Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Naruto

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Naruto

After Wave


Naruto looked at the masked kid who had killed Sasuke, a terrible rage burning in his eyes, "I'LL KILL YOU!"

The violent, red chakra that had been swirling around him calmed, and he charged the kid on all fours.

"Not good!" thought the masked boy as a blond and red streak approached him. He threw his senbon at Naruto only to have it deflected by the violent chakra he was releasing.

He turned to go back into one of his mirrors when he felt a hand grasp his ankle and threw against one of the mirrors.

He hit it with a dull thump, and slumped to the ground. He felt a clawed grab him by the throat.

Naruto looked at the boy he held with his narrowed, blood red eyes, and threw him hard against the ice mirror that was in front of him. Even in his current state Naruto felt the glass shred his face and right hand. Not even bothering to wait, Naruto charged at the boy again.

"This is it," the boy thought sadly as the blond boy ran at him, "Good-bye, Zabuza-sama."

The masked boy's mask, cracked from the impact started to fall off his face, revealing a familiar person to Naruto.

Naruto stopped just as he was about to finish this boy, his fist only inches away from his face, "Y-you," Naruto was stunned, "Haku?!"

Haku looked at Naruto bloody and face, noting the bits of flesh that seemed to hang loose from the bone, "Hai, Naruto-kun."

"Why?" Naruto asked weakly.

"Because I am Zabuza-sama's tool," Haku said sadly, "Naruto-kun, please end my life."

"What?! Why?!" Naruto screamed at him, what's so important about Zabuza, huh? Why do you work for that heartless bastard? He doesn't care about who gets hurt!"

"Because he is my precious person," Haku practically whispered, "He saved me, took me in, and trained me. He was the one who took me in after my father tried to murder me after he killed my mother during the bloodline purge."

"Kiri has a different view on bloodline than Konoha," Haku explained, seeing the confused look on Naruto's face, "They were feared through there and eventually they tried to wipe out the bloodlines they have."

"Naruto-kun, Zabuza-sama doesn't have use for a defective tool, please finish me. It would be more of a mercy than leaving me alive," Haku said with firm conviction in his voice.

Naruto nodded and drew a kunai, "I wish we had met a different time, Haku."

Haku nodded silently before he heard something, it sounded like the chirping of birds. His eyes widened, "I'm sorry Naruto-kun, Zabuza-sama still needs me!"

With that Haku drew out the last of his senbon and aimed at Naruto to put him in the same death-like state that he had put Zabuza in only a week earlier.

Naruto felt the senbon hit and his world went black.


Naruto felt heavy when he awoke. He opened his eyes, noticing that his right eye seemed bandaged. He tried to sit up and decided against it when a dizzy spell that made him extremely nauseous. So he laid back down.

He reached up to check the bandage over his eye and he saw that most of his right arm had been bandaged as well. He heard someone walk in the room.


Naruto turned to see a man with grey hair that stood up with a mask covering most of his face and his hitai-ate covered his left eye.

"Kakashi-sensei, what's going on?" Naruto bounced right back up. He immediately regretted it as he felt extremely dizzy.

"Whoa, what happened?" Naruto said, his face in his hands.

"We found you at the end of the bridge, near Sasuke. You were tore up pretty badly," Kakashi said in a bored tone, "So we brought you back to Tazuna's house and got you treated."

"Tazuna's house?" Naruto thought for a moment, "Oh, yeah! What happened to Zabuza, sensei?"

"Dead," Kakashi said, more seriously this time, "That false oinin had jumped in the way when I tried to hit him with my Raikiri."

"The attack killed him, but Zabuza was severely injured already. Gato showed up with a small army of thugs. He had no intention of ever paying Zabuza. Zabuza died after he killed Gato."

"What are we going to do with Sasuke's body?" Naruto asked, after thinking a moment.

"Well, Naruto, it would appear that the body will be following us back to Konoha on it's own," Kakashi eye smiled.

"Huh?" Naruto tried to decipher Kakashi's words, then his face lit up in a grin, "YATTA!!"

Naruto jumped up, all feeling of vertigo forgotten, and then proceeded to vomit.


Three more weeks went without incident, the construction of the bridge went along smoothly. To soon for Naruto it came time to leave, and almost the entire village came to see them off.

After the team of ninja left, Tazuna looked at the completed bridge, "What do think we should name it?" he asked the crowd.

"How about the Great Naruto Bridge?" the small voice of Inari, Tazuna's grandson, called out of the crowd.

The resultant cheer made the name permanent.


Back at Konohagakure, an unwilling Naruto was drug to the hospital by Kakashi after their debriefing with the Hokage.

"Naruto, you have to go," Kakashi stated bored, his nose buried in his little orange book, as he dragged Naruto by the collar with his left hand.

"I don't like hospitals, sensei," Naruto pleaded, "They never do anything to help me. Every time I'm in the hospital, only the hokage visits and the nurses and doctors never come into the room unless ordered."

"I'll be there to give them the order, Naruto, as I will be the ranking shinobi there," Kakashi kept looking at his book.

Inside, Kakashi was seething. He was not a Medic, and his care while in Wave was less than adequate. The fact that at times Naruto's bandages still had to be changed out because of fresh blood that kept coming.

Kakashi hadn't seen the fight, though he had felt the chakra Naruto released. He figured that the tainted chakra had messed with the natural healing ability of the body.


By the time that Kakashi and Naruto reached the hospital, Naruto had given up struggling, but was not making it any easier for Kakashi.

Naruto was still being drug along by Kakashi, only Naruto had his arms crossed and he let himself be dragged. Naruto was only hoping that Kakashi would stop and rest so he could bolt the minute Kakashi let go.

Sadly for Naruto this never came to pass.

When Kakashi stopped at the reception counter, he didn't let go of Naruto. He had been thinking about his theory and decided he would gather the rest of Team 7 just in case his theory was correct, and if it was contagious.

"One Uzumaki Naruto needs to be checked up on," Kakashi drawled from behind his book.

"I can take care of that," The nurse behind the desk said with an obviously fake smile.

"Good," Kakashi said as the nurse started the official paperwork, "I also intend to bring in the rest of Team 7 for a check up for chakra poisoning. I will be back in one hour, and I expect Naruto's check up to be finished before I return."

The nurse gives him a surprised look as Kakashi closed his book and leveled a glare at the nurse, "I will report you directly to the hokage if this isn't taken care of, understood?"

The nurse nodded dumbly as she swore she could hear thunder rolling outside the hospital.

"Good," Kakashi eye smiled as the feeling of dread vanished.


"Hello, Naruto-kun, I am Kabuto, a medic nin and I am going to give you your check up," a silver haired youth said as he walked in the door.

Naruto just nodded.

"Now, according to Kakshi's report, you were injured almost a month ago, and your wounds, though dressed, still bleed. Is this correct?" Kabuto asked.

"Yes, Kabuto-san," Naruto said quietly.

"All right," Kabuto says as he sits in front of Naruto, "Lets get these bandages off, Naruto-kun."

Naruto flinched as Kabuto brushed against his birthmarks across his cheeks as he removed the bandage on Naruto's head. After that he removed the bandage on Naruto's hand.

Again Naruto flinched as Kabuto flushed out Naruto's wounds, not out of pain, but out of something different. His skin felt tender as it was finally truly allowed to breathe.

"Now this is interesting, Naruto-kun," Kabuto said as he examined Naruto wound around his right eye.

"What, Kabuto-san?" Naruto said, interested in what Kabuto had seen.

"Have a look," Kabuto handed Naruto a small hand mirror.


Kakashi was walking up to the hospital with Team 7 when he heard Naruto's scream. He just turned the page in his book.