NOTE: This is the Prologue to the story

NOTE: This is the Prologue to the story!! YAY!! ENJOY!! Angsty and romancy

Cutting Works

Life is boring;

Life is plain.

Make it fun,

Pick out a vein.

Life is dull;

I need some feeling.

I've tried drugs

And I've tried stealing.

Neither work,

They're both a dud.

Cutting Works;

I draw my blood.

I love it all:

The blood, the pain.

I love it all…

Is that insane?

Cutting deeper,

Scarred for life.

Use a razor.

Use a knife.

Cutting Works,

An urge to bleed.

I love it all,

It's all I need.

Cutting Works,

It's what I do.

Time to make

A scar that's new.

Razors cut,

That's what they're for,


Love can hurt much more.

Watch the blood

As it falls down.

Watch it

As it hits the ground.

Another drop,

It falls like rain.

Cut some more;

Enjoy the pain.

Cutting Works,

Just one more drop.

Once I start,

It's hard to stop.

Love forgotten;

One more slice.

Embrace the pain,

It sure feels nice.

p.s. Good wasn't it? Can't wait for the story can you? Who is speaking do you think? I know who it is!! HaHaHa!! REVIEW!! And tell me who you think it is!! Don't worry!! No one will die and I'll try to have a bunch of cute smutty things!! Please stay tuned!!