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Chapter One – Preface

Ten years. Ten years had passed, and it felt like only a few hours. Time really did seem different, now that I had been changed. Slow and fast, all at the same time. The first year had been the hardest, slowly adjusting to my new lifestyle. But Edward, my beautifully perfect husband, was my rock. He stayed strong, teaching me control. And even though I feared losing my humanity would drive us apart, instead it deepened our bond.

And eventually, my eyes faded slowly from crimson to topaz.

Ten years. It had taken me ten years before my head began to clear itself of the constant, ever-present thirst. We stayed in the isolation of our home in Alaska, occasionally visiting with Tanya and her coven in Denali. Edward had promised that he would not let me be like Bree, and he was always a man of his word. Instead of murderous rampages, I perfected my Spanish. I read Jane Austen until the bindings cracked in protest. Emmett taught me how to wrestle, against Edward's protests, and I shamed him countless times in arm wrestling matches. He has yet to challenge me to a rematch.

But becoming a vampire definitely had its benefits. Aro's curiosity in my future powers was well founded. I seemed to have picked up a few traits from each of my family members. The most dominant is the ability to read minds, courtesy of my faultless husband. But it's much deeper than hearing exactly what someone was thinking. Like Jasper, I can understand someone's emotions, as well as their thoughts. Unlike Jasper, I have no control over those emotions, I merely interpreted them. Like Alice, I have visions. They are not as frequent or as far off in the future as hers. Emmett argues that I'm merely "vision stealing".

Edward claims I possessed the same intense beauty Rosalie has, but I don't believe his biased opinion.

Another effect my change brought was that my thoughts are no longer a mystery to my husband. Edward says turning me into a vampire changed his frequency to AM. I'm still immune to ... No one in the family is complaining—no longer do they have to hear our constant doting. Edward and I were granted the ability to have completely private conversations—which, to me, was the greatest gift possible.

Life was perfect. Edward and I often trekked alone on hunting trips. We would spend our time discussing important—and unimportant—topics. He was intent on me remembering every pleasant human memory I could. I learned what little Edward could remember of his human life. And there were other newlywed things we did, that required the others to be on hunting trips. Ten pleasant years, passed both swiftly and unhurried at the same time.

And then a few months ago, we had a family meeting, to discuss whether or not I was ready.

They were growing restless. Carlisle grew tired of the long commute it took to the hospital. Alice missed the city lights and her shopping sprees. Emmett never complained—he had his irritable bears, and needed nothing more. Edward was dead-set against it, claiming as much time that could be spent in isolation should be spent.

I silenced them instantly, refusing to let them make this decision for me. I finally felt in control well enough to go back. To begin the façade of being human. They began making plans that same day.

It felt like a well-rehearsed play, written jointly by the entire Cullen family. Edward, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme had already established themselves into the new city, ready for the beginning of the school year. They were resuming the pretenses I had met them under—Carlisle and Esme were married with the three of them as their adopted foster children. Since Emmett and Rosalie both appeared older, they were to be a married couple. And I would be their niece, orphaned by a car crash, avoiding foster care.

I did not enjoy the arrangement at first glance. But we would have the nights to get together. Frequent hunting trips as well. But there was a reason, a strategy behind this arrangement.

In one week, I'll be the new girl, transferred in at the beginning of the second grading quarter. Edward will be the former new student. I'll show up at school, we'll "meet." We'll go through all the arbitrary rules of courtship. We'll be boyfriend and girlfriend. It would be a far more logical explanation for why we would be holding hands, kissing, looking lovingly at each other.

As Emmett, Rosalie and I packed up the last few boxes in Alaska, a false pretense in this human farce, I searched my recollections. My human memories were deteriorating rapidly. I was having difficulty remembering what high school would be like. And I had never been around so many humans before—would that temptation be too much for me to handle, as Edward predicted?

One week. It was all the time I had left to panic about it.

And then I would find out my true strength.

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