An NCIS/ Supernatural Crossover fic

WARNING! WARNING! If you have read this fic prior to 01/01/2010, you may want to go over previous chapters as you may find changes that will be important to you in reading this fic. If you're new to the story, welcome, and I hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: No romantic relationships will be found in this fic. Plenty of hurt/comfort, friendship, family and team bonding. Contains traces of angst, adventure, mystery and crime. Usual supernatural themes.

Timeline: Pre-series for Supernatural, during the 'Stanford Years' (Sam is away), would fit into season one/two era for NCIS, as Kate is still alive.

The story is mine, the shows are not.

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Duct tape is like The Force. It has a light side, a dark side and it holds the Universe together.

"Bobby...? Yeah man, what's up...? Nah, just finished off... Yeah, messy little bastards... Nah, no problems... Seriously, didn't even need the hospital. You got somethin' for me...? Nah, Dad reckons we'll get more done if we're split up most of the time, so he's off someplace else... Oh come on Bobby, I'm over eighteen. That was one time! ONE time and you guys never let me forget it! Yeah, ok, should be able to handle it fine. You know me... Ha ha ha. Whatever old man... Yeah, I'll let you know when it's done. I promise I'll call, ok? Ok."

Dean hung up the phone and sighed, leaning back onto the motel bed, which, for once, wasn't saggy or stiff, but just firm enough to be comfortable. It was true the last hunt's results didn't require a hospital, but that was really only because Dean hated them and had done his best to patch himself up with his rather extensive med kit. He might have been a passable medic on others, but stitching and wrapping yourself up was always awkward and, when ribs were involved, painful.

It didn't matter how tough you were, or how many broken, cracked or bruised ribs you'd had before (not that he'd really had that many), you might get used to 'em, but they always hurt like a bitch. Arms too high and burning pain, twist a little too much when you walked, bump the brunette waitress as you walk past to your booth in the corner... The list was endless when it came to jarring injured ribs.

Normally a hunt involving a shape shifter was something for someone with a partner, but Dean never did do 'normally' well. Plus, he'd handled one before. Sorta. It ended up dead and Dean figured that counted as a win, even if he was thankful it wasn't too experienced with hunters. Any supernatural creature that had experience with hunters was something to be very wary of.

Three hours of rest after Bobby's call later, Dean was packing the last of his gear carefully into the Impala and slipping the trunk shut with a soft thud. He couldn't imagine having another car, no matter how old this girl got, or how hard she was getting to source for good parts. The Impala had felt like his ever since he first sat in it, before the hunting thing came up, before… well, before. It was home more than anything else ever would be.

Sliding the keys home into the ignition, Dean brought his baby to life with a low, almost sexy rumble of power and cleared the parking lot, turning onto the road and gunning the engine.


Gibbs turned to his team who were currently gathered around his desk in the squad room awaiting details on their newest case. They hadn't had much excitement lately and were itching to get their teeth into something new. Gibbs, however, didn't share their enthusiasm. In his experience, quiet work always meant a storm was coming, which seemed to end up with someone being shot, tied up or drugged, which meant a hell of a lot more paperwork, meaning the need for coffee. Well, more than the usual supply of caffeine.

"Morning Gibbs," Abby greeted cheerfully as she handed him a coffee; a reversal of his normal role of getting her CafPow! Drinks. The chipper Goth then plonked herself on top of his desk, swinging her chunky soled boots in her usual childlike manner.

Accepting the hot beverage with a grateful nod, Gibbs took a gulp of his coffee before returning the greeting; "Morning Abs."

"So, whadda we got?" Tony asked overly cheerfully.

"New Case. Four bodies found so far, all of 'em sharing the same m.o. Latest victim, naval officer by the name of Mary Sabene, claims to have been saved, but refuses to say who," Gibbs said, not needing to look at his copy of the file and passing the others their own copies, complete with crime scene photos.

"Says here the attending l.e.o's failed to get her to describe her attacker

"Boss, why are we getting this case now? I mean the Feds were on it before. Why hand it over to us?" Kate asked curiously, flipping casually through the file.

"Supposedly because the latest 'victim' is a Navy employee," Gibbs said in a tone that made it obvious he thought it was crap.

"Maybe also because the Feds couldn't solve the case?" Tony said, posing his theory half-question, half-statement.

Gibbs nodded. "Something like that but the director made it clear it's now our case, for better or worse. Abby, I want you to run down those symbols—."

"Don't need to," Abby said, interrupting and laying out the photos of each of the symbols in question. "See this one here?" the young forensic scientist asked, pointing to a five pointed star surrounded by a circle. "That's a pentacle, it's used by all sorts of people, though mostly pagans—."

"Witches? You're not saying witches did this, are you?" Kate asked skeptically.

"Don't be silly, Kate. The pentacle has been around for a looong time. It's used for protection. So are the rest of these, from the looks of it. See here? That's the alchemical symbol for silver, and these are runes for protection and strength. If anything, Bossman, I'd say whoever made these didn't want to hurt this lady at all. They wanted to protect her."

Gibbs stared down at the symbols a moment longer before flicking his eyes to the young gothic scientist. He didn't doubt her knowledge in the weird and occult for a moment. "So what, whoever saved this woman thinks there's some monster out there doing this?" Gibbs asked.

"Oh Gibbs, you big cynic, just because you didn't learn it in the marines doesn't mean it's not true. Millions of people all over the world hold belief in the supernatural, from Santa Claus to the Devil to faeries, goblins and angels. Thousands of cultures for hundreds even thousands of years have given tribute to and sought protection against supernatural entities," Abby said in a slightly admonishing tone.

Tony and Kate stared at Abby. "You believe in all that?" Kate asked, eyeing the younger woman.

"Uh, hello, Goth?" Abby said, waving at her black clothes and jewelry, "I might not practice the craft but I don't not believe either."

"Have you ever seen a supernatural entity?" Tony asked, eyebrows raised, a quick grin flashing across his face.

"Well, my aunt once swore she had a ghost in her house, but I didn't see it. I did smell it though," Abby said.

"You smelt it?" Tony asked incredulously.

"Yeah, see, he used to smoke these cigarettes, and every time he'd appear, he'd leave behind this old smokey smell, like the really old cigarettes, y'know? It was kinda cool, even though I was always so disappointed I didn't catch him while he was there" Abby replied, eyes alight with remembered excitement.

"Alright kids, break it up," Gibbs said just as Tony was about to launch into further discussion, choosing to intervene before it got too far. "DiNozzo, with me. We're going to talk to our victim. Kate, get onto the FBI, make sure they've given us everything they've got, and get 'em to send the evidence over to Abby's lab. McGee, go through the victim's files, see if there's anything linking them. FBI apparently tried and got nothing. I want you to check and re-check any leads they had while you're at it, see if they missed something, wouldn't be the first time," Gibbs called as he and Tony headed for the elevators.


"I really can't thank you enough, Dean," said the striking middle-aged woman as she fell into a chair, handing a mug of coffee to the young man sitting at her kitchen table.

"Oh letting me hide out here and not giving me over to the cops is thanks enough, Ms. Sabene," said Dean Winchester with a warm smile. Since saving Mary from becoming his latest hunt's next victim, the pair had gotten on like a house on fire, Mary sharing the same fiery nature and sense of humour as Dean.

"I still don't understand why you wouldn't want to go to the police..." Mary started, voice trailing off as the pair turned towards the sound of the door knocking.

"That could be the police again. Mind if I hide?" Dean asked with a grin. Mary had insisted he stay with her while running the case and, against his better judgment, he had given in. It also helped she'd accepted the whole 'evil exists and will rip you to shreds' thing and had actually asked him to help 'evil-proof' her home and car.

That and the woman loved ACDC almost as much as he did.

"Sure," she answered with a grin. "Is my bedroom good enough?"

Dean grinned back. "Well, Miss Sabene, I do declare, that might endanger your maidenly virtue," he drawled back in his best 'southern gentlemen accent'.

"My maidenly virtue was struck off the endangered list years ago young man, now get into that bedroom before whoever's at the door comes bursting in here like some gung-ho savior. Speaking of gung-ho savior...that reminds me of someone," Mary teased as she gently pushed Dean towards the bedroom.

Ducking into her bedroom, Dean slipped the door closed just as Mary opened her front door after washing and putting away the mug Dean had been using. The bedroom was the nearest room and least likely for someone to go into. Why people thought hiding in bathrooms was a good idea was beyond Dean; someone almost always needed to go and they were one of the first places searched.

"Mary Sabene? Special Agents Gibbs, DiNozzo. We're from NCIS. The case has been handed over to us as of now. If you could spare the time, we have a few questions we'd like to ask you?"

Roughly forty-five minutes later, Tony and Gibbs exited the Sabene house with nothing more than they had when they first entered, except more questions and, as Abby would say a 'hinky' feeling the woman wasn't being upfront with them.

"Is it just me or did that get us nowhere?" Tony asked as he piled back into the car with Gibbs.

"Nowhere new. She's hiding something," Gibbs answered, gunning the engine with a quick glance back at the house. "We gotta find out what that is."


Gibbs remained silent as he drove, but Tony could see the miniscule expression that flickered over his boss' face as he turned right.

"Yeah! Stakeout!" Tony crowed, pumping his fist excitedly.

He loved stakeouts.


The elevator pinged as the doors slid open with a hiss, revealing Gibbs as he stepped forth into the room.

"Agent Todd!" Gibbs shouted out, walking over.

"Yes Gibbs?" Kate asked, head snapping up from whatever she'd been looking at on her desktop.

"How do you feel about a stake-out?"

Kate groaned quietly. "Sitting in a car for hours on end, staying constantly alert and aware and almost no bathroom breaks. What more could a girl ask for? Kate asked sarcastically. "Who's the subject?" Kate asked quickly, noticing Gibbs' 'look'.

"Mary Sabene." Gibbs said, rifling through his desk.

"I thought she wasn't a person of interest? Why are we watching her?" Kate asked.

"She's hiding something," Gibbs said ambiguously. "I wanna know what."

"O-kay. On it Boss. C'mon, Katie, let's get spyin'!" Tony called, slinging his jacket on, checking his holstered gun and grabbing his sunglasses and keys.

"Tony?" Gibbs called before the younger man made it to the elevator.

"Yeah Boss?"

"Behave yourself," Gibbs instructed as DiNozzo left for the elevator with a roll of his eyes.

"Clear," Mary laughed as she burst into her bedroom, finding Dean asleep on her queen size bed, jumping awake when the door opened and Mary came in.

Dean relaxed slightly when he realized there wasn't a threat and sunk back onto the bed for a moment. Mary noticed, frowning a little as she spoke, "You okay, Dean?"

"Yeah," Dean said, holding in a sigh. Truthfully he was still beat from his last hunt, and had added exhaustion to the list with his last stunt on this one. Whatever that thing was, it'd taken him a while to make it back off, while trying to figure out what the hell it was (which he still hadn't discovered).

"So you always look like crap?" Mary asked smugly, knowing Dean was lying.

Changing the subject, Dean addressed his concern. "So those guys, were they cops after all or just some really, really, pushy Tupper-wear ladies cause I hear those chicks can be worse than telemarketers..."

"Neither, they were NCIS," Mary stated, letting the previous topic drop. After all, really, it wasn't her place to mother someone she'd only recently met.

"The Navy Criminal Investigation Service? What the hell do they want with you?" Dean asked.

"Y'know, it could have something to do with me being a Naval Officer, or they could just be really, really bored," Mary quipped back sweetly, a mischievous twinkle present in her eyes.

"Yeah yeah smartass. Either way, I can't stay here now—it's too risky. They come calling again, who knows? And you gotta go back to work tomorrow so no one should be home. That means I shouldn't stay here," Dean said.

The older woman nodded slowly, "Can't say I'm pleased about you shucking out but I know why, at least. Where will you go?"

"Some motel, but I better leave now," Dean said, and left the bedroom to grab his duffel.

Once they were by her front door, Dean turned to the woman and gave her a grin, "Well, it's been swell—."

"You mean apart from the whole creature-of-the-night trying to kill me and consequently finding out things really do go bump in the night part I hope?" Mary asked, returning the grin.

"Well, yeah, apart from that. Man, that thing was whacked," Dean commented.

"You're telling me. I'm just damn glad you came in like a knight to save a damsel. Let me know where you are?" Mary asked hopefully.

"Dunno if that's a wise move, Ms. Sabene. Those guys come calling again, might ask about whoever saved you... You're better off with plausible deniability," Dean pointed out.

Twenty minutes later Dean was cruising around looking for some dive to stay in.

"Boss? Yeah, some guy just left the Sabene residence and man does he have a sweet ride!" Tony enthused, shortly after a cherry black, '67 Chevy Impala rumbled its way past.

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure, it's Kilo—Alpha—Zulu—2—Yankee—5... Boss? Should I follow him...? Got it Boss," Tony answered as he hung up and pulled his car out onto the road, going in the direction he'd watched the Impala turn.

"You think this guy's her...boyfriend?" Kate asked from the passenger seat as they followed the Impala.

"Maybe, bit of an age gap though, isn't there?" Tony said as he smoothly turned a corner, two cars back from the black beauty that was their subject.

"Not much more than some of your conquests," Kate snorted.

"Harsh," DiNozzo protested. "And they are not 'conquests'."

"Sure. Hey, he's stopping. Pull over."

Sure enough, the Impala cruised to a stop in front of a medium-sized apartment complex.

"Think the guy lives here?"

"Maybe, but doubtful- they're Kansas plates."



With that the two agents settled into a somewhat comfortable silence, to wait out their target.

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