Chapter 7

Sasuke was frozen in place as his dark eyes met tear-filled sapphire blue. Naruto had seen him...? He could feel the blood trickling down his arm, yet it didn't give him the same euphoric feeling he normally felt... For the first time ever since he'd first hurt himself, it felt wrong... It felt bad... Never once had hurting himself made him feel worse, never had hurting himself made him feel so... mistaken. He had never felt an itch anywhere but on his arms... over his veins... With Naruto's crying eyes locked on his, he felt something in his heart. It wasn't an itch really, more like a flame, one that made him feel far worse than any itch ever had.

Naruto had seen his weakness... He would treat Sasuke like everyone else did. He would treat him like a little kid who couldn't handle anything. That's what his scars showed... They showed and reminded him that he was weak. He hadn't wanted anyone to see...


"Sasuke," Naruto mumbled, through his hands which were still pressed against his mouth. He wanted to climb down from the tree and comfort the raven, but he was held in his place by said raven's dark eyes. They were so hurt... Like they had just witnessed something they had never wished to see.

They see you...

'Shut up,' he mentally instructed. He tried not to, but his gaze left Sasuke's and was frozen on the pale scars that were scattered all over the raven's arms. He was almost hypnotized by the ruby red against the pale skin...

"Sasuke..." he mumbled, letting his hands fall from his face, "Why do your arms look like that?" He brought his gaze back to the raven's. "Why are you hurt?"

Sasuke shook his head and closed his eyes. He leaned his head back against the tree and didn't say a word.

Naruto needed to make Sasuke feel better. He began moving down the tree.

Don't go to him... You'll make it worse...

Tears still fell down his cheeks. The voice was probably right... He'd only make Sasuke hurt even more. It was probably because he ran out on the raven that he was even outside to hurt himself in the first place! He continued down the tree anyway... He had to try... Right?

Sasuke opened his eyes when he heard a gentle 'plop' right next to him. He was face to face with Naruto.

"Naruto..." he mumbled. There were still tears on the blonde's face, he wanted to reach up and wipe them away.

He didn't.

"Sasuke," the blonde said, looking at him sadly, wiping his eyes. "Why are you hurt?" His big blue eyes were wide and pleading. "Please tell me."

The raven sighed, he would answer. He would do anything to get that sad look off Naruto's face. "When I'm hurt," he stated some what slowly, "It takes my mind off things that I'd rather not think about." He turned his eyes to lock with Naruto's. "No one has ever seen my weakness before; I don't want them too... I didn't want you too..."

"Why, Sasuke?" Naruto questioned. "No one can live happily all alone."

The raven turned his head away. "Everyone treats me differently because I'm alone... They give me pity and fake kindness... Not you," he said. "You treat me the same... like nothing had happened..." He looked back at Naruto, who was surprised to see the dark onyx eyes glistening. "I get this urge, this itch, to make myself ignore my memories. They only go away when I'm hurt... But you kissed me and the itch went away." Sasuke couldn't describe how he felt any better then that. Nothing he could think to say actually said what he wanted...

"But, Sasuke," the blonde said, gently grabbing the raven's arm that was bleeding, "Why'd you do this just now?"

The raven pulled his arm free and ran his hands through his hair. A drop of blood fell upon his face, right below his eye... it looked eerily like a bloody tear; he didn't seem to notice. "I said something that I wish I could take back," he replied in answer to the blonde. "I know I hurt your feelings... It just felt so bad... I had too..." he mumbled. He looked down in shame. He was waiting for Naruto to pity him, to treat him like everyone else did.

"You hurt yourself... because you hurt my feelings...?" the blonde questioned. His tears had stopped finally.

Sasuke nodded meekly. "Ever since you kissed me, everytime I've felt you were upset it has itched... But today, I hurt you... and I just had to-"


Naruto was too angry and too hurt to care about the fact that he had just hit Sasuke; that was the last thing the raven needed. He felt the prickling in his eyes that indicated his tears were about to start falling again.

Sasuke hurt himself because Naruto was hurt? The blonde thought that was so stupid! People hurt him all the time! What if Sasuke found out about some the more horrible stuff that he kept secret? What if one day, the raven discovered how-

-dirty, disgusting, and repulsive you are? He'd probably finally succeed in ending his pain... by death... The voice was evil and smirking.

Naruto's tears built. Sasuke couldn't hurt himself for Naruto! He couldn't! The blonde was always fighting off pains, luckily succeeding most of the time, especially around friends. Sasuke needed to stop hurting himself, it was dangerous!

"Don't ever say that again!" Naruto cried, his tears spilling over. "You're not allowed to hurt yourself anymore, Sasuke! If you want to get hurt then I'll hurt you! I'll slap you in the face again!" he suggested, practically falling into the raven's arms and holding him tightly. "You're not allowed to hurt for me again..." he mumbled into the raven's chest.

Sasuke hesitantly reached his arms up to hold the blonde against him. Neither cared about the still bleeding wounds on the raven's arm. Said raven rested his chin on Naruto's soft blonde hair, and despite everything that had happened in their short amount of time out of class... He smiled. His face still stung from the blonde's slap; no one had ever hit him before... Naruto was still different from everyone else.

Sasuke kissed the top of the blonde's head. "I won't..." he said.

Naruto sniffled and lifted his head slightly. "Promise," he instructed, "You have to promise."

Sasuke nodded his head. "I promise, Naruto... I won't hurt myself anymore..." As long as Naruto was there he wouldn't even have the urge to hurt himself. And he didn't plan on ever hurting the blonde again, so that was covered as well. He smiled. "I'm sorry."

Naruto snuggled into the raven's chest, but then jumped up quickly. "No! I hit you in the face! I'm sorry!"

Sasuke chuckled; it was like nothing had happened. "Don't worry, I needed it..." He brought his un-bloodied arm up and pulled Naruto's face to his own. "I need this, too..." And he kissed the blonde gently.

Naruto blushed and timidly kissed back. This was really weird; what an odd day...

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