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"Jutsu, Demon"

"Haohmaru, Hanzo, Unknown"


A/N I think I finally found my muse for good and proper description. To the person I talked to, you know who you are, it took a while, but I think I got it.


Tsunade sat by herself, sipping at a small saucer of Sake. Her apprentice, Shizune, had been gone for sometime now. She idly wondered at the brat, and the strange illusion that she saw, she wasn't even sure if that's what it was.

It couldn't have been a normal Genjutsu, especially one like that. Something like she saw required a halfway intimate knowledge of the person it was being used on. She was angry at the thought of such knowledge, if it was, how dare that brat use Nawaki against her like that.

Tsunade shook her head, trying to think about it rationally through the alcohol. The brat couldn't possibly known about Nawaki, unless Jiraiya had told him, and Jiraiya, despite his faults, would never divulge someone's past carelessly. Especially if it was someone he cared about.

Tsunade ordered another glass as she sunk into the depression thinking about her brother always brought about. Her younger brother, cursed by the damned necklace that she wore, that cursed necklace. That stopped her train of thought.

Why did she offer that cursed necklace to Naruto? Did she really think so horribly about a Konoha Nin that she'd never met, to offer them that necklace in a bet? Was she hoping to kill him with that curse?

She couldn't answer any of those questions as the alcohol sunk in. A smooth voice echoed, a whisper on the wind.

"Tsunade-hime," it echoed.

She knew that voice. She growled as it echoed through her head.

"Come out, Tsunade-hime," the voice echoed, "I only want to talk."

Tsunade slammed her glass down as she left, "That's right, Hime," the voiced cooed, like a siren's call.

She walked down the road, "Wrong way Hime," the voice sounded like it was behind her. She turned and saw no one, "This way," it sounded further down the road.

Tsunade followed the voice, it seemed to lead her on. Soon she came upon the visage of Orochimaru, his arms twisted and gnarled as if by decay. A young boy with silver hair and glasses had his hands up in a sign.

"Naishoubanashi o sozo Kaze no Jutsu, Kai (Whisper on the Wind Technique, Release)!" The boy rasped out in Orochimaru's voice, "Onsei Mozou no Jutsu, Kai (Voice Mimic Technique, Release)!"

"Thank you Kabuto," Orochimaru smiled at the boy, whom did a small bow, "Nice to see you again, Tsunade-hime."

"Just tell me why you're here," Tsunade spat.

"Is that anyway to greet an old friend, Hime?" Orochimaru had a feral grin on his face, "But down to business, your so dull since your old lover and brother passed away," Tsunade clenched her fist, but didn't strike him, "Anyways, I'd like to strike a deal with you."

"What do you want," Tsunade growled.

"Fine," Orochimaru whispered, "I want to use my arms again. Sensei was so kind the last we fought."

"And you killed him, what is it, Orochimaru?" Tsunade started to turn.

"I want you to heal my arms," Orochimaru rasped, "and in exchange, I can give you Dan and Nawaki back."

Tsunade stopped, "You can't possible promise that."

"I can," Orochimaru said from behind her, "I've discovered a Jutsu that can bring the dead back, I want you to think on this deal first. Meet me here in tomorrow."

Tsunade gave a barely perceptible nod, and Orochimaru's smile widened, "Tomorrow," he said as he disappeared from view.


Naruto sat on his back, resting. He was happy, he'd finally figured out that Jutsu, the Rasengan.

He sat there, and watched that strange tendril that reached out of him, disappearing in the distance. Curious, he grabbed it. He found himself next to Haohmaru again.

"Hey, boss, long time no see," Haohmaru waved a tendril enthusiastically, "Come to check on the pretty lady?"

Naruto gaped, as he stared at Haohmaru, "What?"

"That's right," Haohmaru had a thoughtful look on his face, "You were pissed beyond belief the last time you were here."

"Haohmaru?" Naruto felt his lips move, Ino's voice coming out, "Who are you talking to?"

"Just having a small chat with the boss," Haohmaru smiled.

"The boss?" Ino voice came out, Naruto realized he was standing in Ino's body, his body not his to control.

"You know, Naruto," Haohmaru smirked.

"Hm," Ino thought for a moment, "You can talk to him?"

"Yeah, he's here right now!" Haohmaru laughed as he felt the panic come from Naruto's mind.

"WHAT!" Ino shrieked, "How often does he come here?!?"

"This is only his second visit," Haohmaru explained, "Last time he was here, you were about to get raped."

"I suppose it's all right," Ino ground out, "As long as he never comes when I'm in the shower."

Mentally, Naruto's eyes widened, finally his voice came out, and he felt his lips move, "I wouldn't do that Ino."

"What was that!" Ino exclaimed, her own voice coming from her lips again.

"Ino!" Naruto could hear Ino's mother call, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," Ino called down, "Uzumaki," she whispered, "Don't ever do that again."

"I'm sorry," Naruto found it was an extremely hard force of will to get Ino's body to move, he felt her eyes widen, "Sorry Ino!"

"You and I are having a chat when you come back," Ino punched her fist into another hand.

"Haohmaru," Naruto spoke mentally to his other, "Can you speak for me?"

"Sure, boss," Haohmaru cleared his throat, "Pretty lady, as much as it pains me, I'm now talking for Naruto from here on."

"Whatever," Ino started to remove the bandage around her arm.

"How long has that been there?" Haohmaru asked, speaking for Naruto now.

"Since Sasuke left me to a river of sand," Ino said sullenly.

Naruto noted the lack of -kun on the end of Sasuke's name, "I'm sorry," Haohmaru said.

"I don't want your pity Naruto," Ino said, going to the lower levels of the bandage, fresh blood staining them, "Why won't this stupid thing heal?"

"Hehe," Haohmaru laughed nervously, himself again, "I think I've been here too long."

"Huh?" Ino asked, removing the bandage completely, she began to wash it, Naruto noted it didn't hurt as she moved the flesh.

"Ino-chan," Haohmaru said for Naruto, "Doesn't that hurt?"

"Now that you say something, no," Ino said as she poked the exposed wound, she pulled back on the skin getting it into the light, she felt a feeling that would be described as pulling an adhesive off. She saw a pale reflection underneath it.

"Naruto," Ino said, afraid, "What is this?"

"I'm sorry," Haohmaru said, speaking for both himself and Naruto, "I don't know," Haohmaru spoke for both of them, the Haohmaru himself had a small inkling of what, "don't pull on it!"

Ino pulled a little further, seeing skin underneath her skin, the same shade as Naruto's, with a shriek, Naruto found himself back in his body.

"Oh god," Naruto said to himself, "What's happened?"


Tsunade sat at the same bar when Jiraiya came in and sat down next to her.

"How'd your little meeting go?" Jiraiya asked crossly.

"You pry where you don't belong, as usual," Tsunade said, as she poured a drink for Jiraiya.

"Tsunade-hime," Jiraiya said, concern laced in his voice, "There's no way to bring back the dead."

"Shut up," Tsunade spoke quietly, "Just shut up, I've heard and see too much of them already."

"Seen?" Jiraiya asked confused.

"That brat you brought with you," Tsunade said as tears leaked out, "I don't know what he did, but I saw Nawaki again, he asked me why I let him die."

"He can't control it," Jiraiya said quietly, "I'm sorry you had to witness something like that."

"What do you mean, can't control it?" Tsunade said harshly.

"We don't know," Jiraiya said, "That's just the problem. His genetic structure is still unstable. Others who've made contact with him in a combat situation have witnessed other traumatic experiences, but those said events never happened. They show signs of Genjutsu, but I'm not so sure it's a Genjutsu."

"Why?" Tsunade ground out.

"Everyone who's had this happen have witnessed something horrible happen to someone close to them, or in your case, whispered harsh words," Jiraiya said, going over what he knew, and drawing the connection that he'd noticed.

"Whatever," Tsunade said, setting her glass down, "Enjoy your drink," she stood up and left.

Jiraiya idly took another sip of the sake, not noticing a strange taste that was in it, "Dammit, Naruto," he said to himself, "I think you just made our job harder."

"Pervert!" Naruto loud voice echoed through the bar, Jiraiya hunched over his drink, take most of it down in one gulp, "Dammit, Ero-sennin!"

Jiraiya found himself facing the hunched figure of Naruto, who had leapt onto the bar and was looking pleadingly into Jiraiya's eyes, "How long do you think this will take?"

"Hm?" Jiraiya cocked an eyebrow, "How long will what take?"

"Getting Baa-chan back to Konoha!" Naruto sputtered, "I have to get back soon," Naruto started, "I need to see Ino-chan! I need to know if what I saw was only..."

Naruto trailed off looking down, "You need to know if what you saw, which I'm sure must have been terrible to have you acting like this, was only imagined," Jiraiya finished, "Good news, Naruto," Jiraiya said, "There are events happening tomorrow that will end our mission."

Naruto nodded happily, semi-content as he slipped out of the bar, "The bad news," Jiraiya said to himself, "Is that we could end up back in Konoha in the form of the Memorial Stone if things go horribly wrong."