes, she loved Zuko, but when it came to fluffy cuteness, turtle ducks definitely won! Katara was definitely completely confused as to why Zuko had such a hard time accepting turtle ducks into the room. Was he traumatized as a child? Seeing as how Zuko had completely frozen over from her last comment, Katara decided to continue.

"All I wanted was to show them to you! I thought you'd find it cute! Fine! I'll go put them back right now! Jerk!"

Zuko snapped out of his frozen state and was now completely confused. Why would I find it cute that she screwed other guys?

Katara stomped over to the bathroom door and had her hand on the handle when she felt Zuko's hand on her shoulder.

"What are you talking about?"

She threw a contemptuous glance over her shoulder as she threw open the door.


The two of them stood there as the turtle ducks started quacking; trying to join in with the loud noises they were woken up by. Zuko felt all his anger disappear like steam as he looked into Katara's (still angry) innocent eyes. Of course she would never cheat on him! Katara blinked in surprise as Zuko let out a loud laugh. She was perplexed as he bent over double laughing until tears were running down his face.

"Uh…Zuko? What happened?"

At the sound of Katara's voice, Zuko swept her up again in his arms and kissed her lovingly. Katara was grateful for his strong arms holding her up because they seemed to have turned into jelly.

"So you don't hate the turtle ducks?"

About an hour later, Zuko and Katara had explained everything fully to each other. They were lounging on the bed and making small talk.

"Oh, I think I broke your brother's nose…sorry." Zuko didn't look half as remorseful as he sounded.

Katara giggled.

"Whatever. He deserved it! What a douche…honestly. Sometimes I think I got all the brains in the family. I'll just heal him in the morning. No big."

Zuko smiled with her. The caught each other's gaze and held it for a while before Zuko reached out and tucked a wayward strand behind Katara's ear. Katara blushed and looked away. When she looked back up, Zuko's eyes were burning with a strange light.


Neither of them knew how it happened, but one second, they were casually lounging, the next, they were pressed up against each other. Zuko kissed her gently, slowly, taking his time to enjoy the moment. Then he started to kiss her neck, softly, while keeping her against him. All Katara could do was hold tight to his shirt.

"I was so afraid of losing you."

Zuko sucked her earlobe and Katara shivered.

"I love you."

Katara's eyes opened and she pushed away from Zuko. Those were the three words she would have died to hear from Zuko. Was it really true? Katara confessed in a small voice;

"I love you too."

Zuko passionately kissed Katara, barely giving her time to breath. Her hands wound in his hair as they lowered into the bed. Katara could feel every bit of his body through his clothes; the heat and friction rubbing between them. Katara's soft mewls only made Zuko harder. His breath came in pants as his pants became tighter and tighter. Zuko sucked the soft skin that joined Katara's neck and shoulder.

"I want you. I need you to be mine."

Zuko raised himself up to look down into Katara's eyes. She was flushed and panting as well. She smiled brilliantly and nodded. Zuko trailed wet kisses down her collar bone while his hand came up to massage her right breast. Katara moaned. Zuko impatiently tore Katara's clothes off. Katara gasped then laughed gently and removed the rest of her clothing. Zuko whipped off his shirt and lowered himself to suckle Katara's tit. Zuko trailed a hand down Katara's side, feeling her soft skin. He brought his hand towards her soft curling hair and rubbed her clit. Katara's head snapped back and she cried out softly. Her fingers twined into his hair and Zuko let his finger rub back and forth for a while before slipping it into her. Katara held Zuko closer to her and he pumped slowly; moaning softly in his ear. Their eyes met and Katara was almost melted by the golden intensity burning in Zuko.

Zuko kept his eyes locked with hers as he went lower and lower and placed himself in front of Katara's pussy. Katara frowned with confusion. What was he doing there? All ability to think fled Katara when Zuko dipped under and sucked her wet cunt. Katara clutched the bedding as Zuko stroked her with his tongue and inserted it into her. His fingers started playing with her clit and Katara whispered his name as she shut her eyes. Katara felt something inside her tighten. Zuko kept sucking and licking her wet pussy. Her mewls made him harder and harder. He felt her body tense up and pumped his tongue faster as Katara screamed his name and came hard. He pulled himself up to Katara again and smiled gently.

"Katara?" Zuko stroked her cheek.

"G-give me a second…I'm still seeing stars…" Katara was completely breathless and her eyes were out of focus.

Zuko kissed her lovingly to help bring her back down.

"Are you alright, love?" Zuko asked.

Katara nodded and then brushed Zuko's hair out of his face.

"But what about you?"

Then Katara was hit with a brilliant idea. Well, it had something to do with Toph explaining what guys found pleasurable…but as long as it satisfied Zuko, Katara would summon the courage to do it. Katara saw the bulge in Zuko's pants and gently put her hand on it. Zuko sucked in his breath as her unexpected motion sent waves of pleasure rocking through his body. The hem of his pants were slowly pulled down and his huge hard on was finally released. Katara gently stroked it with one finger, wondering what would happen and was rewarded with Zuko's breathy groan. Emboldened by his apparent pleasure, Katara wrapped her hand around Zuko and started pumping. Now it was Zuko's turn to clutch at the bed sheets to resist taking Katara then and there. Pre-cum was dripping from the head, so Katara cautiously licked it off and as she did so, Zuko bucked his hips and clenched even tighter. Katara was pumping faster now; she was curious if anymore pre-cum was going to come out when Zuko stopped her.

Katara looked up, worried that she might have done something wrong and she gave a yelp of surprise when Zuko grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down once more on the bed.

"I can't wait anymore," panted Zuko. "I need you now."

Katara hung her arms on Zuko's neck and spread her legs farther apart. Zuko guided himself to her pussy and looked back at Katara. He kissed her, slowly at first, then his lust broke through and he forced her lips open to ravage her tongue. They both tasted themselves on each other and were intoxicated by the luxurious feeling of their tongues sliding together. Then, when Zuko knew that Katara was distracted, he gave a sharp thrust and broke through Katara's barrier. Katara's scream was lost in Zuko's kiss. Katara pushed on his chest lightly and Zuko broke their kiss. Katara's eyes were swimming with pain and Zuko cursed himself for even momentarily hurting Katara. The pain started to subside, giving way to another emotion, making Katara blush and moan slightly. Zuko's head was lost in the flurry of intense pleasure and lust so fierce it was hell waiting for Katara to adjust. Katara started to experiment and pressed herself closer to Zuko. The both of them gasped as the tiny movement sent bolts of pleasure streaking through their bodies. Zuko pulled out, almost completely and slammed back into Katara, making the both of them make noises of pleasure.

"Oh…Yes…" Zuko moaned as he continued to pull out and slam in.

Zuko buried himself to the hilt and ground his hips with Katara's. She made a pleading sound in the back of her throat and he continued to pound her. He changed his angle and speed trying to please Katara more.

"Ah! Zuko!" Katara cried out when he hit a spot that made her hornier.

Zuko tried to aim for that spot as much as he could.

"Say my name…oh god…Katara…"

Zuko was forcing himself into Katara harder and harder.

"Zu..ko! Ahn!"

Katara moaned quietly. Zuko went even faster.

"Louder." He grunted.

"Please Zuko! Ah!! Zuko! Zuko! Zuko-aaahhhhhh!!!"

Katara screamed his name as she came again, this time harder and better than the last.

Zuko kept pumping as he felt her tighten around his cock. He felt himself tighten up as well.

"Ahhhh!" He moaned as he came in her. He kept pumping until he had milked out every drop of cum.

Both of them held each other as they panted and came down from their highs. Zuko pulled out of Katara and rolled the both of them over, so he could snuggle Katara in his arms. They looked at each other and smiled lovingly. Choosing Fire or not, they were meant to be together. Zuko pulled the covers closer onto them and held Katara tighter.

"Let's have the turtle ducks over again sometime," Zuko chuckled as they both drifted off to sleep.

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